June 18, 2024

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  • I had to wake all of my kids up except for Campbell this morning at 11 so they would be ready to go and eat lunch with the church youth. I'm not really sure how late they are staying up, but it must be pretty late. 
  • When they came downstairs, I was already in my chair having done all my morning chores and walk. It is like we are all living in different time zones around here. 
  • They all went to lunch at Lost-except for Whitman who got to do spelling with me. Soon everyone was home, and for some reason I believe that they didn't actually get their chores and school work accomplished today. There is tomorrow, but I did mention last night that I had a special camp to sign them up for if they didn't finish all of their assigned tasks soon-Constitution Camp. (Now you may be sending your kids there, but my kids would think this is absolute torture!)
  • Tonight Reagan went to Bible study, Anderson went to basketball and to a friend's house to swim, and Campbell went to a friend's house. Robby and I had intended to go to the grocery store, but milk is on sale tomorrow, and we needed more from Sams than Kroger. 
  • It is still early in the evening, but Reagan has made it home from her Bible study, Anderson has made it to his second destination, and Campbell has to be picked up in a little while. 
  • Robby has a CT scan early in the morning so hopefully, we will get some answers by Thursday. 

June 17, 2024

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  • Things moved quickly this morning with the results of Robby's Thursday test. His doctor suggested he go and see someone since the gallbladder didn't look right on the test. He then had an appointment at 3, but that doctor didn't feel like it was the gallbladder so he has ordered a CT scan. Hopefully, the scan will be soon, but it is not yet scheduled so again we wait. 
  • I don't think that any of the kids were up before 11:30 this morning, possibly even later. When Graham came downstairs he was surprised that I had been on a walk already-he was even more surprised when I told him that I had been on two walks already.
  • I guess they are enjoying supper to the fullest-and I do take it back. Reagan left around 10:30. She went to a friend's house, and then they rode together to eat and then to a Bible study at a church. Afterwards, they met a bunch more friends at the skating rink and skated until one of the guys, who she didn't really know, possibly broke his arm. 
  • Anderson wasn't able to go to the dentist when the others did a few weeks ago, so he went today. He was pretty confident that he didn't have cavities; however, he was wrong. They did say that he has the cleanest teeth ever, but his cavities are between the teeth. Also it was said that some people just need to floss, and he is one of those people. Thankfully, he didn't take having cavities as hard as Campbell did.
  • Reagan was just getting home when the others, except for Whitman, left for Raymar for a Bible study tonight. They will be gone for a while plus Campbell is bringing home one friend. Whitman just walked through the living room with his supper, so I guess that I will find me something to eat.

June 16, 2024-Happy Father's Day

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  • This morning was a church morning with us all scurrying around to get ready-it is surprising that we can all get ready and leave the house within 60 minutes plus I can also manage to fold the laundry and unload the dishes. 
  • I had worship care this morning-last week they had 9 babies in the room, but this week they had only 4-I guess that I'm prayed up. It was a pretty easy morning. I left there and went to the first graders to teach Sunday school. 
  • After church, we celebrated Father's Day at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. Robby received a hammer and rubber mallet for his gifts plus a handful of cards from all of the kids. Grandpa received a few gift cards, and after much struggle Robby was able to resize Grandpa's new watch.
  • Back at the house, 3/4ths of us had a nap-Robby, me, Graham, and all of the girls. I am not sure what it is about Sunday afternoons and my family-we all seem to need naps on that day more than any other day.
  • We had the pre-beach camp meeting at Rock Creek tonight where we had to turn in all of our forms and pay. The meeting was fairly short, and when it was over the Wilsons all came over for Sunday night supper. 
  • I had made a pasta dish which was fine-not extraordinary-plus I had a sourdough chocolate cake which was also fine and not extraordinary. But the visiting was extraordinary, and spending time with friends is a nice way to start the week..if you indeed do have to start the week.
  • Campbell saves the day: When the Wilsons were here, Campbell heard something in a box above the freezer in the garage. As the Wilson's left, we listened to the box, and she bravely took it off the fridge. She was able to see that there was a bat in the box-I helped her (by giving her encouragement while standing behind her with my hood on over my head). She scooted the box out of the garage when Robby came and shooed the bat away with a broom. 
  • It is a bit after 10, and Graham has just gone on a run, and I have just finished cleaning the kitchen. Hopefully, this week is a restful one, but hopefully, we find out some answers to Robby's tests early tomorrow morning. 

June 15, 2024

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  • It was another lazy day around here. Robby and I left around 11:30 to go and eat lunch. Graham was awake, and I asked him if he wanted to go with us. He declined. Then I woke up Keaton and Campbell to ask if they would like to go, and they also declined. 
  • When I went to tell Graham that we were leaving since he was the only one awake, I saw that Anderson was awake. I asked him if he would like to go and after naming the places that we were going, Anderson told me that I probably didn't have to ask him if he wanted to go with us if we were going to those places. Robby said that maybe we were not very good dinner dates since we couldn't get anyone to go with us. 
  • It was fine that no one went with us because our On the Border bill was just 15 bucks. We enjoy the chips and salsa there more than anything else. Afterwards, we went to Trader Joes and then Walmart and Sams. We picked up a few things and then headed home.
  • This afternoon after my nap, I made a chocolate cake for tomorrow. Anderson and Whitman came down to help me so really I just got the ingredients out for them while they did the rest. 
  • Next up was a quick trip to Nonna and Pops' house to drop off Pops' Father's day present. Graham drove us there while Campbell drove us home. They both did a good job driving-though the others in the car were pretty vocal both times. All that matters is that we made it home safely without causing me to have a heart attack.
  • I made a few people's supper tonight, and now I am siting on the couch watching some of the Miss Arkansas pageant while Robby is waiting on the baseball game to start. 

