January 31, 2024

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  • This morning we didn't read very long because I wanted for Whitman to have plenty of time to finish his school work this morning. He zoomed through everything but math which we had already decided to save until Friday. 
  • Keaton had finished all of her work last night, and she even had me check her math and some other things before we went to bed. Campbell had review math so that helped her out as well. Both big boys had some things to do with me, so I wasn't too bored since everyone else finished earlier than usual.
  • Whitman headed to Dave and Busters with Nonna and Pops this afternoon. This was part of his Christmas present, and he was pretty excited about going. When it was all over, he didn't spend any of his points-he decided that he wanted to save them and go back for his birthday. 
  • This afternoon I read for about 10 minutes and then fell right on to sleep. I snoozed long enough that Bentley probably thought she was going to get a walk this afternoon. I did, however, walk her for a little bit before getting ready for church.
  • Reagan left early with Campbell and Keaton. Then I went to church with everyone else. I ended up just chatting most of the evening long which was kind of fun! A few kids went to ChickFilA to eat with their friends tonight, but I drove Reagan and Graham by there too tonight so they could pick up their free sandwiches. 
  • Robby made Whitman a grilled cheese, and I heated up some food so now everyone had eaten, and now we start getting ready for tomorrow.

January 30, 2024

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  • The kids started school this morning, and we were pretty much on time. We are about to finish our science book, but we have a long ways to go on our history book. That is fine though because there is still a good long time until summer.
  • Anderson was even up early this morning-he doesn't really spring out of bed. He had his hood on this morning, and I thought that he was Graham in the kitchen. Anderson and Graham were the last ones to finish their school work, but that was fine since they were even finished by noon.
  • Whitman and I did his spelling, and then we worked on his school desk some. It looks nice in that school room with a few less things in there. Honestly, everything looks better with a few less things.
  • Reagan went to school, and then came home for a little bit before going to work. Robby ran to the grocery store around lunch time while I took Bentley on a walk. It was so nice outside today that Whitman even took Bentley on a walk-that might be the reason that she slept for the rest of the afternoon which always makes me worried that she is going to be up a little bit tonight.
  • We had spaghetti for supper this evening-we didn't even wait on Reagan to get home because the food was hot. Also, I wanted to give the boys a chance to digest before their game tonight. At supper, Anderson was kidding when he said that basketball was just about having fun. And that was good that he felt that way since tonight's game wasn't too favorable at all. 
  • We came home and had a little bit of downtime before bed. I watched a short Hallmark movie with Whitman while we all had an evening snack. 

January 29,2024

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  • I didn't sleep great last night, but I still slept great-Saturday in the middle of the night my back start hurting a little bit like a kidney stone. I've only had one kidney stone, and I wanted to die, but this was not like that. It was just an ache, and if I moved around it went away.
  • It bothered me all day on Sunday off and on. Of course, I started chugging water, so I didn't sleep great last night because I kept having to get up and go to the bathroom. However, I slept great because I never was in any pain, and I guess what it was was just a fluke because I have felt fine today. 
  • I'm still guzzling water though just to be on a safe side, and I hesitated to even mention it on the blog because I don't want to jinx myself. Hopefully, though that was the end of whatever was ailing me. 
  • So I slept in a few minutes today only leaving myself about 15 minutes to pre wake up the kids, empty the dishwasher, take Bentley out, and then wake up the kids. I still got all of that done, and then we started on our school work. 
  • I did let Anderson and Graham sleep in a bit today, but then I have learned that the best way to wake them up is to just turn on the light so that is what I did to make sure that they did get up. School went well again today-Whitman's math was again easy for him so he was delighted and moved quickly through his stuff. 
  • Graham was glad to be able to go to work today. However, they weren't there the whole time, plus they finished all of the work right now so they may not go back on Wednesday either. Reagan is enjoying a little bit of time off, but Graham has things that he wants to buy.
  • I ran to Sams with Robby this afternoon to pick up his medicine. We also bought a few paper products that we needed. I had semi organized that attic this afternoon-not really well, but I did find a laundry basket of things to pass on to others.
  • We worked one puzzle from Grandpa today, and Keaton started on the other. Anderson, Campbell, Keaton, and I also played a game this afternoon. And then I brought a bookshelf from one attic and am reorganizing Whitman's area of the school room. He doesn't use his school desk so there is no reason to have one, but he needs something to put his stuff on/in so that is where the bookshelf comes into play. 
  • Graham had Bible study tonight but it got pushed back until Graham just decided that he wasn't going to go. While we were waiting, we moved up supper and had a delicious chicken on pita bread meal. It was a winner for sure. Then Robby made snickerdoodles.
  • Now I am snuggled under my blanket, drinking water, and Whitman and I are about to watch one of our tv shows.

January 28, 2024

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  • This was the first Sunday morning that we were back in the sanctuary-they said that it had been 41 weeks. And man, it was good to be back in the sanctuary. They had tried to make Sander's Hall work, but it was tough.
  • I had thought that I would see more people today since we were all together for worship, but I'm not too sure that we did. We did see a few more people in the hallway because Robby and I went to our Sunday school class a different path. 
  • After sitting in big church for a long while, the 22 first graders were a bit antsy which could be expected. That just means that next Sunday, I'll have to come prepared with lots of things to do while moving!
  • We all found each other and headed to the car. Lunch today was at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. She had bbq and all of the fixings which we enjoyed. Afterwards, we sat around and visited for a while before heading home.
  • Once we made it home, I had every work for about a minute-Keaton took the dog out, Whitman delivered something to the neighbors, Anderson did some vacuuming, Graham and Reagan folded laundry while I'm not really sure what Campbell did. (She is a faithful blog reader, so she will remind me in the morning what exactly she did.)
  • I had my nap, but Keaton made cookies for her life group-and gracious, they were beautiful. I didn't have one, but they looked so good. Before too long, Anderson, Graham, and Campbell headed to Rock Creek for church. Reagan went to her Life group and Keaton went to hers. I am so glad when my kids have lots of church choices to go to.
  • We made pancakes and egg in the hole for supper. We also made some bacon which Reagan was not pleased that we had eaten it all and not left her any. Of course we wouldn't leave any bacon left!
  • After the Wilsons left, Robby and I got stuck watching another rv youtube video before we started to put the kids to bed.

