April 22, 2024

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  • My plan has been for this to be the next to last day of school, but when I looked at our leftover history today, I realized that I was just one lesson behind for that to happen. So what did I do today? I read both history lessons today-and calling them "history lessons" isn't really adequate-those things are history chapters, and I read two today. I was pretty pleased with myself.
  • We did school work this morning, and I tried to sneak in as many things off of my to do list as possible as well. Plus the some of the kids work is a bit different today since there are somethings that I am wanting them to finish so we are hitting those pretty hard, and both of the big boys are already starting something that I wanted them to do next year.
  • I think that everyone was finished with school by 11:30, and I had plans on taking Bentley on a walk then. Somehow it was much later than that when I finally left for our walk. After about a mile, Bentley decided that she was done, and I had to pull her a good bit to change her mind about the rest of the walk.
  • Reagan and Graham went to work at one, and Anderson left for work around 4:30 with Campbell and Keaton. All three of them had soccer games to ref tonight so that gave them something fun to do this evening.
  • Anderson picked up our supper on the way home-we all had free sandwiches from ChickFilA. Anderson made Campbell walk into the store to claim our 7 orders. We were all waiting for them to arrive home. Robby gave Whitman his sandwich, but since it was a spicy sandwich Whitman was not too big of a fan. He ate it, but he said that he didn't want one of those again. Actually, I don't think that I do either-that was still a little spicy for me as well.
  • We did get Reagan's senior pictures today so that was fun. It is getting real around here that we have a senior!

April 21, 2024-Adult's Only Camping Trip

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There wasn't much camping for me today. I was up and headed to church before 8:30 this morning. Robby was around a little longer while he packed up all the stuff and even managed to have some breakfast before heading home.

He brought the camper home, emptied the food and started the laundry before meeting the rest of us at Grannymom's house. The kids had woken up here, and I parked just as they pulled into a parking spot this morning. They all sat in their spots with only Keaton and Whitman sitting with me. Robby was gone this week, and I was gone last week (worship care)-we better make it to church together next week or people will start to talk,

Whitman went with the 4th and 5th graders to his life group today. They went to a nursing home and worked with the people there to paint a pot and make a flower. Two different people came up to me to tell me how well he did. They said that he found some man, and they just sat painting their pot and talking the whole time. It made my momma heart pretty proud.

All of us except for Whitman then went to Grannymom and Grandpa's house for lunch. We couldn't stay too long today because Keaton, Campbell, and I had a baby shower to go to. We picked up one of Keaton's friends on the way.

The shower was cute-they had pickles as part of the food since I guess pregnant women usually like pickles. (I never did, but that's just what I hear.) At first I didn't think I was going to stay long nor find anyone to visit with, but soon I realized that I had been standing around chatting for 2 hours.

Reagan and Robby filled up the cars with gas on their way home before Robby had to make the rounds to pick up Whitman and drop some others off. Soon Reagan, Anderson, and Graham all headed back to church to join the girls and the other youth for Collide Night this evening.

When I came home, I worked on the camper some while Robby worked in the yard. I eventually moved to trying to straighten the house and fold the hugest loads of laundry I have ever seen!

When it was over, Reagan went to play pickleball, and the rest of us went to the Wilson's house to eat leftovers for our Sunday night supper. We didn't stay incredibly long because I was having trouble staying awake-I think I might be becoming an insomniac because I am so tired I won't even be able to read tonight.

April 20, 2024-Adult's Only Camping Trip

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We all woke up around 6 this morning, and most of the kids were awake when I went to check. I was kind of quiet in the boys' room because the plan was for Whitman to sleep as long as he could this morning. He had set his alarm to wake up before Nonna came to take him to Keaton's soccer game later in the morning.

Soon, Campbell, Keaton, and Anderson left for soccer. The weather was pretty overcast, so we knew that they might not play the whole day, but they arrived and went to work getting things ready. Reagan, Graham, Robby, and I left about 10 minutes later.

Our first stop was at Raymar so I could help them get the coffee and hot chocolate ready. Graham also jumped out of our car and joined the other. Then Robby and I joined the others to head to Ouachita for early registration for Reagan.

