September 18, 2019

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  • Today was our first day of Bible study so everyone was up early this morning. Not only was this the first day, but this year the kids are doing their Bible study at another church nearby, so we left even a bit earlier than normal.
  • Drop off was fairly smooth-I did have to find everyone's classes which wasn't too bad. They are at a nearby church and though the church is small they now have a school that meets there, along with our CBS, plus 2 days of Mother's day out along with a homeschool co-op. What a wonderful use of their facilities. 
  • I then road with Candice to our Bible study. We thought about going to Starbucks or some where else fun instead of Bible study. We did however, do the right thing and head to our own Bible study.
  • After Bible study, I picked up the kids, and we went to the Heltz' for lunch. The kids played inside some and outside. They have a big dog and a small dog and bless, my Graham is a bit terrified of dogs. He didn't crawl up in a chair or anything, but he sat right beside me!
  • We came home long enough for some chores and reading before heading to Third Realm. Yep, you read that right. They had a homeschool deal, but we even found a deal better than that. I will try to be a bit more relaxed this go and not keep a record of when we go. We decided that the kids need exercise, and this is a good way to get it.
  • We couldn't stay too long because we had to run home before heading off to church. We picked up supper on the way home and then headed to church for the evening. 
  • I let the kids play on the playground for a long time tonight after church. The kids were one of the last ones there so I know that they enjoyed that.
  • Once at home, we had ice cream and everyone got ready for bed. As it was almost bedtime, Robby was working on some meat. Whitman was the first to see it and asked "what is that?" He was quite put off by it. When we told him that it was tomorrow's supper, he said that he was having pizza.

September 17, 2019

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  • It was back to school this morning-we had to do everything after the kids' slow day yesterday. People went right to work even though there was a bit of drama. They know when Robby heads to Conway, and things can quickly get crazy. I didn't let it though and things went very well today.
  • Everyone except for Anderson and Whitman finished before lunch. They set their work out for later when everyone started on their lunch. After lunch, we did some more reading.
  • Then it was time for the library. I am not exactly how many books we returned today, but it was a laundry basket full. I ran to the library last Tuesday so our books were just from a week. We do have a large book turnover right now since we have over 150 books checked out.
  • The library craft today could have been cute...but none of ours turned out that cute! Ha! The kids enjoyed it though. I wanted them to make pretty fall leaves to hang up in the house, but no one chose to do that. It was a bit labor intensive so I even forgot to take pictures. 
  • We did run by ChickFilA on the way home-not for a snack because the kids had just had a snacky lunch at the library after the class. Reagan had big plans for her supper tonight, and she needed lots of nuggets and fries.
  • Once at home, we finished some of our chores and school work. Then it was time for Reagan to make supper for everyone. She had seen ChickFilA pizza-pizza crust, ChickFilA sauce, mozzerella cheese, chicken nuggets and waffle fries. We weren't too sure about her meal, but it turned out suprisingly well. 
  • After supper, we did a few things to get ready for tomorrow. It is our first day of Bible study so things will start getting busy again. 

Septebmer 16, 2019

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  • Reagan, Robby and I were up way too early this morning. We got ourselves ready and snuck out of the house. We dropped Robby off at church to bring back Grannymom's car. Then Reagan and I fought the traffic to get the Children's for her last Nutrition Center visit.
  • She wasn't looking too forward to it. Things started off well-they were busy measuring Reagan when the worker asked if she was feeling ok. I looked up, and Reagan was incredibly pale. They sat her down, gave her some water and got a wet washcloth for her neck. 
  • Reagan had been instructed to fast, plus all of the attention and fear of a blood draw almost sent her over the edge. After propping her feet up, she quickly looked better. They drew her blood without any problems at all and then gave her an apple juice and breakfast sandwich. 
  • After all of that, Reagan went off to do a bone scan and then about 2 hours in psych testing. During all of this time, I planned 2 weeks of Sunday school, made over 100 timeline cards for history and even read an entire book. 
  • We ate our lunch, and then there was more psych testing. We finished there around 2:45, but had to go to the hospital for two more test. I was expecting to be there until after 5 so when we made it home around 4, I was tickled. Reagan was pretty pleased too with her check and Starbucks drink that I bought for her on the way home.  (Though she is less than pleased with the fit bit type thing that she has to wear on her ankle for the next week. She does look like she is on house arrest.)
  • Meanwhile, Robby was manning everyone back at the house. Whitman grabbed tomorrow's work in addition to today's work so things were a bit confusing at first. They got it all figured out. 
  • Everyone had a decent amount of school work but finished in time to have plenty of free time during the morning. Anderson even said that he was a bit bored today. That won't happen tomorrow since we have a full load of school.
  • When we did come home today, Robby was cooking chicken on the new grill. It was delicious and was given two thumbs up by all of the Dennies. We all ate at the table, and then the boys left. 
  • They went to check out a new Trail Life group. It is similar to Boy Scouts, and they are planning on trying it out this year. When everyone was back home, the kids had showers and then it was eventually bedtime.

