All 50 Road Trip-May 26, 2018, Day 15

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The girls weren’t awake this morning when the alarm went off. Actually, they haven’t been awake any morning when my alarm has gone off. They all had set their alarms on their ipads this morning so alarm after alarm went off time after time again. 

Our first stop this morning was trivia instead of breakfast. Time change was last night so it was an hour earlier than usual. It didn’t seem to matter because not missing trivia was very important to Reagan. She is my trivia girl. In fact, I think that we will probably have to start having trivia at home. 

After trivia, we met everyone at breakfast in the buffet. We all ate our last leisurely breakfast. Campbell and Keaton went to kids’ club this morning because they were practicing for their afternoon circus. 

The rest of us went to paper box folding. It was Reagan, Anderson and me at the origami class. We ended up with one box between the 3 of us. We were paper box class dropouts! Afterwards, we met up with Robby upstairs. He was waiting on a free cruise drawing-guess what? We lost!

We caught up with Graham and all made it to a bean bag toss competition. About this time Reagan started to not feel too well at all. She hung out in the room most of the afternoon. I was near panic because on our last Alaska cruise, I had the Norwalk virus and was sick, sick, sick and missed Victoria while Robby went and enjoyed the city.  

The rest of us had lunch before going down to redeem the kids’ activity cards. I thought that they might at least get t shirt for completing all of the classes and activities that they have gone through. They would have had to have done double the activities to get a t shirt-eek! I don’t know how we could have done anything else. I am exhausted! Everyone did earn a water bottle so that was fun. Whitman opted for a frisbee and light instead of a water bottle. The boys wanted to use theirs right away, but I shoved them in the suitcase to fly home with Nonna and Pops. I hope that suitcase isn’t over 50 pounds!

I had a nap somewhere in the afternoon-possibly two short ones. Keaton and Campbell had to go back to practice. At 4, it was time for the kids’ club circus. Reagan, Anderson, Graham opted not to be in the circus. By this time, Reagan perked up and came down for the circus. I was super glad that she felt better. 

The circus was cute. Keaton was a clown and came on stage a few different times. Campbell was in the devil sticks act. She juggled sticks, and her group had a big finish. The entire group sang a song at the end. It was really neat, but the boys still headed off to play basketball in the middle of the circus!

Then it was time for supper. Reagan was back to her normal eating tonight. So after we ate, we had a bit of downtime which I spent packing up. Then it was time to get off the boat in Victoria. We docked after 6, and then waited a bit before we joined the line to disembark.

From the dock, we were about a mile from downtown. We walked there and took the most beautiful walk to downtown. It was along the water and all of the areas were so nice. There were lots of flowers blooming and you could tell that lots more would bloom. The water area was so pretty.

We eventually made it to their parliament building along with the Empress hotel. Then we walked along the waterfront and toyed with the idea of taking a water taxi. It wouldn’t have gotten us back to the boat and was a pretty hefty price so we hoofed it back.

The walk back was by a different route but was just as pretty. Once back to the boat, we walked along the nearby pier. It was over 8 football fields long. Even though we thought that we could get all of the way there, we gave up and headed back to the boat for ice cream.

We ate our last bowls of ice cream and even had a few other snacks before the kids went to kids’ club for a bit more time. They all really wanted to go so we let them, even though we had planned on going to bed a bit early tonight.

We picked the kids up and headed to our rooms. Graham spent the night in Nonna’s room tonight and I think that we leave the boat tomorrow at 8:30. I think that I will be glad to have a picnic sandwich and check my phone a few times a day. The kids have adored the cruise and Reagan is already planning on Panama in a few years. 

All 50 Road Trip-May 25, 2018, Day 14

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We arrived at Ketchikan way before any of us woke up this morning. I was lucky that the girls’ room woke up this morning. I had forgottento plug in my phone last night, and it died. Thankfully, I tried to see the time on my phone, so I realized it was dead. I was able to plug it up and made sure that my alarm was indeed set.

Keaton asked me to trim her toenail this morning and would you believe that I can’t find my fingernail clippers. I just used them yesterday so they have to be in this room. We can’t lose anything else on this trip because we have hit the max limit of lost items! 