January 27, 2024

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  • Robby and I woke up to Bentley going nuts this morning. She was mad about something, and even when we calmed her down she still laid in our bed and growled. Robby thought that he heard a noise and assumed it was our neighbor opening his garage door to his shop. 
  • It was about an hour later when Robby and I were both sitting in bed-he was watching basketball things and I was reading-when Whitman burst in our room asking if we had seen the table. I followed him to the kitchen hoping that our kitchen table was still intact since I wasn't sure what he was talking about.
  • It didn't take long to see that our patio table was smashed! A huge branch/log had fallen onto the table breaking a leg and crushing some or maybe all of the tiles on the table. The glider was flipped over in the yard and one chair was knocked over. 
  • It does look like all of the chairs and gliders are in tact. We didn't do any clean up today, but that will be a project for tomorrow or the next day. We are very fortunate because the power line to our house hangs right over where that branch came down so we are lucky that it didn't pull the power from the house. (That would have cost more than a replacement table-Robby reminded me that we do in fact use that table for when he cooks and when I brush Bentley in the mornings.)
  • That was the excitement this morning. Keaton had a birthday party to go to at 1, and we really tried to convince Campbell to come, but she passed. We dropped Keaton off, and then Robby and I went to Chilis since he had a coupon for free chips and salsa. We did split quesadillas as well, but we brought home half of those.
  • After Chilis, we picked up a free Arby's sandwich, two free tiny orange chickens from Panda Express, and a free lemonade from HteaO. We did have to run in Kroger to spend some real money for a few things, but we had fun claiming all of our free things in that area.
  • After picking up Keaton, we did run by Michaels on the way home since I had 5 free dollars as well. She was happy to help me spent that money-we bought a little picture frame and some tissue paper.
  • For supper tonight, the kids went to town on all of our food that we had brought home, and soon it was time for us to go to the boys' basketball game tonight. Anderson got in foul trouble early so he didn't play a great deal until the end. Graham scored 3 points, but our team was down by 10 two different times. They came back, tied it but did lose by one point. It was a great game! (I'm posting a video of Graham guarding someone-a foul on the other boy, but the video does make it look like Graham did a bit of flopping.)
  • We have all come home and made two batches of cookies while the boys' are taking showers. Tomorrow is an earlier than usual Sunday morning so I really should be getting people in bed.

January 26, 2024

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  • I know you could probably not sleep last night wondering if I was going to be able to accomplish the school room closet today. That was my priority, and it did happen...well, almost. 
  • I still have Whitman's inflatable bowling ball and pins in the floor plus about half a cup of glitter that I need to vacuum up tomorrow. Also there about 10 things that I am trying to give away sitting i the floor. So I still have a little bit to do, but I feel like I am finished though!
  • Robby suggested that we go to grab some bagels around lunch time. I had a birthday coupon for The Bagel Company, so we headed to town. Hmm, we had such high hopes, but we are just simple people! We did save 5 dollars with my coupon, but since I was disappointed, our quick trip probably will cost Robby a trip to New York for another real bagel.
  • This afternoon Anderson, Keaton, Campbell, Whitman, and I played a game of Hues and Clues. We seem to be a gaming kick, but when I went upstairs to look at our games, I was disappointed by the choices. (We have an entire closet full of games-but maybe that should be my next project)
  • Robby told the kids that he would pick them up ChickFilA tonight so on the way there, we stopped at On the Border. We really enjoy their chips and salsa, and we are so predictable that we order the same thing every single time.
  • We grabbed the kids food on the way home, and now we are watching another episode of Shark Tank-we still haven't thought of our product for Shark Tank...maybe tomorrow.

January 25, 2024

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  •  Thursdays are super nice since it is the last day of school. Whitman had done his school work last night, so he didn't have too much left to do today. He was finishing up around 11 so he was happy.
  • I took that extra time to work on my school room closet. I have been doing a little bit every day, but today I just went to town. Basically, everything that I had not already worked on, I pulled out and put in the floor of the school room. 
  • The closet is looking good, but the school room isn't looking too good at all. It is kind of stressing me out! I will hopefully finish it tomorrow, or if i don't finish it tomorrow then I may just throw everything else away!
  • I worked way too much on that closet today, so I didn't have must time for other things during the day. Reagan had even been to class, home for an hour, and was getting ready to leave again when I saw her and asked about class thinking that she had just come home-I missed a lot of the day while i was in the closet.
  • Anderson, Campbell, Keaton, and I played a game this afternoon. The game took a very good while, but it was fun-makes me wish that we did play more games. Reagan was already at work, but we couldn't get Graham or Whitman to play with us.
  • I read a bit after the game, but soon Reagan was coming in, and Robby was heating up the leftover potato soup. This is the second week we made potato soup, and this time we doubled the new recipe. Poor Anderson has not been thrilled with our supper choices, but tonight was eat whatever you want night, so he opted for eggs and toast.
  • After supper, Keaton joined us to watch some Amazing Race. Maybe we will have some ice cream for dessert tonight or maybe Keaton will make some cookies-there has already been discussions about both of these ideas.

January 24, 2024

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  • I told Robby last night that I had not been doing a good job waking up the last few mornings. My goal is to climb out of bed at least 35 minutes before I have to get the kids out of bed. That gives me time to get ready, fold the clothes, take the dog out, give the kids a pre-wake up, and empty the dishwasher. 
  • Today I only had 20 minutes to do all of that so my laundry had to wait until later in the day. I would say that I will do better tomorrow, but really, I don't think that would be too honest. I, at least, will try to do better tomorrow, but I can make no promises.
  • I did my reading this morning-we are knocking the books out, but we sure no where near being finished with history. I figured up last night that it will take 88 more days of school to finish history-that's a lot!
  • Whitman picked the easiest math pages to do today so he still finished at a decent time. He used to be the child that would just shut down if I rushed him at all-even if I said, "see if you can finish this problem before I empty the dishwasher." Now, he is looking at the clock and is the one who is rushing himself.
  • This afternoon Keaton, Campbell, Reagan, and I met Robby to get gas in the cars. Then we all had free drinks at the tea restaurant in Benton. Actually, I had a free gallon for my birthday so I left with that instead of a drink. 
  • Then we went to Marshalls to see if we could spend some gift cards-we only found a birthday gift for one of their friends, but we sure did walk around quite a bit inspecting everything in the store. Once at home, the girls only had a little bit of time until they left again so Reagan could get to her Dgroup. 
  • The rest of us left a little bit later for church. Whitman's group had pizza tonight so that is always a big night. Afterwards, Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA on the way home while the rest of us just headed home. 
  • For supper, I had a big bowl of hot potato soup. And now Keaton and Whitman are working on their school work while Keaton is just finishing up making chocolate covered strawberries for her and her sisters.

