May 29, 2024-Branson in May!

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Last week we had planned on going to Branson, but the rain made us second guess our trip and postpone it a week. For tomorrow at least, we made a good call, but the weather may be a different story on Friday.

The kids were up fairly early this morning. I think mostly because they were a bit excited about the trip, but also because most of them had things to do today. 

Anderson and I were the first to leave the house-we both got hair cuts and then ran a few errands. The girls were the next to leave because they had a swim party for church. Then Whitman, Robby, and I left. Whitman had a birthday party for one of his friends, but we stopped at Tropical Smoothie first to get a free smoothie.

The girls came home and quickly showered, and within what seemed like minutes we were in the camper headed to pick up Whitman. He had to leave his birthday party a little bit early, but he didn't mind. He was excited that he had gotten to bowl and play laser tag.

We were almost to Conway when I started passing out supper. We had Alfredo tortellini-I think that the recipe was a hit, but it was also super rich. We also had rolls which we only have on trips so that of course makes everyone happy.

And of course, what is a Dennie camper trip without tire problems. We were near Harrison when Graham just mentioned that we had only one hour left. Seconds afterwards, the tire warning thing started screeching. I'm super glad Robby had that, but also it is what my nightmares consist of.

It was the trailer tire which is a rather good thing-especially since Robby happened to be carrying not one but TWO spare trailer tires. Robby aired the tire up when we stopped, and it seemed to be holding air so we pressed on....

But only for a few miles before the pressure started going down again. We then stopped and changed the tire-I don't think that anyone started a timer, but even with having to unhook and take the tire off the trailer and then put it back on, it didn't take us too long at all.

Except as we were driving off, the tire pressure was still low-Robby had forgotten to air up the spare when he put it back on. So we drove another few miles, and he did that mainly for peace of mind. Now, the original tire-we could never find anything wrong with it so who knows. Robby will inspect it some more in the daylight tomorrow.

Those three little stops only set us back less than an hour. We rolled into the campground around 10:30. Of course setting things up takes a while., The kids explored some-Reagan thought she had never been here, but eventually remembered some of it. We walked Bentley and now it is almost midnight and people are starting to go to bed. Tomorrow will be an early morning. 

May 28, 2024

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  • Today was a big day for Whitman-for his birthday from Nonna and Pops they took him to Dave and Busters. He really enjoys going there and was awake before his alarm clock this morning. He came downstairs and grabbed breakfast before we quickly worked on spelling before they arrived to take him for his day of play.
  • I did hear that he bought a prize with his tickets today, and I even heard what it was. However, I have not been upstairs to see it so I obviously have no clue what it was-I have completely forgotten even after him telling me about it. 
  • Not only did he enjoy Dave and Busters, he also snagged himself a hamburger for lunch. This was actually National Hamburger Day so that was perfect timing.
  • Over here, we didn't have any hamburgers today-we actually revolted against the holiday and had frozen pizza for supper. Frozen pizza is Keaton's favorite type of pizza so she was thrilled with this meal.
  • I took Anderson, Keaton, and Campbell to two Goodwills today and a Hobby Lobby buying a few things for camp. Graham didn't want to come, but we still found him a shirt at each stop. I think that most people are pretty prepared for camp now.
  • Keaton actually spent most of the afternoon painting the word "Blue" on a blue sheet. It is massive and she has only finished two of the letters. Hopefully, she will finish what she can tomorrow, but she will run out of paint probably tomorrow so that will have to be finished next week.
  • Tonight after we ate supper, Campbell, Keaton, Robby and I ran to Sams and then Walmart. We bought a few things for this weekend plus found a few extras that were on our list. When we came home, Anderson and Graham had been playing basketball and then Anderson lifted weights while Graham went on a 2 mile run. They come in this house sweaty messes.

May 27, 2024

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  • It was a super relaxing Memorial Day-as in we didn't really do anything at all. The kids all slept pretty late except for Reagan. She went to Heber Springs with a few friends to go to the lake. I am not sure how prepared they were since she had to stop and buy sunscreen. Luckily, they ended up eating with people from a nearby pavilion-I believe someone from her group knew them.
  • Campbell did wake up early to take the extra dog out. He pretty much latched on to the kids today and didn't want to by anywhere but with one of them. He spent a good deal of the day by Cambpell's bed while she was napping and then hung out with Anderson in the bonus room, and I believe that all of them said that he climbed in their beds while they were sleeping.
  • I found a new book to listen to so I super enjoyed my walks this morning, plus I found a new book to read on  my phone so I did that while I waited on Robby as he did a few gas station mystery shops. 
  • The main outing of the day was finally taking the extra dog back-we will know a little better rates that we should charge-we kept him all day today and didn't drop him off until after 7, but overall, it was a super success. We are all a little worried that Bentley is going to be a bit lonely since her friend is now gone.
  • On the way home, we picked up supper for the crew. Everyone ate, and now I am parked in front of the tv working on the blog with plans to read for a little bit.