I am not sure if I wrote about this, but the first night we were on the cruise as I was waiting on Robby to deliver our toothbrushes, he called asking if I had them. I did not! We must have left them at the hotel! I have a toothbrush holder that holds all of our toothbrushes and even though we checked the bathroom, we didn’t see them. Robby had already rolled them up and since my holder was unwisely white, they just blended in to the other towels! 

Campbell and Keaton had spent the night in Nonna and Pops’ room that night, so they had their toothbrushes. I tried to convince Robby that we could survive with just 2 toothbrushes, but he wouldn’t listen. We bought the bullet and bought 6 toothbrushes and 1 tube of toothpaste on this cruise ship. Let’s just say that the cruise toothbrushes cost 20 times most than my package of 6 toothbrushes from the dollar store. I sure hope that we don’t find those toothbrushes in our luggage somewhere when we get home or in the car when we get back to it!

Back to today, we made it to breakfast with all clean teeth. We all ate in the crowded buffet and then ran back to the rooms to grab our jackets for our day in Ketchikan. The weather was drizzly and chilly, but not horrible. We were able to walk all around town. We saw Creek Street and all of the other sites. The salmon weren’t around just yet but we did see their ladder.

Whitman said that his favorite thing was seeing all of the totem poles so I did grab a totem pole ornament before boarding the ship again. Robby bought a coke for him and the kids to drink before climbing back aboard. Afterwards, we dried off and started packing up.

I went to Robby’s room to help them pack up. Now, their room is all packed and neat and mine is a mess. We then met back up at the buffet for lunch. Everyone was around and it was packed with few seats available. After we all finally ate, the kids and I headed downstairs for extreme napkin folding. We didn’t do too well at it at all. 

Then there was a round of trivia followed by the Deal or No Deal game. Robby bought cards for Deal or No Deal. It wasn’t as much fun because we didn’t do any good this time on our cards. The kids still enjoyed it, but I think that we are pretty unlucky! 

Afterwards, some of the kids went to the kids’ club, but Anderson and Reagan just went back to their rooms. Robby and I had ice cream and then headed to our rooms as well. I was able to do a bit more straightening of our room. Just as soon as I asked Reagan, who was intently watching Fox News, to pack up she decided that she might go to kids’ club! 

Soon it was time to pick up the kids’ club kids, eat supper and then they were ready to go back to kids’s club. Keaton was the only one who opted to go to supper with us. I think that she likes the attention of being a cute little girl at the supper table with all of the adults.

Afterwards, she went to the kids’ club while Anderson went to the show with us and Whitman went to Nonna and Pops’ room to spend the night. He was excited about getting to look out of their window. 

After the show, I picked up the kids, and we had one more bit of ice cream. Tonight we set the clocks forward an hour so we should have gotten into bed quickly but instead I am making my girls take showers! 

All 50 Road Trip-May 24, 2018, Day 13

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I woke up about 15 minutes before the alarm went off. Of course, I had to go to the bathroom so I did that and promptly went back to sleep. When I first looked at the clock, I was hoping that it was middle of the night and not time to wake up. I tell you, this cruising is tough. The kids want to do every single thing, I kind of do too, so we stay incredibly busy. 

Today was Glacier Bay National Park. Robby and I have been on this cruise before but we didn't go into the National Park. So this was new for us. We ate our breakfast in the buffet quickly. Then we went to the front of the ship-inside, not outside. The people outside were wearing parkas! 

There were rangers and all types of information about Glacier Bay including the National Park stamp. They had a light breakfast in there so we ate again. Seriously. We were in there for a while and viewed the glaciers from there. We did venture outside to take a picture very quickly. By that time, it was spitting rain so we didn't stay outside long.

Some of the kids went back to the rooms and some went to kids club right before lunch. We really spent the entire morning looking at the glaciers-even missing trivia! Gasp! We all met back up at lunch. At 1, they had a kids program where the kids could earn their Jr. Ranger badges. My Reagan is getting a bit too old, so she thinks, for this. Twelve is the max age they list though I am sure they would give a badge to a 13 year old if they wanted it. Reagan won't though! 