January 23, 2024

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  • What a messy rainy day, but we did make the best of it. School went well this morning, and Whitman finished with his school work supper quickly. How fast he finishes depends on his math for the day. 
  • Today he was lucky-his math was about cancelling fractions that he was multiplying. I've been showing him that for months because anyway to make things easier for him is good. He was delighted to finish around 10:30 this morning. I tried to encourage him to do more because tomorrow's math will have lots of review with this new part that is easy for him, but he sure didn't want to do that.
  • Reagan went back to to school today. She only has speech at Comm Central this semester. It is a concurrent class so that is why she just started. She already had homework and had to make a speech video tonight.
  • She came in for a few minutes between school and work-her schedule this semester isn't great since she has over an hour to kill between the end of her class and the start of her work. It isn't enough time to stay at school, and it really isn't enough time to go home though she is planning to come home during her short break.
  • Robby and I ran to the store today-milk and potatoes for more potato soup tonight. Campbell helped me make Beebee's rolls, Whitman prepped the potatoes to bake, Keaton helped scoop out the potatoes, and Graham looked through a cookbook telling me what he wanted for us to make next. 
  • The rolls were decent, but not exactly like I remember, but the soup was delicious-this was baked potato soup so it was different than last week's soup. We actually doubled it, so we will be eating soup for the rest of this rainy week. 

January 22, 2024

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  • Was today Monday? I think so, and surprisingly, the day went very well. Anderson and Graham asked to sleep in a little bit. When I was waking up Whitman, he asked if he could sleep a bit more too-but I sure didn't let him.
  • However, he was happy to be awake because his math was short again today which meant that he finished school before 11:30. He actually stayed pretty busy this afternoon-he played Mario Kart with Graham and Anderson, and (this is the interesting part), he even worked out with Graham for a little bit. 
  • This afternoon was dreary so I had a short nap, and then I decided to be productive and start working on that school room closet. This led to me quickly sorting my box of cards. One thing always just leads to another, but I will definitely enjoy a nice and neat school room closet-though it only lasts for so long.
  • Graham and Reagan didn't have to go to work again today. Since schools have been closed, they haven't taken any pictures lately leaving them with no work to do. Graham is not too happy about this since he already has a list of things that he wants to buy!
  • The kids all ate supper on their own tonight. Robby said that Whitman and Keaton spent a lot of time in the living room playing something on their ipads. 
  • I went to a friend's house, and everyone did some crafting. We made cute little people and had tacos for supper. It was lots of fun-though driving back home from Bauxite in the rain and fog was not so much fun! 

January 21, 2024

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  • This Sunday was the last Sunday in the fellowship hall for big church. That gave me the encouragement to sit there-I can't see in the fellowship hall, plus I am so distracted by everything else going on that I rarely hear any part of the sermon. Though next week, I can guarantee that I will be much more distracted-the one bonus for next week will that they have to end on time since most of us will still have Sunday school to go to.
  • After lunch, we went to the Nonna and Pops' house. Keaton was excited to give Pops his socks-he received the "Sock of the Month" club this year for Christmas. He actually got two socks this month-avacado ones and Pop Tart socks.
  • We ate and then stuck around and visited for a little bit today. Whitman walked around outside-the eventually slid into the ditch becoming a muddy mess. I then made him sit in the kitchen while we finished talking since he was too muddy to come in the living room. 
  • When we came home, Campbell and Keaton went on a few more sledding runs. (Even when we pulled in the garage tonight, it looked like they had the sleds out again this evening. We have certainly gotten our moneys worth out of the sleds this season.)
  • Robby and I had our naps this afternoon, but I was still semi productive during the afternoon. The Rock Creek group left first-everyone but Whitman and Reagan. Then Reagan left for her life group a little bit later just leaving Whitman at the house. I think he might look forward to begin able to go to Rock Creek next year on Sunday nights.
  • We met up with most everyone at the Wilson's house for supper this evening. We ate supper, and then the kids left to go home while we stuck around and watched our Sunday night RV show. Reagan came home from her life group and Keaton's friend went home, so now we are all about to head to "bed"-I put "bed" in quotation marks because the only people who will sleep anytime soon in this house is Robby and the dog. Most of the kids will be on their devices until whatever time we set for them and I'll read, but Robby and Bentley will be sleeping in just a little bit.

January 20, 2024

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  • I was up emptying the dishwasher this morning when Graham wrote that he was ready for me to come and pick him up. He had fun, and after taking some medicine for his itchy eyes due to the cat, he was all good.
  • We came home, and I went to work on those pesky dishes and laundry. I did stand in the school room closet for a good long time today trying to psych myself up to organize it. My goal would be to take everything out in there and start from scratch. I was telling Graham my plans, but he did say that I probably should have started earlier in the day. 
  • I decided that he was probably correct, so I did get rid of a few things in the closet. However, another day though buy maybe when school is over, and I can use the school room for all of the mess. Maybe in May or maybe not.
  • Robby watched the football game, but I saw about the first 2 minutes of it before I went to sleep. Later this afternoon we went to Trader's Joes so I could pick up a little gift. Then we ran to Sams and Walmart. I guess no one has been out all week so things were pretty crazy out.
  • When we came home tonight with pizza, Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman did some sledding. I can hardly believe that they are sledding almost a week after we had snow. I guess that this is the last day, but they have certainly had a lot of fun with this winter weather.
  • We are our pizza supper, and now Robby, Whitman, and I are on the couch watching Shark Tank. I think that in the last few days we have watched almost everyone one of them!