May 26, 2024

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  • This Sunday morning we had church outside so we were able to sleep in a little bit before leaving for Raymar. Since we had the extra dog the kids are dogsitting, we put her in our bedroom and closed the doors to keep them seperate while we were gone for the morning.
  • The weather at church was pretty nice-we had our tent even though it wasn't sunny at first. However, by the end the sun was peeking out and the tent was a good thing. The Raymar wind was also a good thing since it kept us not from being miserable.
  • The kids played soccer and volleyball, and Keaton even went home with a friend. When we came home, Robby opened the garage, and immediately after Anderson said "dog." That little dog had opened our bedroom door and opened the garage door so when we pulled out he ran to our car. Gracious! Since then we have been uber careful on keeping an eye on that little Houdini.
  • Reagan played pickleball after church this morning, and after my nap I went to pick up Keaton from her friend's house. Soon all of the big 5 were off to Rock Creek for church tonight. I think that they all had fun and even stayed later.
  • We made hot dogs, chili, and cheese dip for supper with the Wilsons tonight. We visited while we ate and then visited more as we watched some tv as well. Now we are watching a few shows before Robby and I head to bed.

May 25, 2024

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  • This was a wonderful lazy Saturday-and by lazy, I mean lazy! We did get up eventually and start a few things because we thought we were taking Campbell to a Collide planning party. She changed her mind at the last minute to not go, but since I had already done the dishes, laundry, and vacuumed (even though we vacuumed yesterday!)
  • Since Campbell decided not to go, Robby and I ended up on the couch. I am pretty sure that there was baseball on the tv since that has been all that has been on the tv the last few days. Robby eventually went out to work in the garage. I helped him a little bit and then came in to do a few things in the house.
  • The rest of the day was pretty much spend on the couch. This evening Robby and I left with Shannon to run some errands. As we were leaving, the kids were all outside playing a baseball game of some sort. Whitman just reported that he, Keaton, and Anderson won the game.
  • We ran to Kohls, Bath and Body, Costco, Sams, and Kroger before picking up supper at Dominoes and McDonalds. We did all of that in a pretty short amount of time.  When we came home, it took all of the kids to unload our groceries that we bought even though we were not even planning on going to the store today.
  • We ate and visited with Shannn, and now Robby and I are watching an RV race on the tv to end the evening.

May 24, 2024

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  • Today started early with Graham and me going to pick up the dog that he and Campbell are dog sitting this weekend. Graham had the choice to stay at their house, but since it was on the other side of town, and he can't drive yet, he opted to stay at our house. 
  • The puppy is a huge husky-actually, we don't even know if he is a puppy or not. He has been great with Bentley, and they have gotten along just fine. Everyone has gone on lots of walks plus you do feel like you have a watch a different dog pretty closely, so at least today Graham and Campbell are earning their money.
  • And poor Bentley-she is a little bit jealous. Whenever someone pets the visiting dog, she runs up to them to get her turn. And this dog sheds-not like Bentley, but probably 4 times more. It has been quite a site to see. Our vacuum is definitely getting its use today.
  • Graham and Reagan didn't have to go to work today, but I still had to pick up Campbell from a friend's house this afternoon and take Keaton to another friend's house. Robby and I ran a few errands to Sams and Lowes during the rainstorm today.
  • Now Reagan is at pickleball. She has even mentioned buying a super nice pickleball paddle, but I am afraid to break it to her that a nice paddle won't help her play any better. Actually, I don't know how good she is-the Olympic scouts might truly be watching her right now.
  • I made chicken taquitos for supper for the people that are here tonight. And I think that Robby is going to scoop me some ice cream in a little bit.

May 23, 2024

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  • This was the last quiet day around here-early tomorrow morning, Campbell and Graham are dog sitting a dog here at the house. The last time we had an extra dog here, it was like I was watching two toddlers so we shall see how smoothly the weekend goes.
  • I went on my walk this morning as soon as it dried out a little bit. When I came back everyone was awake, and the boys were getting ready to leave to play basketball. After they left, Robby and I went to Costco to pick up a few things.
  • Back at home, I worked on some school things along with spelling for Whitman. When the boys finished with basketball, we met them to get gas in the cars. As soon as they were home, Anderson went to town on working on his helmet a little bit more.
  • Graham had a camp planning meeting so Reagan took him there and then later went to pick him up while the rest of us went to Top Golf. The company that Robby's retirement money is with had a few extra spots so we were able to play plus they had supper which was fun.
  • We picked up pizza on the way home for Graham, and then I took Campbell to a friend's house to spend the night. And if you were counting, we had a total of 3 trips to Bryant today and 1 trip to Benton-at least we found a good price on gas today!