Everyone did earn their Jr. Ranger badges and a patch which was really nice. Robby had already bought a patch for the tree so these other 6 will just be bonus. Afterwards, we hightailed it down the steps to make it to elevator roulette. Now, if you remember we played earlier in the week. There was just the kids, me and another couple. Today, it was a rowdy crowd. Every time an elevator door opened the crowd would cheer or boo and the people on the elevator would do the same. You can tell that most people on this boat have some kind of alcoholic beverage package. 

Then it was over to play a trivia game, followed by a digital scavenger hunt around the boat. After that, some of us went to play Bingo-real bingo. We quickly lost 50 bucks while others went to play carpet bowling. 

After bingo, the big boys and Campbell went to play a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. I went with Reagan to find her key card. She had laid it down on a table, and thankfully, it was easy to find. The basketball tournament got rained out. So everyone ended up back in their rooms for a few minutes. I used my time wisely by taking a power nap. Though after hitting snooze twice, I had to hurry to get myself and the girls to dinner on time.

We met up with everyone tonight for dinner in one of the main dining rooms. I was underwhelmed with my choices for supper, however, everything I had was very good-cauliflower soup, lasagna and lava cake. Afterwards, all of the kids went to the kids club for a little bit while Robby and I tried to go to the show.

We walked in and it was packed. We stood on the back for a little bit, but after watching one man sing, we quickly decided that we had seen enough. They were cleaning Robby's room so we went to my room. I sat and typed while Robby caught himself a catnap.

Afterwards, we went to pick up the kids. Everyone but Campbell and Whitman were ready to go. Robby took Anderson to grab some ice cream and then to Nonna and Pops' room for the night. Everyone else had their snacks before I picked up Campbell and Whitman. They had a quick snack before we all went back to our rooms.

Tomorrow is Ketchikan. It looks like it is going to be a cold, wet day so I am not sure how much Ketchikanning we will do tomorrow! Reagan has already made her list of activities on the boat tomorrow that she wants to do!

All 50 Road Trip-May 23, 2018, Day 12

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We slept very well last night again. I had to wake up everyone in my room and so did Robby. Campbell was awake when I called Nonna and Pops’ room. Most of us met up at lunch at the cafe. I think everyone has settled in on their breakfast choices-Graham is an omelet man, Whitman picks cereal, Reagan likes the pastrys and my choice has been the eggs benedict.

Whitman was still asleep so Robby let him sleep for a while. Robby said that he organized their room a little bit. Gracious, I saw it early and it was pretty neat. My room, though, is a wreck. It looks neat but clothes are shoved in drawers and nooks and crannies everywhere. It will all end up in a laundry basket anyway, so I guess I should stress about it too much.

The first activity of the morning was trivia followed by card making. We are working hard on getting lots of signatures for their activity card. By the end of the cruise, they may be able to turn in their card for something exciting like a deck of cards or a pen! Ha! 

The boys spent some time on the basketball court and at some point during the morning, Keaton and Whitman went to the kids’ club for a bit. We then met back up at the cafe for lunch before heading off to Skagway for the afternoon. The big 4 did play some Wii Tennis on the huge screen this morning. That was pretty fun.

The weather could not have been any more perfect today. The sun was shining and even though it was coolish, the sun warmed us up. It couldn’t have been any more different than yesterday. We walked right off of the boat and headed to the National Park site.

The kids had already finished their Klondike Jr. Ranger books so it didn’t take any time for them to get their badges at that National Park. Skagway is just an old timey town. It is now full of shopping places. We enjoyed walking up and down the streets seeing all of the sites.

We did buy some popcorn, caramel and cheese, along with some ice cream for us to enjoy as we walked around town. We did stop in one jewelry store, and all of the girls were giving necklaces. Later we all stopped at a tshirt store, and all of the kids picked out a tshirt as an Alaska memento.

When we were back on the ship, we all went to our rooms for a little bit. Then, well, this is really where my day, and all of my days actually, are starting to run together. I can’t seem to remember what happened next. I think that I met some of the kids met me for a soccer shoot-off tournament. I was walking away when the cruise guy asked me to play too. I did play, but not very well. It was just Dennie’s playing so a Dennie won. Reagan and Anderson tied and then Anderson won. On the second round, they had to spin around the ball 3 times before kicking it. 