January 19, 2024

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  • Today, everyone slept in for quite a while. I would do a few chores, mark a few things off of my list, and then I would join Robby back in the bed and read some of my book. I did this twice before I finally decided that my next chore was going to be washing the sheets so that effectively ended the laying in the bed part of the day.
  • The only school things happening today was some of Anderson's little bit that he had left. Whitman also had spelling to do with me too. He complains, but seriously his spelling is getting better. He is no where near grade level probably, but he is so improving so for that we celebrate.
  • Robby and I ran to Walgreens to pick up pictures along with a quick trip to the library to pick up some books for me. We did also stop at ChickFilA for Robby to get a milkshake. Now, I sure did drink some of his, but I know I can't have a whole milkshake of my own or I will spend a good bit of the afternoon in the bathroom.
  • Some of the late afternoon was spent outside for Keaton, Whitman, and Anderson. There were pretty good sledding conditions this afternoon on the ice. Maybe tomorrow will be a good sledding day for them as well, but it melted pretty quick this afternoon in the sun.
  • Robby and I took Graham to spend the night at a friend's house tonight. He wrote just a minute ago that he had itchy eyes and a runny nose because of their cat. They had meds for him, so hopefully that clears up. I didn't know that he was allergic to cats. 
  • After dropping him off, we went to the Wilson's house to eat supper. The kids stayed at home, and the girls made our last batch of orange chicken. We came home around 10-that is about the time that Anderson and Keaton went outside to burn some paper. These children!

January 18, 2024

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  • Well, we finished school one more day with snow on the ground. This weather has really made me so happy. I have loved every bit of it.
  • However, I do think that my big boys are getting a little bit stir crazy. The said the neighbor laughed as he saw Graham climbing out one window today while chasing Anderson with a snow ball. And I have had more snowballs thrown inside of my house today than most people have thrown all week long.
  • Those boys have wrestled, played chase, and screamed more today. At one point, I told them that when they were 4 life was easier. They will be worn out tonight for sure.
  • Yesterday at Kroger, the girls found a puzzle which we went to town on. Campbell and Anderson finished it this afternoon. Maybe we need another puzzle, but I feel like they are more fun during Christmas or during snow days.
  • I finished a book this afternoon while the potato soup was cooking. Well, unfortunately, I am not sure why the potatoes weren't cooking. It took a good long time in the microwave for the potatoes to soften up. But once we did get them soft, the soup was delicious. 
  • We ate supper at the table again tonight, which has been 3 nights this week. We have done a lot of cooking and a lot of eating during this snow week. Currently, Shark Tank is on tv, and Robby and I are trying to figure out what we can sell!

January 17, 2024

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  • Another snow day for other people, but a school day for us. Campbell was the only one slowed down by chatting on the phone with her friends. Whitman and Keaton were both finished with their school work by 10. She went back to sleep, and he went outside.
  • Whitman has spent more time outside in the last three days than he has in months. And speaking of the last 3 days, I have more clothes laying in my mudroom than other people have in their houses. I have decided that I am just going to wash all of the wet gloves, hats, coats, and everything else when this weather is gone for a few days,
  • I did all of my chores plus some, but I tried to hang out near the school room to keep encouraging the big boys to finish their school work. They were eventually done, and Graham did a happy dance that he didn't have to go to work again today. 
  • Reagan did a happy dance later when she found out that she didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I had already told her that she would not be driving to her class tomorrow after we drove to the grocery store.
  • We started off at Costco, and getting there was fine since we were in the suburban, but the roads were pretty ice covered most of the way. Costco was pretty empty, so that was entertaining. Then we went to Kroger, and they were a mess over there-even a sign saying to please not take the carts in the parking lot. Um, nope!
  • We hurried home, and I scurried around trying to make some mac and cheese. I made it at Christmas, but because we had to wait to eat it, it wasn't the best. Tonight, I did redeem myself, and we pretty much devoured all of it.
  • We played 20 Questions, but before that I spent a lot of time working on a puzzle that the girls found at Kroger which was 80 percent off. Not it is dessert time, Anderson has chosen cookies while I might have some cider...or some ice cream!

January 16, 2024

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  • I was a bit concerned about how this school day was going to go since yesterday was a holiday, and there is still snow on the ground. It was surprisingly well. It did take my quite a few times to wake up Anderson-that boy just sleeps hard.
  • I did my reading with the little three, and then they started on school. Whitman's math changed today-he has been working with fractions (9 2/4 - 6 6/7), but today his math changed to beginning algebra things (3x=15). Well, he blew through this in no time at all. He finished so quickly, that he and Keaton finished almost all of tomorrow's school as well by 1 this afternoon. 
  • Since school kids are out of school, Reagan didn't have to go to her tutoring today. She has a cold so she probably shouldn't go anyone. They aren't sure about work tomorrow, but Robby said that he would drive them. I would think that Graham would want to get out of the house tomorrow since he does easily get bored.
  • And seriously, all of those times that we went to the store last weekend, we weren't prepared. We do go through a lot of food, and you can't have back ups for everything since you just don't know how quickly we will eat everything. On today's list I have added-milk (we have some left), eggs (we are out but Campbell did drop one today), shredded cheese (none left-we did have quesadillas tonight which uses a lot but now I can't make mac and cheese tomorrow), tortillas (used those up tonight), and salt (we have some, but it is in my bag for a Sunday school craft project.) Don't worry about us though, we still have enough food to survive for the next 2 weeks.
  • Everyone has been outside today at some point except for Reagan. This evening Whitman, Campbell, and Graham walked through the woods a bit. Campbell and Whitman went first, but they didn't lose sight of the house. Graham came out later, and they ventured further away. 
  • Anderson then came outside, and eventually people started coming in. When Anderson came in, I asked about Whitman since he had been out for almost 2 hours at this point. Finally, Robby had to call him in so he could warm up because he sure wasn't wearing the ski jacket or ski pants from yesterday. At least he did put clothes on top of his pajamas shorts.
  • There are clothes everywhere in the mudroom. I think about washing them, but then I figure we have at least one more day of this mess that someone might go outside. I will just wait until it is all over and then start washing or at least drying things.
  • We had our quesadillas for supper, and Campbell already made cookies this afternoon so I don't think that there will be any cooking tonight. Quite a few of us played a game of Apples to Apples this evening, so now the Hogs are playing basketball, and I may take a nap before bedtime.

