April 11, 2021

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  • Sunday morning and the only one awake was Whitman. I tell you, soccer just exhausted my people yesterday. The sun and crazy wind probably didn't help anyone either, but we were pretty much good for nothing yesterday evening.
  • After making sure that everyone was moving this morning, Robby and I started getting ready. I saw Whitman struggling with his shorts so I helped him. I then realized that they were way too small-think 2 sizes too small. He was adamant that they still fit fine, so I let them be and will move them to the give away pile after I wash them.
  • We did church and Sunday school this morning-it is still so good to be back at church. I just really missed church and people and the choir during all of this covid mess. Well, maybe I am not too sure how much I missed people-I could say that I missed some people.
  • After church, Robby ran home to get Bentley. We could probably leave her in her kennel at home for just a bit longer, but if we did that we would be anxious to leave Grannymom's house. So when Robby picks her up, we can stay a bit longer.
  • Grannymom had lunch for us-chicken spaghetti and Mississippi mud chocolate cake. After eating and visiting for a little bit, we headed home. The plan was to take a nap, but silly Bentley didn't want to cooperate with me. In the mornings she will lay in our bed being the sweetest girl, but this afternoon she just wanted to get down and then move from spot to spot in our room. That was going to be ok, until she started going under out bed. She occasionally chews on things under there so I couldn't leave her there.
  • So I took her for a walk and then to play in the living room so Robby could rest. I did manage to get a little bit of a nap when Bentley finally did rest for a few minutes. Before too long Robby was loading the bikes to go and meet the Fergusons at the big church.
  • The kids so enjoyed riding their bikes and scooters for a little bit. Bentley and Reagan ran and ran in the field. Reagan has been wanting to run some and tonight would have been the perfect place to do that. 
  • When we left there, we quickly headed over to the Wilson's house for our Sunday night supper. They had hot dogs and chili for supper along with some ice cream for dessert. Last time Bentley and Annie met, Annie was exhausted, but this time those 2 had a blast playing together. At least I think that they had a blast. They were super active for sure. 
  • When we made it home, it was soon bedtime for everyone. Tomorrow starts a fairly busy week around here.

April 10, 2021

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  • I was up super early for a Saturday-I guess that is my new routine for the next few soccer Saturdays. Robby and I both didn't sleep too well because we were worried about oversleeping. We didn't, and Graham and I arrived to Raymar about 10 minutes before we needed to.
  • I'm the concession stand queen this year, and Graham was my first Dennie to help. I was a bit worried about everything, but there was no need for that. Everything went smoothly. 
  • I was a bit hesitant with the cash register, but that also was super simple. When all 3 of my bigs worked, they were all worried about that as well. They did figure it out, I believe. But who was not intimidated by it? Keaton and Campbell. They were the cash register running queens.
  • This was our first soccer games of the season. Because I had to be there early, that meant that Robby had to leave on his own. Now, everything was laid out but there was still a lot of things to get to the car and pack up this morning. They made it fine and arrived early.
  • Keaton's game was first. Her team, and all of the Dennie teams, lost today. However, I am always so surprised at my kids out there hustling and even knowing what is happening on the field. Keaton was a pretty awesome goalie today-she even dived for the ball once when it appeared that she was kicked in the face. I never heard anything about it, so I guess she wasn't.
  • The next game was Whitman's. Two years ago, it was a struggle to get him to play at all. Robby had to bribe him with a snack if he would just kick the ball during the game. This year he is a different child. He is no superstar-but he plays and played hard which is an incredible difference.
  • Now, when he played his game, he had two of the best looking refs around-Anderson and Graham. That was their games to ref, and they really did a great job. They were both a little bit nervous about it, but had no reason to be.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan was on another field reffing a game. She worked the big fields both times. I was walking over to watch/heckle her a bit, but noticed the line at the concession stand so I bee lined it over there to help for a few minutes and never made it over there to watch.
  • Finally, it was Campbell's turn to play. We were a little spread thin during this time. Grandparents were all at a funeral, Robby was coaching, Reagan was reffing, Anderson and Graham were at a birthday party that Jason had to take them to, Campbell was playing, Keaton had to be recruited to work in the concession stand, and Whitman, well is just Whitman. So that left me not being able to see Campbell's game and Robby coaching a team and managing Bentley.
  • It all worked out fine though. Bentley, by this time, was exhausted. And the concession stand was slow so I was able to watch Campbell. And she is fierce-and really, she is a great goalie. I know that isn't her preferred spot, but she did super at it. 
  • It was a super fun day. After finishing at Raymar, we came home for a little bit, and then dropped off Keaton to spend the night with a friend and picked up the boys from their party. Back at home, Robby went to work on the trashcan while Campbell washed Bentley. I worked on the laundry and soon Reagan, Campbell and Graham were all taking a nap. This soccer day in the sun wore my people out!