Next, everyone but Anderson did some rock climbing again. Keaton really struggled, She almost made it to the top and was so close. They had fun doing that. Keaton and Whitman went back down with Robby while everyone else joined me for trivia. Then there was a name scavenger hunt that we did in the lobby as well.

Again, I am not entirely sure what was next, but I think that it was time for us to get ready. We all met Nonna and Pops to hear a man tell stories and sing songs about Alaska. It was very interesting. Made me want to read a book about Alaska. President Trump’s family became rich by opening hotels in Alaska during the goldrush.

Afterwards, we took the kids to the buffet to eat. Reagan was the only one to choose to go to the nice supper with the grown ups. The kids ate, and then we dropped them off at the kids’ club for pirate night. 

We ate our nice meal tonight. It was good as always. Reagan did order the cheese plate and was pretty disgusted with the cheeses that she received. I would agree though-we are kind of a cheddar cheese family. 

After supper, I picked up all of the Dennie kids except for Whitman. All of the kids had been on a walk looking for pirates. Whitman saw me in the hall and said, “please don’t pick me up yet.” I didn’t, but did pick up the others. Everyone went to show except for Keaton who headed to Nonna’s room to spend the night. Hopefully, she went to bed a bit earlier tonight to catch up on some much needed sleep.

We watched the show and then picked up Whitman. Everyone had a quick bite to eat before heading back to our rooms. In the room, I worked on the blog while Reagan made a page long list of our activities for tomorrow.

All 50 Road Trip-May 22, 2018, Day 11

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Last night when I finished the blog, I just guessed about the rest of the evening. I did go to pick up the kids about 9, as I had told them that I would. I looked in the room, and they were all having so much fun. Anderson was a judge for whatever they were doing. I decided to wait a few more minutes so I went to have a snack and hot chocolate.

The boat was really rocking; however, the buffet was still fairly happening. It was odd that it was light outside yet it was 9:30 at night. I eventually checked again, and things were still going strong in the kid’s area. I walked down to Robby’s room for a bit. Around 10, I did finally pick them up.

They had all had a blast. Anderson and Graham received certificates for something. Whitman had a glow up necklace, which he is still wearing today, and a balloon. We went to the buffet, and they had a snack. Ice cream, pizza, cookies!

The boys went to their room, and the girls settled in in our room. Campbell had her shower, and then Keaton had hers. When Keaton got out, she said her stomach hurt. The boat was rocky enough that early I had put some of my seasick medicine behind the kids ears just in case. I don’t think it was the boat bothering her since the boat had been that rocky all-day long. I just think that it was her sensitive stomach.

She was pitiful. She never really gets too upset when she is sick, but last night she just stood at the potty crying. I stood with her until she felt like sitting down. Then, she sat in my lap, and we watched a rerun game show on tv until it was over. By then she felt some better. However, this was her turn to sleep on the top bunk. I didn’t think that was a great idea so she opted to sleep with me.

I am glad that we gained an hour last night because we needed it. I don’t think either one of us slept well. She was never sick, but she ground her teeth a lot, enough to keep me up! The alarm went off at 7:30 which felt like 8:30 to us. We quickly put on our clothes and met up with everyone at the buffet.

We all ate our breakfast and then headed our separate ways. The boys went to the basketball court while everyone else came with us to a heart origami class. Then I took Campbell to the kids’ club and met the boys there as well. Reagan and Keaton stayed downstairs for a round of trivia before going to the kids’ club themselves.

Robby and I stuck around for another trivia before running to our rooms to get things ready for getting off the boat around 2. The people walking around all morning where ready to get off the boat-they had on parkas, cameras, gloves and binoculars around their necks. Whenever we had walked around the boat, we could tell that it was chilly but not ice cold.

Robby and I then went to grab us a bite of lunch before picking up the kids. We didn't really have much time to do that so I just ate my lunch after I picked them up. They all had fun at the kid's club this morning. After lunch, we went back to our rooms to grab a few things. Then the girls met the boys in their room for a few minutes.

Soon they were announcing that we could leave the boat. We walked to Nonna and Pops' room and then all walked off the boat. I didn't see it, but I think that there was probably a bit of a scuffle getting off of the boat. My big kids were pushing and shoving trying to step on Alaskan soil first and be the first one to complete all 50 states.