January 15, 2024

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  • I believe that I heard Campbell up this morning before anyone else. She said that Keaton had left her blinds open so the snow was bright enough to wake Campbell up. That was good for me though because she volunteered to take Bentley out this morning.
  • Pretty much anytime that Bentley has needed to go out, Campbell has been the one to go out with her. Campbell and Bentley both love the snow more than anyone else in the house.
  • Now, Keaton is usually my least excited about the snow, but she has gone outside at least twice today. Graham has gone outside once and so has Anderson. Whitman pretty much goes outside whenever anyone else goes-he has moved up from pajama pants and a sweatshirt yesterday to ski pants and a heavy coat today.
  • I did my chores this morning and worked on finishing a book. I started two more though, but I still have plenty for the next few days. Unless this snow sticks around longer than I think that it is going to stick around. Now, starting back with school tomorrow will be harder than it was when we went back after Christmas though.
  • This morning-really, it was mid morning, Campbell and I made chocolate chip scones which were excellent. We also put a can of cinnamon rolls in the oven for the non scone eaters. While the scones were cooking, I played Ticket to Ride with Campbell and Keaton. 
  • The afternoon passed pretty quickly, but we all did sit at the table tonight for supper-I had made a pasta and chicken dish. When those dishes were cleaned up, Keaton and Anderson went to work making a brownie and cookie dessert. It is currently in the oven so I'm not really sure how it is going to turn out.
  • The football games have been on all day long it seems-I believe another one is starting so that will be our evening entertainment.

January 14, 2024

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  • This morning was church morning, and we think that this might be the first time that Whitman slept in his room without his brothers. The last two nights Anderson and Graham have been gone, as well as Reagan, leaving Whitman in the room alone. He didn't complain or even ask to sleep in the girls' room which is where he usually ends up-I guess our baby is growing up.
  • We went to church thinking the kids were going to come home around 3:45 today to beat the winter weather, but that time was moved up two more times. They were a little bit bummed about missing a whole night of camp, but since they expected it to happen that made it a little easier.
  • After church, we ate lunch at Grannymom's house, but we weren't able to stay too long because by the time we made it to church, the kids were already there. They had just pulled up. We loaded them up and ran by the library on the way home.
  • It was already snowing pretty good by the time we made it home. Campbell and Whitman, my water/snow loving babies, went outside pretty early in the afternoon. The snow continued to fall even though it wasn't very heavy. It was almost dark when all the kids but Reagan went outside. Anderson didn't join the others trying to sled down the hill, but the rest of them marched to the hill and did sled a little bit. Graham said that the sledding wasn't very good though.
  • Whitman said that the only problem was that the temperature on the road was so much colder than in our yard. That might have been due to the fact that he was just wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt. Now he did have on gloves and a scarf and hat, but I wasn't able to convince him to wear a coat or ski pants. 
  • Keaton heated up orange chicken for some people's suppers. I believe that Reagan has been asleep all afternoon because we haven't heard from her. Now, Keaton is making cookies while a second or possibly third football game is on. And in a bit, the plan is for some of us to play a game.

January 13, 2024

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  • This is the second time that I have written this blog, so this one will be quite a bit shorter. The morning began with Campbell, Keaton, and me going to a baby shower. I had told the girls that I didn't want to be there early, but I did want to be there in time to get an easy parking spot.
  • When I pulled up, I parked just like everyone else right off in their grass. The first thing that I said was "are we going to get stuck?" Thankfully, I didn't get stuck, but the cars about 3 down from me did get stuck.
  • One of those was Grannymom's friend, and she was quick to commandeer me to take her home. Campbell and Keaton grabbed my keys and ran out to the car to make sure that it was clean. We dropped both ladies off at one house, and then we went to meet Robby at Kroger.
  • Of course, if you are counting, I have been to Costco and Kroger 3 days in a row now! Robby filled up all of the gas cans and has spent the day working on all of the generators. We then went to Kroger grab some more bottles of laundry detergent since it was a good sale.
  • Then on to Costco were we really enjoyed their new cookie at cafe area. We had all noticed the line, but we weren't in any hurry, we thought. Campbell and Keaton eventually disappeared from us. I thought that Campbell would call and ask where we were, but when she did text she told us that her and Keaton were in line. We finished our shopping and hurried to meet them at the beginning of the line. 
  • After our shopping trip, we did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day. I had a nap and soon there was football on and we were eating our supper while Keaton was making cookies.

January 12, 2024

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  • It was an early start to the morning this morning since Robby and Campbell left around 7:30 to head to the Nutrition Center. We were all probably a little more tired due to the tornado warning late last night. The kids were all still awake, but I guess Robby and I were the only ones who heard the sirens.
  • He checked the weather and watched it until we were in the all clear. I was kind of dreading having everyone come downstairs, but since it was never close, we didn't have to do that. However, the kids were all awake so I guess it wouldn't have mattered.
  • Now there is one plus about the storms last night, Bentley gets pretty snuggly. She never really cares much about us unless we have food, but when it storms she doesn't leave our side at all during the night.
  • Robby and Campbell were home at a decent time today-around 4, I guess. The day went well except when they had to go to the hospital for a few last tests-they were a bit slow. Reagan through Campbell all participated in a nutrition study when they were tiny, and this was the last study visit.
  • Robby took Campbell today, and he is even going to let her have his portion of the study visit money so she was a bit excited about her windfall-even though the day was long.
  • And not having everyone here, made the day a bit long for me as well. I woke Anderson and Graham up at 10, but I never saw Keaton or Whitman until after lunch. And the first time I saw Reagan was when she headed to work with Graham.
  • They were able to come home from work super early because they had finished their work. This gave them a bit more time to pack because Reagan, Anderson, and Graham headed to the lodge for their winter weekend retreat with the youth. 
  • After dropping them off, Robby had a mystery shop which we ate for supper. Then we came home and visited with the Wilsons and ate some of Keaton's homemade cookies. 

January 11, 2024-Happy 3rd Birthday Bentley!