June 14, 2024

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  • This has been a wonderfully lazy Friday. We haven't done anything which has made Campbell and Keaton pretty stir crazy while it's made me happy.
  • Robby never got any word on his test from yesterday which we kind of expected but still a bit frustrated by. Hopefully, we will hear early Monday morning, because we are ready for a few answers.
  • Robby had his Dgroup early this morning at ChickFilA. I was the next one up and worked steadily through my list; though today I did save plenty of time to finish my book.
  • I have been pretty lax on chores the last two days, but everyone did have to do a day of their summer school today. Next week we start back on normal summer school and chores-we have two weeks at home (only one week for Whitman), and then the others start their camps/mission trips (beach camp for 5, music camp for 2, and then mission trip for 6 all back to back)
  • Reagan left first tonight to go to a movie and then to play pickleball, Anderson and Graham were the next to leave for Rock Creek tonight. They had a guys night, but they eventually ended up at ChickFilA.
  • While the big 3 were all out and about, I gave the others a slew of supper options-hamburger, roast beef sandwich, pizza, potato skins, chicken tacos, english muffin pizzas-we have quite a few leftovers right now.
  • After a bit, we did decide to run to Kroger since ice cream was on sale. Campbell was the one pushing for mint ice cream so she was happy. While we were there, Keaton convinced us to buy peaches-the first two that she has cut into have been bad so that was disappointing. 
  • The others are all out and about still, but the rest of us, except Keaton, are about to dig into the ice cream.

June 13, 2024

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  • Robby had his gallbladder dye test this morning. It was a lot of laying around for him so the test wasn't bad even though it was a little bit long. He was able to have his phone and do work during most of it. They have now looked at his gallbladder every which was possible so hopefully tomorrow we will know the next steps. He did get some more pain pills today-and even stronger ones.
  • While he was gone, I slept a little bit longer and then went to town on my to do list. I like having a list, but I like it more when I cross things off. I had a about 300 things on my list-not really, but it felt like that. It must have been a decently long list since I wasn't able to tackle much of my book today.
  • The camper is back in order after our trip, the camp things are put away and ready for the next trip, and the laundry is folded and put away. During camp, the kids are all different colors so they have colored sunglasses, leis, necklaces, socks, shirts, bandannas, and so many other things that are their colors-most of things won't be used during the year so I box them up so we can go through them next year. 
  • The kids did little to nothing today. Graham did workout a few times, and Anderson played a game with Whitman. Also Whitman did his school work for the day since he didn't get a day off-the campers did get a day off, and I think that they needed it.
  • Robby and I ran to Sams tonight to pick up his new meds. We bought some supper for the kids, and then we went over to the Wilson's house for supper and some visiting. When we came home, we picked up some and now these people are on the way back to bed-though most of them spent most of the day in their bed anyway.

June 12, 2024-Collide Week/Lake Degray

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Robby and I took our morning walk before I left for home. We walked around our loop and another loop which is a little over a mile. It is more fun walking around a camp ground than walking around our neighborhood for sure.

He was pretty ready to leave, but had to do some work and empty the tanks before he got on the road. I zoomed on home and started a load of laundry and did a load of dishes. Then I left the house about the same time that Robby was almost home.

The kids were supposed to arrive at 12:30, but it was closer to 12:50. Plus they had to unload all of the things-and my kids jump to help so we didn't head home until around 1:30ish or even later. The back of the surburban is almost not big enough for 5 kids camp supplies. 

On the way home, I heard a lot about camp from everyone. I am sure that I will hear a bit more over the next few days though but it sounded like everyone had fun. We came home, and they unloaded their laundry as soon as they walked in the door. 

So far today, I have washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, 2 are currently in the dryers, 2 are the washing machines, and I probably have 3 loads of bedding that might have to wait until tomorrow. Pretty much most of the day the kids have napped or been super quiet-Whitman is really the only one who has made any noise-he has spent most of his time in his bedroom with her brothers because I think that he has missed them for sure this week.

Robby and I ran to pick up some Arbys for supper. So when we did come home, everyone was awake to grab something to eat. I am sure that even after their naps, they will all sleep well tonight.

I think that there were about 1000 pictures today that I had to week through from the camp photo circle. Those pictures were put up from all of the workers, but then a few minutes ago Reagan sent me her photo circle-of almost 1000 pictures that she took herself! It was a little bit overwhelming, but I am thankful to have some pictures from the week. This is why there are a ton of pictures on today's post.