Juneau, Alaska was the final stop in Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton's fifty state journeys. Robby had hoped to make it by the time Reagan was 10; he is just a bit late though. He probably didn't account for us having 5 more kids. Whitman will hit his 50th state on the way home, so we did let him in on the 50th state picture in front of the glacier since that picture will probably show up in a Christmas card.

Once off of the boat, we walked right to our rental car man. The van couldn't have worked out more perfectly today. I wish that I could say the same thing about the weather. We drove right to Mendenhall glacier while the sun was shining a little bit. It didn't take long though for it to start raining.

We still walked to the visitor's center for a bit and watched the movie. The kids completed a Jr. Ranger booklet and earned a patch. That was awesome because that patch will become part of my Christmas tree ornament collection. We then walked out to one point to see the glacier. That is actually where it started raining and rain it did! We were pretty wet.

It did stop for a bit, and Robby decided that we should press on. So we took off on a  mile trek to a waterfall and closer view of the glacier. Nonna and Pops stayed back at the visitor's center. They were able to spy on us with the binoculars set up there. It was a haul across the trail. It was so far in fact, that Whitman had to take a pit stop. Thankfully, not too many folks passed as he went to the bathroom on the side of the trail.

It was worth the walk though. Afterwards, we climbed back in the car and dried out some. We drove by the capitol building and the governor's mansion. Robby did stop to buy the kids a coke! No cokes on the cruise so it was a much needed bribe on that long trail.

We then dropped off the car and walked back aboard the ship. From there, we changed clothes and some kids ate dinner in the buffet before heading to kid's club. Whitman came a bit later and had his dinner in the buffet. We then dropped him off and picked up Reagan and Keaton for supper in the nice dining room.

The food was delicious, and the service much better tonight. Pops has found him a waiter that he likes so that probably helps with the service. Afterwards, we dropped Keaton off and picked up Graham. Graham and Reagan accompanied us to the comedian. He was good, not as good as last cruises though.

When that was over, we picked up everyone else, and as usual they grabbed a quick snack in the buffet. I don't think that the kids are tired, but I am exhausted. Campbell slept in Nonna and Pops' room tonight so I took her down there at 11 tonight.

I finally got my girls to be still for a few minutes. I am sure that Keaton is sound asleep by now, but Reagan is probably still awake listening to me type. Tomorrow is Skagway, and hopefully no rain!

Current Dennie Kid State Count (May 22, 2018):
Reagan-Complete-May 22, 2018
Anderson-Complete-May 22, 2018
Graham-Complete-May 22, 2018
Campbell-Complete-May 22, 2018
Keaton-Complete-May 22, 2018

Whitman-needs Montana, North Dakota


All 50 Road Trip-May 21, 2018, Day 10

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We all slept very well last night. Robby has always said that he wanted an interior room in our house that he could sleep in. He had to wake the early rising boys up at 7:30 to get ready to join Pops at breakfast at 8. We were supposed to meet Robby and Whitman for breakfast, but he called saying that they might sleep in a bit longer.

The girls and I went to the buffet and had our breakfast. They did indeed have eggs benedict and it was just as good as I remember. Anderson, Graham, Nonna and Pops showed up. They had eaten a good breakfast, and then went exploring around the ship for a bit.

We then all met up at the rock wall at 10. Campbell opted to go to the kids club instead of the rock wall, Everyone else climbed-well, Whitman put on the shoes, but they were too big so he couldn't do it. He didn't seem too bothered by that fact and happily watched everyone else.

Anderson almost made it to the top. Graham did the hard side and did pretty well. Keaton struggled up the wall and only made it a bit. The poor man harnessed to her really worked hard trying to help her up. Reagan made it to the top and happily rang the bell.

The next activity was the buffet. Even though we had already been there, everyone went back for a bit. We just grabbed a snack and then waiting until they changed things over to lunch. We did run to Nonna and Pops' room to see if they were there.

Robby picked up Campbell from kid's club while the rest of us ate lunch. I think our ice cream count from this day alone is over 15! Everyone is enjoying the ice cream. After lunch, everyone but Whitman and Reagan went swimming.