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  • I did better waking up this morning than yesterday. The big boys had already convinced me to let them sleep in for an extra hour today, so I obliged but I still had to wake up the others. We read for an hour, and Whitman might have slept for 30 of those minutes. Actually, he did better today.
  • We did our school work this morning-Anderson, Graham, and Campbell all have a new science, and I am loving it. I think that they like it too even. I don't think that anyone has school left for tomorrow except for Whitman's spelling that he has to do with me.
  • This afternoon I went to Kroger and Costco with Robby. We went to look for laundry detergent; however, we didn't put it on the list....so you know where I'm going with that. We never thought about laundry detergent again until we made it home. Oh, well, I'm sure there is some somewhere in this house that we can find to get us through the next few days. If not, surely just some baking soda will work.
  • While we were gone, Reagan headed to work. She made it back home as I was making some air fryer pizzas for half the crew. And before too long, it was time for us to leave for the boys' basketball game.
  • The outcome was not anything like last times. However, I do think that they enjoyed themselves. Anderson did slide to get the ball and has court burns on his leg and arm, but that is nothing to their teammate who maybe dislocated his finger. I think it might be more than dislocated though-it didn't look pretty at all.
  • After the game, we came home and sang Happy Birthday to Bentley. Right now, Whitman and I are watching a tv show, and next I am going to get myself some cider.

January 10, 2024

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  • Last week on our first week back at school, I was able to get myself out of the bed at a proper time where I didn't have to scurry before school started. However, I sure haven't been able to this week. I will try to do better tomorrow, but I am even going to bed before midnight. Well, maybe I won't tonight since I am starting a new book here in a minute.
  • We did our school work, and these last two minutes Whitman has been like a narcoleptic while I am reading. It takes him a good 20 minutes before I am sure that he is awake enough to actually hear what I am reading about.
  • Graham had to scurry to get his school work done today since he and Reagan left for work at noon so she could get to church on time tonight. After they left for work, I got busy and almost forgot that Whitman still had spelling to do with me. He was not pleased that I had remembered!
  • After this, I ended up taking Bentley for a short walk. Robby had said that the temperature was decent-and it was. However, the wind! I was afraid that a tree was going to fall on us. Seriously, it was crazy!
  • Campbell and Keaton left for church early with Reagan, and the boys and I were not far behind since we had to stop by the library before church. There were lots of kiddos tonight, but since this was the first week back, it really wasn't that crazy.
  • Anderson, Graham, and Campbell went to ChickFilA after church this evening. Campbell was excited that she had a gift card. The rest of us came home and had lasagna that Robby had made. 

January 9, 2024

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  • I slept long enough and hard enough this morning that Robby had to tell me when my alarm was ringing. That did kind of send my scrambling to get my things done and get everyone up on time. (Now, Graham and Reagan usually go to Bible study on Tuesday mornings. This would have been their first morning back, but Reagan decided that since she didn't have to wake up until work at 3 then she would just skip Bible study. Graham wasn't too happy abut this because he really wanted some ChickFilA.)
  • Anyway, everyone was there for me to wake up. The big boys did convince me to let them sleep for 30 more minutes. Poor Whitman rolled over and asked if he could too, but nope he couldn't. He then went right downstairs and fell asleep on the couch. I would have to call his name every 5 minutes to make sure he didn't go back to sleep. Eventually, I made him work on something so he would be awake while I read.
  • We did our school, and after lunch Whitman and I did spelling. After that, I went to the Museum of Discovery with Whitman, Campbell, and Keaton. Whitman received a pass for his Christmas gift so this was our first visit. 
  • It had been years since we had been there, and they all really enjoyed it. When we did leave, we walked out to the car to see that we had a parking ticket. When we pulled into the spot, I text Robby to say that we were there, and I was downloading the parking app. He asked which one and asked our number and said he would do it.
  • And he did-for the white van. So when the parking lady ran my plates, it looked like I hadn't paid. Oh, well, we were glad the ticket was just for 15 dollars. The girls wanted to go to Walmart and walk around on the way home-If I were to pick a word for this year, I would pick "memories" because I want it to be a year filled with memories. And today's memory will be of me telling that that going to Walmart when we need nothing is an absolutely ridiculous idea. 
  • For supper tonight we made cream cheese chicken chili-I used the same amount of chicken that the recipe called for, but I thought it was very chickeny. That is fine though, I will be able to put my leftovers in a tortilla. 
  • Robby is trying out a new show on the tv, but he is having to pause it occasionally depending on who walks into the room. I voted for a Hallmark movie, but I was vetoed. 

January 8, 2024

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  • It was a nice little Monday morning. I do love winter, and really I also kind of like rainy days like today. This is a good thing because I do spend all morning long sitting in front of my bedroom window during school. 
  • Anderson had finished quite a bit of his work last night, so he didn't have a whole lot to do today. Now, Graham just has a lot this year, plus he has to leave for work so he stays busy during school time. 
  • Graham and Reagan did finally start back to work today-I think that Graham would have enjoyed another day off. However, both boys spend the day looking forward to playing basketball with their friends tonight. However, when it was about time to leave they found out that the court was closed. They figure the rain caused them to close the court for someone's lacrosse practice. 
  • This afternoon we did play a round of Monopoly Deal. Keaton was the winner. Anderson usually wins our games so he was not pleased that Keaton has again won a game. I'm sure we might just play another game tomorrow so he can redeem himself.
  • Campbell has a visit to the nutrition center today so she has been not eating so she doesn't have to write down anything on her food record. The silly girl. Whitman and I did make some banana bread tonight so she was quick to enjoy that. Whitman usually loves banana bread but after today when I made him put the mushy bananas in the bowl, I don't think that he will eat any anymore.
  • We pretty much cleaned out the fridge tonight. There were quite a few things-plus I sweetened the deal by saying that if you eat some type of leftovers then you earn a Hawaiian roll. So currently, a football game is on and everyone has found their evening spots.