April 9, 2021-Happy 8th Birthday (Party) Whitman!

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  • I woke up this morning ready to tackle my list. I had quite a few things that I needed to do-actually, this is a two list weekend since I have already made a list for tomorrow and Saturday plus there are multiple lists for tomorrow morning's first soccer game.
  • Before most kiddos were up, I had already emptied the dishwasher and pulled out school for most folks. Then people did start coming downstairs-the boys were first followed by Campbell and Keaton. We didn't see Reagan until around noon.
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all helped me decorate and plan the games for Whitman's party. We had quite a few games and even one complicated one so it took all of us to figure everything out.
  • I did take Bentley on a walk today. Well, we walked some until we came upon some loose dogs. They played for a bit, but then one started to growl so I picked Bentley up. Then I was the one getting the workout lugging Bentley back to the house because the loose dog followed us all the way home. 
  • I guess our walk was enough to wear Bentley out because she then snoozed on my bed for a good while afterwards. Now, I am not too sure at all how she did get on my bed, but she was there and she must have liked it because she stayed there.
  • Soon I had great intentions of getting on the treadmill. I was actually headed to put on my shoes when Robby came in with a movie that I was returning to the library and said that we should watch it. Well, how could I resist laying in the floor watching a movie? So that is what I did. 
  • After the movie, Reagan drove us to drop off some shoes at someone's house. It was about to start raining so that was perfect practice for her driving in the sprinkling rain. She did just fine-she does go a wee bit faster than I would like for her to go though. Now next week, I need to get Anderson driving some.
  • Then it was home to work on the final party game. I also had time to help Reagan with school and get school ready for next week before our guests started arriving. Whitman had Maia, Eli, Brody, Ryan, and Michael at his party along with Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Nonna and Pops. 
  • His birthday was right in the middle of the all of the mess last year so it was just pretty sad. We tried to do it up big at home, and even talked about his party, but things just continued to be crazy. Anyway, I do think that we made up for that this year.
  • We had a "Gaming" theme-so the first thing that we did was play Roblox Jail Break inspired Jenga, followed by Minecraft Bingo. Then it was time to eat pizza for supper. Next up was pin the tail on the Minecraft pig followed by the huge game of real life Among Us. Then there were presents, cake, ice cream and a little bit of Mario Cart to end the evening.
  • Whitman had a great time-he is really growing up. And let me brag on my bigs for a bit. They were all over it-they helped me plan, they helped serve the food, they helped play the games, they helped clean-they did a lot. All of their work definitely did not go unnoticed by me for sure.
  • After the party, some folks stayed a chatted a bit, but by 9:30 the house was straight and the birthday gifts were all laid out! 

April 8, 2021

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  • I was up early enough this morning to actually do a few things before we started on school-I mean, I could have done a few things before school, but instead I just laid in bed with my phone and the dog. Really, what could have been better? Maybe a kid instead of the dog-but the dog doesn't ask questions.
  • We did our school-we don't have many more days left. I guess I should count up and see so I can plan accordingly. Our school year has been very productive, but not nearly as productive as last year when during the spring we kicked things into high gear since nothing much was happening.
  • Graham has gotten back to his hard math so that was a challenge for him today. He did finally act like he got some things, so we will see on Monday if he remembers it at all. 
  • I left with Keaton and Campbell to take Reagan to school today. When I was gone I told Whitman to ask his brothers for help-I returned two hours later to Whitman almost in tears. He couldn't get his brothers to help him nor had her eaten lunch. Bless it-though Whitman should have asked his dad for some help since his brothers denied him.
  • While I was out and while Reagan was at class, Keaton, Campbell and I bought some things for Whitman's party, bought some things for another holiday, and bought some tings for Whitman's party tomorrow. I have a whole list of things to happen tomorrow and most of those are to get ready for the shin dig tomorrow.
  • I was home for a few minutes before leaving again with Campbell to go to the pregnancy center. They are always so kind and gracious there. I do enjoy our time there. Campbell and I worked pretty hard going through boxes and straightening things up.
  • We met the others back at Raymar. My folks all enjoyed soccer practice again tonight. Bentley enjoyed it because he played with his super big friend Sully. They walked and walked around the fields wearing Bentley out.
  • Robby picked up supper on the way home-Chinese, my favorite. We ate while I worked on Saturday's schedules before heading to the Wilson's house to meet their new little puppy Annie. Bentley smelled all over her and can't wait to play more with his buddy. After some ice cream and a tiny bit of visiting, it was time for us to bring this party home and to bed.