Campbell, Keaton, and Graham worked the concessions stand during the first game. Then they played quickly through the second game with Graham, Keaton, and Campbell reffing a game. Apparently, one grown up man didn't like some of Campbell's calls along with the calls from the other teenage girl ref and let them know it. Two take aways from that: nothing tells more about a man's character than how he acts on a field or court...and nothing makes a dad madder than someone being ugly to his daughter. 

By the end of the second game at Raymar it was starting to rain, so they cancelled all of the games. The kids quickly helped pick up and headed home. Nonna had asked about picking up Whitman still, but I told her to not worry about it.

I had actually been texting Whitman while we were in Arkadelphia. He wasn't answering my texts, so Robby checked the cameras and could tell that he must still be asleep. Whitman had set his alarm wrong and was a bit panicked when he did wake up thinking he had missed Nonna. Eventually, he saw my texts explaining soccer being cancelled.

A bit later, he text me to say that he was going to take Bentley to potty. I told him that if she wasn't whining then it was fine. However, seconds later he text me a few pictures of where she had been sick. Poor thing-her tummy must have been so upset! I tried to text him through cleaning things up, but I knew the others were almost home. 

They soon arrived, and bless those children's hearts-they went right to work. Anderson and Campbell worked forever on the carpet, Keaton lit candles and help Campbell give Bentley a bath. They all took turns taking her out to make sure that she was done. It was a mess, but they had it all cleaned when I came home.

Reagan, Robby, and I started out in a large group, and then the kids went off to make their schedules. I think that she really enjoyed the day and is getting super excited about the upcoming school year. She made her schedule, and it looks like it is a really good schedule. 

Then right as it was over for us, we were able to meet Reagan's roommate. She seemed super nice, and I think that they are really going to work out well with each other. They took pictures of a few dorm rooms and made some plans. 

We ate in the cafeteria, and then headed home. At home, I made sure everything was clean from Bentley's incident. Then we ran to Sams for me to pick up some desserts for tonight. It was chilly outside so I was not in a huge hurry to come back to the campsite. 

Supper tonight was tacos so of course it was pretty delicious. Right now I am stuffed, but that is probably form all of the desserts that I have eaten today! It was cold tonight, and I really should invest in some super warm clothes to take camping!

April 19, 2024-Adult's Only Camping Trip

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When we went to bed last night, the storm was not far behind. The rain was super hard, and of course it sounded even louder in the camper. Campbell said that it rained here, but not crazy bad. Robby and I listened to the storm until we finally went to sleep. 

It was a restful sleep, but of course I had to go to the bathroom three different times in the middle of the night-maybe I should stop drinking so much water. We woke up and eventually headed out to breakfast-Robby made pancakes, egg in the hole, and sausage. I forgot to pack chocolate chips for the pancakes-and I decided that I do like pancakes with out chocolate chips. 

The day kind of went by quickly at the campsite. Robby and I walked Bentley three miles with Annie and some other campers. We also gridled up some poundcake and blueberries for our afternoon snack. 

I don't think that a whole lot happened at the house today. Keaton made chocolate chip cookie bars. Reagan went to work. Graham's ear has been bothering him so he skipped out on work today. Campbell and Keaton spent some time on the trampoline and even did some drawing today. 

All of the Rock Creek campers gathered tonight for supper-hamburgers and hot dogs. Then we sat around visiting and watching the Hogs play baseball. When the game was over, we finally put things away and headed home.

But other than that, it was a fairly slow and relaxing day for all of us. It is now after 11-Robby and I came home to sleep tonight since we all have to leave so early in the morning. 

April 18, 2024-Adult's Only Camping Trip

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Robby started our camping trip last night in Maumelle so he woke up there while the rest of us woke at home. I could hear that someone was up fairly early this morning. I thought that it was Whitman, but I couldn't figure out why he would be in the school room so early.

When I did get out of bed, I was surprised to see that it was Anderson awake early. He was already sitting in the living room eating his breakfast and working on his school. No one else was awake, and it took me a while to wake up Whitman and the girls.

Soon we were finishing school for the day, and much to Whitman's disappointment, we even did spelling before lunch. I also took Keaton and Campbell to buy some candy for a birthday party that Keaton has to go to Saturday.