January 7, 2024

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  • I had imagined getting up early enough to knock out some reading this morning! As you might well imagine, that did not happen. I got up early enough to take a shower and wash my hair-the laundry wasn't even folded before we left the house this morning which is something that always irks me if I can not get it done.
  • We did Sunday school first and then big church before coming back to Nonna and Pop's house for the kids favorite meal-pork tenderloin. We ate lunch, and then celebrated my birthday with candles, cake, and presents-gift cards and cash! My favorite!
  • Then we headed home, and the kids folded the laundry while I worked on straightening from the morning. I often think about Sunday afternoons when Robby would drop me off at the house and drive around the neighborhood for a few more minutes with the little kids. I would run in the house with all of the diaper bags and bottles and things. Then I would hurry around emptying the bags, refilling diaper bags, and trying to straighten everything I could in those 10 minute that he made the loop in the neighborhood. It is kind of nice now that we can pull into the garage, and everyone can get out of the car, into the house, and pick their own things up successfully-with lots of reminders though!
  • This afternoon Robby and I had naps, but I did get a little bit of reading in though-just not much! Then all 5 of the big kids left for church. I do love it when they all go the same place, and especially when they are all going to church. 
  • I did a few chores around here while Robby started on our Sunday night supper. Soon the Wilsons were over and all of the kids. We had ourselves a big Mexican meal. The kids then all migrated upstairs and played a game. 
  • Right now, we are finishing a tv show, and then I am headed to a warm shower!

January 6, 2024-Happy 46th Birthday Tara!

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  • I was quite surprised this morning when I walked into the kitchen to see the birthday banner hanging from the ceiling along with cards and presents on the bar and even a note saying that there was a cake in the fridge. The girls had worked pretty hard on everything along with a little bit of help from some of their brothers.
  • Robby and Campbell had an appointment at the Apple store to get their batteries replaced on their phones. I had never been to an Apple store plus I had a coupon at Bath and Body right nearby so I went as well. 
  • They had to keep their phones, so that made for an interesting afternoon for Robby and Campbell. When we came home, I opened my presents-cookie scoops, measuring cups, a picture, and some cash! Then the Hogs were playing so I read some and took a brief catnap. 
  • Keaton then went to a friend's house for a birthday party. I think that Keaton is having a blast, but she did fall and twist her ankle! She is pretty tough, but I hope that it heals fairly quickly. 
  • Reagan was the only one who joined us for my birthday dinner-we went to eat Indian food. It was delicious, but we should have brought some more butter naan bread to eat with our meal. We came home for a little bit, and then most of us left again.
  • Reagan and Whitman were "not able to make it" to the boys basketball game tonight. This was their polite way of saying, they were going to pass on the 8:00 game tonight. Campbell did go because it was a bit social event for her!
  • The boys team won, and it was a good game. Anderson and Graham both scored, but it did seem that they both also had a good time-of course, when you win, you always do have a much better time.
  • There is a football game on, and then I have a few pages to read to meet my goal for the day.

January 5, 2024

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  • I do believe that I started my birthday celebrations today, and it was a pretty perfect day. Robby and I were still laying in bed this morning when it started to snow. After a while, I figured that it was going to melt soon so I better get up so I could enjoy it.
  • When I finished my chores, it was still snowing and Whitman came down the stairs. I asked him if he wanted me to go outside with him for a little bit. We bundled up-not really, he put on a sweatshirt and I put on a hat. We walked around for a little bit with Bentley-she absolutely loved the snow!
  • We came back in, and I woke up Graham and then Keaton. I forgot that Keaton could care less about the snow though, and she told me to wake up Campbell. Before too long, they were outside again with Whitman.
  • We were nearing 10 by now or possibly later, so I made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone. Whitman and Keaton showed up for the pancakes. Then a bit later Keaton went out with Whitman and Campbell again. 
  • By this time it started raining, so they were not out long. Later in the day Whitman and Reagan went out again-I believe that Whitman came in soaked. Robby ran to Sams to pick up his medicine so I went with him. 
  • We also ran by Crumbl cookie because I had a free birthday cookie. Then there was a pizza mystery shop followed by a good coupon at Panda Express that we used. So at 2:30 or 3 we rolled in with pizza, chinese food and a little bit of a cookie (plus library books but that only made me happy). 
  • I read a little bit, and then Keaton, Whitman, Anderson and I played a game of Catan. It is not my favorite game, but it is shorter than Monopoly so that is a win. Though Keaton was the big winner tonight and Anderson was the big loser which is a change from usual.
  • During our game, Robby and Graham made cookies. A bit later Robby went in the kitchen, and said it was like a cafeteria in there-everyone was getting exactly what they wanted for supper. I still haven't decided exactly what I want for supper though!

January 4, 2024

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  • Thursdays are just one of my favorite days for sure. I had to work super hard getting the kids up this morning-I believe that it took me about 5 trips or yells up the stairs before I was sure that Anderson was out of bed. 
  • I tried to read as many library book as I could this morning, but I am still way behind on my reading of my book today. We did the school thing, and then I worked on pulling school out for the next week. They way the news people keep talking about snow next week, maybe I should have planned us a day off (it's not going to snow when they plan on it, that just usually isn't how it works.)
  • This afternoon we ran to Target, Sams, and Walmart to pick up a few things for a birthday present for Keaton's friend. She has worked so hard for making the box for this gift.
  • When we finished our shopping, we came home and played Anderson's new card game-Monopoly Deal. Reagan missed out on the game because she had to start back to work for her tutoring job. And the photography studio starts back tomorrow for her and Graham.
  • Supper tonight was quesadillas. We all love them, but it does take a long time to make quesadillas even using the stove and two quesadilla makers. Reagan and I even had some guacamole so it was like a fancy meal for us. 
  • Robby has started a new show tonight, and I sure did sleep through the first episode. I still need to be watching some Hallmark shows though so I can reach my goal this year. 