April 7, 2021-Quick Trip to Northwest Arkansas

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Robby and I slept splendidly at the hotel. Honestly, we sleep well every night! We stirred around 7 and then went right back to sleep until it was almost time the meet the Wilsons for breakfast. It didn't take us long to get ready and soon we were in the lobby.

Breakfast was fine-still covid-ish. They did have premade breakfast sandwiches but Robby and I grabbed the last two. Other than that, they didn't have many options. No ice, juice or cokes-they said their machines were out of order. (Don't really believe that! Personally, I think that covid is the new excuse for laziness.)

Our first stop this morning was Walmart. It started misting so Robby turned on the windshield wipes. Tony mentioned that his windshield wipers looked bad which reminded me to tell Robby and that windshield wipers were half off and wouldn't work at all in a downpour. I knew that because the last time it rained I had to work hard to see when I took Reagan to school. 

So the first purchase of the day was windshield wipers. Then we went to Euna Maes which is a little cooking store. The stuff was all pricey, but we enjoyed walking through it because we really enjoy the owner's story-she believes that if people are well fed, then they will feel well-loved.

The next stop was Sam's for us to look around some followed by a gas fill up. After that, we stopped for lunch at the Buttered Biscuit-I had eggs Benedict while Robby had biscuits and gravy. It was all delicious, and I think that it was the best meal that we had while we were on our little getaway.

Then we did stop at one most stop-The Freckled Hen. It was a little Hallmarky place that I had heard about. It was a cute little store, but by this time it was raining, and we were chilly. Shannon had heard about a nearby coffee place so that was the next place. I did get a hot chocolate which made me extremely happy.

We then headed on back home. We fought the rain for a good little bit at one point. We did stop one for a potty stop and once to look at campers. (We have one and sure don't need another.) Now, I did miss my kids, but I sure didn't want to get home until after church started. I just wanted to show up for pick up tonight and not to stay and work. 

Pops and Nonna had dropped the kids off so after we unloaded, we were able to pick everyone up. We had Bentley with us so everyone stayed and chatted in the parking lot until it was almost dark. Then we came home and heard all about the kids' day on the drive home.

I think that most of the kids slept later than they had intended to. Pops did have everyone doughnuts when they woke up. Bentley did wake up pretty early though-hopefully she won't tomorrow. The had spaghetti for supper. Graham and Keaton went on a run but that was cut short due to the rain. 

Once at home, we all had supper and then worked on our Wednesday chores of emptying the trash cans. We did let a few people have ice cream for a snack-well, everyone had the opportunity too, but we just had a few takers. Keaton didn't have ice cream, but Bentley saw her bowl-which she recognizes because that is what Robby lets her lick his leftover ice cream from. Bentley would not leave Keaton alone at all-she wanted a lick of her bowl.

It was a good day for us and a good day for the kids. I know that they enjoyed their time away (from us) and their extra grandparent time.

April 6, 2021-Quick Trip to Northwest Arkansas

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Robby and I were awake before the dog this morning-yep, I know that is surprising. We had a list of things to accomplish before leaving town for the day. I changed the sheets while he cleaned the shower. Then we moved on to laundry and dishes. 

The boys were all stirring and even started on their school work. Anderson and Graham were soon finished, and Whitman was chugging along too. Whitman doesn't give a lot of attention to Bentley-though she does love him.

Once this morning I walked by and she was trying to lick him to death. I shooed her away, but later walked by and she was curled up in his lap while he was working. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Soon, Robby and I left to pick up the Wilsons. We had given the kids every instruction that we could thing of. Pops arrived just a few minutes after we left. I don't know really what all happened during the day.