When we were there, Keaton picked her out some candy and Campbell did the same so we left with quite a bag of candy. Campbell decided that she wanted to drive home so she did that-she is steadily improving, but it is just always a little hard to ride as your baby drives a car. 

I soon headed out to Maumelle-and it wasn't long after that that Anderson went to Raymar to paint the fields and get ready for practice tonight. Reagan and Graham also went to Raymar to take pictures tonight so three Dennie kids were earning a pay check this evening which is great.

Last night going to practice, Anderson hydroplaned when he was stopping. It was not a big deal, but big enough for him to come home and tell me. Tonight, Reagan was pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign on the way home (the one at the curve where we kind of check for cars and then just go). Thankfully, she just got a warning, but hopefully both of them learned a lesson over the last few days. However, my heard finds all of this hard to take-again, my babies are driving.

Robby cooked pork chops tonight on the blackstone as well as Hawaiian bread. I did make the mashed potatoes-just from a bag though! We intended to have blueberries and pound cake for dessert, but we didn't get the pound cake out of the freezer so we will just do that tomorrow for lunch. 

We sat around and visited this evening and even walked Bentley fairly late tonight. It is almost midnight, and I am just about to take a shower and settle in to read a little bit. 

April 17, 2024

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  • This Wednesday seemed to fly by. I slept in a little this morning, but I was still able to rally the troops and start on school before 8:40 so I definitely call that a win. I think that we just have about 8 days of history left so that makes my heart super happy.
  • Everyone finished their work at a pretty decent time even Whitman who now does 2 and a half things from his list before taking a 5 minute break. Some how this works for him, and he manages to finish his school work before 12 or even before 11:30 on some days so I can really not say anything.
  • I spent a good deal of time reading this afternoon, plus I tried to do a few things to get ready for next year. I wish that I could be as motivated about house cleaning as I am about planning for school things. I received one book in the mail today, and it just made me so happy. I'm just a book lover and not a mop or duster lover, but maybe someday.
  • Soon Robby went to Maumelle Park with the camper and the dog. I'm heading out there tomorrow-it is always the case, but when you are busy, you are just super busy. This weekend we have a jillion and one things happening-even overlapping-so tomorrow, I have to make a schedule for everyone.
  • Reagan and Graham came home from work and were only home a bit before Reagan and the girls left again. They went to church early for Reagan's d-group, and my car came next. After church, Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA-while they were there, Keaton had Campbell buy her a kid's meal-and bless it if some girl didn't think the bag was trash and put her ice cream in it. Campbell was able to salvage the nuggets and a few fries, but poor Campbell was bothered by this and Keaton was disappointed. 

April 16, 2024

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  • This day has just been a little bit uncertain-the silly rain just made things a bit crazy around here. Graham was supposed to go to Raymar this afternoon to help again with pictures during practice. However, pictures were cancelled because of the threat of weather, but for most of the afternoon pictures were still going to happen.
  • Reagan was also going to work pictures, but first she had to go to her other job for an hour. Since by this time pictures were cancelled, she even stayed a little bit longer there. Reagan had plans to meet quite a few friends to play pickleball tonight, and she is there now, but the weather made those plans pretty uncertain-and they are probably pretty wet playing this evening. 
  • Anderson had to work practice tonight, so even though it was raining here, he headed to the field before it was officially cancelled. He did stay there until practice was supposed to start to tell people that it was cancelled, but once people drove up and saw an empty field, they realized it pretty quickly.
  • Keaton would have had her practice tonight, but since it was cancelled she was disappointed. Campbell was also going to go to practice tonight so her plans were changed as well. That was fine though because I used both of them to help with supper tonight-we just had chicken and beef tacos along with cheese dip and black beans for our supper. 
  • Everyone ate, and then Reagan left for her outing. The rest of us settled into our spots for the evening. I don't think that tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, but hopefully rain on Thursday or Saturday does not cancel any soccer.
  • Robby ran some errands today so I filled up the camper fridge, and I was able to do a little bit of summer school planning. Oooh, I also received a book in the mail that was exactly what I wanted and it was less than 10 dollars. I was thrilled with my bargain.
  • Now, I think I am going to eat myself some ice cream tonight or maybe some hot chocolate-it is still kind of hot chocolate weather maybe.