January 3, 2023

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  • First let me update you on last night's rolls. Campbell was really talking them up, but I just had the feeling like they weren't going to work-and they didn't. They rose a little bit, but overall they were pretty dense and not tasty at all. I will not give up though.
  • Today it was even more difficult getting the kids up and out of bed. However, we did it-school went well. Whitman finished before noon, and that is always cause for celebration.
  • I did a few things after lunch, but soon I was headed to the ice skating rink with Campbell and her friends. I was the designated mother that was staying. They started ice skating so I went in there-and brrr, it was cold.
  • I immediately saw the fireplace, but there was a lady there hogging it all. So I sat down once, but soon realized I needed to get someplace warm. I figured that since heat rises, I needed to get someplace high-so I went to the top of the bleachers. It was still cold there.
  • I thought about Door Dashing me some hot chocolate from Starbucks, but figured that was silly. I eventually did see the fireplace lady stand up, and I beelined it to that fireplace. And I didn't stand up for the rest of the time that we were there because I sure wasn't loosing my spot.
  • My backside was rather warm when it was time to leave, but I honestly don't think that I can feel my toes yet! Campbell had fun, and that's all that matters though.
  • Back at home, Robby left to go and pick up supper-he had a mystery shop. Anderson and Graham left for basketball practice. While I waited on Robby to come back with supper, I walked on the treadmill for a little bit trying to warm up. 
  • We then ate supper, and now I am sitting shivering on the couch. Keaton is working on a birthday present for a friend, Reagan is upstairs surfing on her computer, Campbell is in the bonus room playing on an old xbox, Whitman is watching his ipad in the living room with us, and Anderson and Graham have abut 20 minute left of practice. And I'm trying to figure out if I need to drink some hot chocolate or take a hot shower to warm myself up!

January 3, 2024

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  • I was a little stressed last night about how smoothly today was going to go. Thankfully, everything went well-there were no tears or gnashing of teeth. We all survived, and everyone was pretty flexible with all of their new school things happening.
  • I woke up before everyone else and started making a bit of noise in hopes that the kids would wake up-of course that didn't happen. I only had to go upstairs 3 different times to make sure that they were out of bed. 
  • I read with the little 3 while the big boys worked. Reagan isn't doing any classes at home this semester so she hasn't started school yet. And please don't be surprised to learn that Reagan was still in the bed as the rest of us did school work.
  • I believe that everyone was finished with their school work by noon this morning. I did have to do spelling with Whitman after lunch, but that was fine. Campbell eventually found a friend's house to go to so I took her over there.
  • Then I met Robby to fill up the car with gas. Afterwards, I ran into Kroger to pick up a few things. And once at home, I took Bentley on a little walk-when she saw the house, I think that she tried to pull me on to make her walk longer. 
  • Robby picked up a bit of supper, but then we also made some orange chicken to supplement. Whitman and I did some baking as well. We tried to make Texas Road House Rolls-they are rising the second time right now so I am not sure exactly how well they are going to turn out. I'm crossing my fingers!

January 1, 2024

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  • Since we were up pretty late last night, we also slept pretty late this morning. We did manage to get the basic chores done before leaving the house this morning to go to Grannymom's house. 
  • Reagan met us there after spending the night at her friend's house. Then it was time for lunch-we had hog jowl and black eye peas for good luck this next year. 
  • After lunch, we dug into Grandpa's new game-Wheel of Fortune. Pretty much everyone played in group. Keaton was the banker while I was the host, and it was a pretty complicated but fun game.
  • When we finished, we headed in both cars to to get gas, but Robby decided that Bryant gas is still cheaper so we will do that later this week. 
  • We came home, and Robby and I had ourselves a nap. I think that we have gotten into a bad habit this last week-or maybe it is a wonderful habit, but there won't be time for a nap tomorrow though. 
  • At 4, Robby and I went to the Wilson's house to watch a football game and munch on some things. Keaton was going to make orange chicken here but couldn't find any (there was some, but she just didn't see it). Instead she made chocolate chip cookies which were delicious.
  • The kids are all soaking in their last little bit of device time-tomorrow is going to come early and is going to be tough!

Dennie Family Resolutions 2024

Once again I am keeping track of our New Year's Resolutions all while knowing that we will probably not achieve most of them! Here are our plans for 2024:


    Eat at 5 new restaurants

    Go to 5 new state parks


    Read 100 books

    Watch 50 Hallmark movies

    Walk 12 different trails


    Earn a few scholarships

    Spend more money


    Work more (He didn't participate so I helped make this one for him.)


    Lift weights 3 times a week



    Drive more

    Go to Top Golf


    Go on a cruise    


    Improve at spelling 

    Spend an hour outside each week (again, he was a non participator so this is what I made up for him)

And for kicks, here are last year's resolutions with how we did:


-Camp 75 nights (so I think that we got really close, but I'm not exactly sure-my journal that keeps up with how many nights have been spent in the camper is in the camper, and it is cold out there!)


-Watch 100 Hallmark movies (I watched 60)

-Read 50 books (I read 133)

-Take the kids to Defy 100 times (We went 91 time)


-Improve her ACT score (She went up 2 points)


-Become more confident while driving (He goes where he wants now-probably because last February we left, and he had to get around!)


-Get his driver's license (He did)


-Get her driving permit (She did)


-Get another dog (No plans to do this)

-Fly on a plane somewhere (Not this year)


-Do a good trick at Defy (He did manage this)

December 31, 2023-New Year's Eve

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  • We started this morning off with church. It was later than usual so that was nice to not have to hurry. Campbell worked in the nursery, and Keaton sat with a friend, but it has been nice the last two weeks having most of the kids sitting with us again.
  • After church, Whitman asked me if he could go to the car. I said sure and off he went. I was busy talking and didn't think anything about it until a bit later. Anderson then told me that Reagan and Graham tried to follow Whitman because he just walked off. I told him that he was going to the car, but Anderson said he didn't go towards the door we came in.
  • I figured Whitman would figure it out, but then Reagan came in saying that they thought he was trying to go to Sunday school, but they never saw him. I think that we were all a little relieved to see him in the car!
  • Robby and I heated up pasta for lunch-of course this took us over an hour, but no one really complained about the wait. So it was about 2 when we were eating our Sunday lunch which was probably good since we all did eat supper late.
  • Reagan went to Kennedy's this evening to ring in the New Year. Anderson and Graham went to Rock Creek, and then they met up with the rest of us at the Craft's house to celebrate the last day of the year. 
  • The kids played outside most of the time. The big boys came to the Crafts to eat and then after a bit they headed home. Whitman was happy to catch a ride back to the house with them. We stayed and rang in the New Year and then quickly headed home!
  • I feel like I should be productive tomorrow, but maybe I'll make it one last holiday.