Reagan is fairly bright and knew it was cold in that pool, and we really didn't give Whitman a choice. Reagan, Whitman and I played elevator roulette. Whitman won the game! He was so happy that he guessed the correct elevator to open first. He was the first player to guess correctly 3 times so he was the big winner. The boy jumped around like he had won a prize.

Whitman and I then played with some of the circus toys at one place. Then I met the girls back in the room after swimming. Everyone changed into dry, warm clothes, then we met back up in the lobby. They had a paper airplane challenge. Graham won his heat so he was a happy boy. Then there was a trivia challenge that we did decent on. It did help that Robby has wifi so Reagan was able to look up some answers for us.

Afterwards, Robby and Whitman went upstairs for some ipad time. The rest of us headed upstairs to check on the rock climbing wall again. It was closed, so they all opted for a short visit to kids club. They were playing outside so that looked intriguing to everyone. Except for Reagan who napped in the room for a few minutes.

I picked them up from kids club because the next activity was the one they were looking forward to the most-a soccer tournament. Unfortunately, the weather was misty so they didn't have it. Instead we played giant checkers. Campbell didn't know how to play checkers so I guess she will have to start playing that during school time instead of chess.

I was secretly glad that the soccer thing was cancelled, because that gave us time to get ready for supper. The boys all had showers but in my room, we only got around to one shower-Campbells. We then met everyone at supper in the other main dining room.

We were really not too pleased with it. The lay out was very disjointed so it didn't feel as nice. Also, it took us 70 minutes to get our entree. Last night wasn't as bad, but you can see why Whitman fell asleep last night. Our drinks were rarely refilled; it just wasn't that great. We will probably avoid that dining room from now on.

We started supper at 5:30, but at 7 Robby took all the kids but Reagan to kid's club. They were happy to skip their desserts to go there. Reagan stayed back and ordered herself 2 desserts. I ordered Robby two desserts as well, and he made it back in time to eat. I had already shoved a fork in my bag and was ready to take them out of the restaurant to him.

We opted to not go to the show tonight. Instead we just came back to Robby's room. I typed on the blog and studied tomorrow's list of today's activities. I think that I would be a very good candidate to live on a cruise ship.

This ship is really rocky tonight. Well, it has been most of the day too. At the top of all of the steps, there are barf bags ready to go for you. So far all of my people haven't been bothered by it, and hopefully, we won't be bothered by it. Robby has a patch. I do have some medicine that I will probably give everyone before bed. It is just an oil or something like that.

Internet is limited to Robby's computer so I'll close the blog for the day. I can tell you what all we more than likely happen next. In about an hour, I am going to pick up the kids from kids' club. Then they will want to have a snack and look at the pool sloshing about before bed!

All 50 Road Trip-May 20, 2018, Day 9

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We all slept well this morning. Keaton and Campbell slept in Nonna and Pops' room last night. They were leaving the breakfast area when we came in. Pops warned us that the breakfast was a bit odd. Indeed it was-good, but odd. Everything there, everything, was prepackaged.

They had a huge selection-muffins, cheese sticks, juices, breads, etc. but everything was prepackaged. I had a delicious muffin and the boys enjoyed the lemon bread. Now, the fruit was not in a package, but they had kiwi as one of their fruits. Kiwi? We have never seen that at a hotel so far. Reagan really enjoyed hers, but I probably didn't cut it that well using a plastic knife. Can you eat a kiwi without cutting it? I just don't know.

We loaded up at 8:30 and forget to take our daily time and mileage picture. I guess we were a bit excited about the cruise. It was misting a bit of rain but soon stopped. We stopped first at the Freemont Troll. It was neat to see, but we were just there for a few minutes.

Right nearby was Kerry Park which had a great view of the city. Then we drove to the Space Needle and took a few pictures. The back seat of the car was completely filled with luggage. We had crammed it in there very nicely. The kids were all squeezed in their rows, but everyone did great.

Our next stop was the Klondike Gold Rush NHS. The folks gave us Jr. Ranger books that we will finish at when we get home. We now have 2 different ones to finish at home-I hope no one minds doing school like work during summer. We watched the movie there, and it was a neat stop.

Behind it was Seattle's first city square area. They were having a rally there which unnerved Graham. I think that rally was about coal or the environment. There were about 30 police officers there starting their day as well so there was no reason to be concerned with a peaceful rally going on.