I know that Reagan did go to school-and scored a good grade on her quiz. She had been having a hard time with the quizzes, but today she figured it out. Campbell made strawberry acai lemonade, and I am sure that Keaton did as well.

I saw Anderson and Campbell on the camera outside with the dog at different times. And Keaton asked about supper instructions so I know that the manicotti was eaten for supper. Other than that, I didn't really get many reports on the days happenings at home.

When we left town with the Wilsons, our first stop was in Clarksville at Fat Dawgs-Robby and I ordered cheese dip, a bbq baked potato and a cinnamon roll. We ate a few bites of the cinnamon roll but saved most of it-the cinnamon roll was the size of a large to-go container. I am not sure how much it was, but we definitely got our money's worth.

The next stop was in Alma at A to Z-first we went into the outlet store. I left that store with plates for Whitman's birthday party, football napkins for sometime in the future, goggles for the pool, a 2 little things for Christmas stockings. Then there was A to Z hardware-I left that store with a dog leash, and a few things for the dog's Christmas stocking. And our last stop was the A to Z gifts where I bought two more little Christmas stocking things. These stores were like nothing I had ever seen-kind of like a Harbor Freight/At Home/Ollies-there were some good deals (like my goggles) and some not so good deals. 

And we rounded out our day of shopping with a stop at the Little Debbie outlet in Gentry. They didn't have a lot of good deals, but we did find a few-hope the kids like lemon doughnuts. I mean, I really hope the kids like lemon doughnuts because we have a few dozen! 

Then it was to the hotel for a few minutes before going to Foghorns which was right by the hotel. We stayed with our potato covered in bbq theme from lunch and had bbq fries. They were absolutely delicious-now we were not hungry at all, but they were really good.

After that, we moseyed on over to the baseball field to watch the Hogs win against UALR. The game was fun-we were out in the grassy section which was nice except the crazy wind continued to blow. It was just a wee bit chilly for me. I did spent quite a bit of time walking through the wind-less, warmer stands. It was a pretty great day, and we have more fun things planned for tomorrow.

April 5, 2021

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  • It was a Monday morning around here for sure. Bentley acted crazy during our morning reading time. It was like she was on a mission to overwhelm me before the day started. Actually, she is a bit crazy usually first thing in the morning, but then she just snoozes for the rest of the school day which is pretty wonderful.
  • The rest of the school day went fairly well. Whitman took his sweet time until he realized that his bit sisters were on the trampoline. Once he figured that out, he was done with school in just a little bit. Well, I did write down the answers to his math problems to help him out some. 
  • Reagan spends most of her Mondays getting ready for her school on Tuesday. Today she did find time to do her math-some Fridays we have to check most pages of it because she has been wrapped up in her Comm Central work. Today, we were able to work on it-plus tomorrow's math looks easy!
  • I was able to do pretty good on my list today-plus I am trying to work really hard with Bentley right now. She needs all the help that she can get! Ha! We are getting there, but I sure don't want for our puppy kindergarten classes to go to waste. And a plus of working hard with her-she gets super tired.
  • The big boys had their D-group at church today. I sure don't mind taking folks to church any day or any time. While they were there, I ran to the library and then just sat in the quiet car and did my Bible study. Did you hear those words-quiet car? Yep, it was nice.
  • I did manage to walk in the treadmill some this afternoon as well. I finished one movie and started another one-and yes, pretty much the only reason I am walking on the treadmill these days is to watch as many Hallmark movies as I can. Ha! I have super plans for this summer for my Hallmark movies! A girl can dream, can't she?
  • Once we came home, I made two recipes for tomorrow's trip. Robby later made one so I figure we will have some food to snack on. We had frozen pizza for supper-Robby made quite a few, but I guess if food is out, then it will be eaten. Reagan was taking a shower while the rest of us had supper-we knew she was since she had just been on a run. We told everyone to save her some, but she just ended up with two pieces-I am sure that she will probably make a chicken pot pie later tonight! 
  • Graham has big ballgame watching plans tonight. I am not too sure who we will root for, but I know that money is on the line for some folks in this house. Except I think that they all need the same team to win! Unfortunately, Robby and I are last place in our family brackets. Reagan and Whitman are first and second. Reagan did some research and Whitman used some pretty smart skills for an 8 year old to figure out the winners.