Robby dropped us off at Pike Place Market. It was crowded. Whenever it is crowded like that, I am always impressed with the kids. They are always trying to hold on to Whitman and find each other. We saw some flowers and walked around a bit while waiting on Robby to park the car.

Once Robby joined us, we went to the fish market. We were right in front when they threw the fish two different times. They also had a fish that was in the ice, but it also had a string on the back. So the workers would pull the string and the fish would move. Whitman couldn't take his eyes off of it!

We found Beecher's cheese place, and Robby hopped in line for macaroni and cheese. I walked on down the street with Nonna and Pops to the original Starbucks. There were waited in line while Robby and everyone else ate the mac and cheese. It was delicious mac and cheese. Now, there was a Russian bakery that we didn't get to try because the line was way too long. Maybe next time!

From there, it was just a short drive to the pier. We unloaded our luggage, and then Robby went to drop off the car. We waited for him outside, but it didn't take him too long to return. He was pleased with his spot and the shuttle.

We then lined up to board the boat. Since we go to Canada there seems to be a lot more scrutiny of our documents. Birth certificates, passports, etc. Lots to hold and juggle while going through security and check in. We did make it and were soon on the boat.

We walked around a tiny bit but soon discovered that our rooms were open already. We all headed off to find our rooms and drop off our bags. This room is a bit different in that there is a trundle bed and only 1 bunk bed. Robby's room is just like this one.

Yes, the boys and Robby are in a room below ours and Nonna and Pops are a few floors below. We are yet to see their room, but hopefully will tomorrow. I actually have the best group. Reagan is a major clean freak, so she is even getting on to me about not putting my stuff up exactly correct.

We ate our lunch in the buffet area. I wasn't that impressed this afternoon with the food. Hopefully, I just didn't find the right thing to eat. My favorite thing last year was eggs benedict at breakfast. Maybe I will find that tomorrow.

It took us a good while to get organized; this room is small, but could greatly benefit from lots more drawers. Once we were almost organized, it was time for our muster drill. The girls and I had to go upstairs for ours. We were inside which was kind of nice since we found a seat during the drill.

Afterwards, we all met up at the swimming pool. The kids swam and swam. Campbell said that the water was colder than Jenny Lake. Whitman stayed in the pool the entire time splashing away. It was warm in the sun, but not nearly warm enough to be in the pool. Reagan spent most of her time in the hot tub.

I walked down to get dinner reservations and was able to get them for only an hour later. My choices were early or late so I chose early. The kids just had about 15 more minutes to swim before they had to get out. From there, we went back to our cabins to get ready for supper.

We all put on our dressy-ish clothes and then headed upstairs. Everyone met up there, and soon we were at a table. Nonna said that eating in the nice restaurants was her favorite thing to do on the cruise. The kids certainly enjoy being able to pick out what they want to eat and to try new things.

Reagan had matzo ball soup and a rotisserie chicken, Anderson had lasagna (possibly) and a slider. Graham had chicken legs for an appetizer and steak for his main course. The others all had kids menu items. Though when it came time for dessert, the overwhelming choice at our table was the lava cake. It was just as delicious here as it was last time in Hawaii.

Last year on the first night of the cruise, Whitman fall asleep with his head on the table. Tonight, he feel asleep with his head in my lap. He was exhausted, but did wake up to eat some of his jello before we left.

From there, the kids changed their clothes back to their regular clothes and then headed to the kids club. Robby and I watched the show-actually, I dozed through most of it! Then I worked on the blog some before having to leave to pick up the kids. They all seemed to have fun but Reagan and Graham do not want to go back. There seemed to be a lot of kids in there - maybe more than the Hawaii cruise. We were kind of surprised.

We went to the buffet and didn't make it back to our rooms until 10:30. The kids found plenty to eat that late-pizza, ice cream, cookies and lemonade. Then it was pajama time and my girls, at least, combed through the papers telling about what all was happening tomorrow on the boat. We have already made out list of tomorrow's activities.

Current Dennie Kid State Count (May 20, 2018):
Reagan-needs Alaska
Anderson-needs Alaska
Graham-needs Alaska
Campbell-needs Alaska
Keaton-needs Alaska

Whitman-needs Alaska, Montana, North Dakota