September 15, 2019

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  • I had suggested the girls going to bed at 2. When we heard them in the kitchen eating more pizza at 5, I also suggested them going to bed. They didn't but did go outside to watch the "sunset" as Reagan said. Bless, she may be 14, but she doesn't yet know the difference between a sunset and sunrise.
  • Surprisingly, everyone stirred very well. Campbell and Keaton were up very early. They dressed quickly and quietly and found their way up to the bonus room with the other girls. We wouldn't let them up there tonight, but this morning the girls were fair game.
  • We left a few minutes earlier than usual which was nice to not be hurried. Robby had cooke a big breakfast-chocolate chip pancakes. Breakfast for 17 kiddos is not an easy feat!
  • Also getting 17 kiddos to church is not an easy feat. We could have put my backseat in the car, but that seemed like a lot of work. Instead we just double buckled a few girls in my car, and Robby took his car as well.
  • I think Reagan would agree that she had another successful sleepover. I know that she is exhuasted and hopefully all of the girls stayed awake during church this morning.
  • We ate our Sunday lunch at Grannymom's house. She had hamburgers and all of the fixings along with some delicious peanut butter pie. We weren't able to stay too long because we had to hurry to get Reagan to her soccer game. This game was at Natural Steps again-thankfully.
  • It was hot, hot, hot out there today. Reagan did well even though her team lost. They just lost by a bit, and I believe that I heard that the team they played was undeafeted last year. As long as Reagan has fun is all that matters.
  • After the game, we hurried home so she could have a shower and Anderson could change into his swim suit because it was soon time for them to go to Lifegroup. They had a pool party tonight-and I think that they both enjoyed it.
  • Their Lifegroup was fairly short. By the time Robby and I dropped them off, bought hamburgers, got gas and came back home, there was just a few minutes until time to leave again. 
  • He went to pick them up while I worked on straightening an attic and wrapping some Christmas presents. You can never get too far ahead! 
  • Tonight as I was getting cake for some folks dessert, I noticed a trail of ants leading to my banana bread. There are a few places in my kitchen where the ants have not gotten so that is where I was keeping my banana bread. I guess they smelt it out though-2 and a half loaves in the trash can. Urgh! At least I had just eaten a supper yummy piece with cream cheese on top for my supper!
  • Robby spent most of the evening working on the dishwasher-where the ants seem to be hiding and it is also hard to close as well-and working on the fridge-doesn't drain so water freezes and then drips on floor. The kitchen will hopefully be in good working order when he has finished!
  • Tomorrow will be a busy day for us because Reagan has a nutrition center visit tomorrow which should last all of the day long!

Septebmer 14, 2019-Happy 14th Birthday (Party) Reagan!

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  • I wasn't too ready to wake up and get started this morning, but there were things to be done. Laundry and dishes first followed by some work in the kitchen. I iced Reagan's cake-I wish I could ice super smooth, but it will do.
  • The morning went by pretty quick, and soon I was heading off to the Vintage Market with Shannon. We had more fun than Robby and Tony who spent some time mowing their yards. I didn't buy anything there but did convince Shannon to buy a few things.
  • We did hit up the grocery store on the way home and both filled up a buggy! I think I would prefer to buy groceries anyway. 
  • I made it home in time to pick up the kitchen again. I did sit down during the Hog game. I watched a very brief bit of it and then took myself a nap. During halftime though, we all worked on straightening the house.
  • Reagan's party was the main even happening today. She had quite a crew-Sara, Kennedy, Logan, Alyssa, Emma, Ava, Lily, Camryn, Cate, Kaleigh, plus one that hasn't even arrived yet.
  • Robby had raced off to get pizza for everyone. He was in a hurry trying to pick up the pizza and arrive back in time to take the others to the movie. They made it with plenty of time though they did have to eat in the car. 
  • They watched Overcomer, and everyone thought that it was a pretty good movie. Robby did say that Whitman got a little bored towards the end. He prefers musicals!
  • The girls ate their pizza and went right on up the stairs. I really never heard much from them until Robby and the crew came home. I had to ask twice for them to come and eat cake. They pretty much devoured the cake before opening presents.
  • Reagan opened up quite a few fun things-lots of notebooks! Then all of the girls headed back up the stiars to not be seen or heard from again. I did tell Reagan that my 2 I think that they should go on to bed-that is reasonable isn't it? 
  • I once again straightened the kitchen and soon it was bedtime for my other 5! Keaton and Campbell really wanted to go upstairs to be with the girls. But surprisingly, Whitman really, really wanted to as well. And Graham and Anderson could not have stayed further away. I am sure that will soon change, but for right now I am thankful that only one of my boys wants to be near the girls!

Septebmer 13, 2019-Happy 14th Birthday (Celebration) Reagan! (again)

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  • That silly alarm clock of mine keeps waking me up every morning! I did manage to roll out of bed around 7:49 this morning. Which isn't that impressive, but what is impressive is by 8:10, all of us were in my room with breakfast doing our reading for school. 
  • My Keaton folded all of the laundry while we were reading this morning. I didn't even ask her. I had worked with most everyone yesterday doing things that we have to do together like spelling or english so today was a bit lighter for me. I was able to empty the dishwasher, put away my laundry, pull out school for tomorrow and do some straightening all during school time. That was quite wonderful.
  • Anderson still took until after lunch. He even saved something for tomorrow. Whitman took until about 2 finish his work. Some days I have a bit more patience than others and will even try to help him finish. Today, I didn't have any so I just let him do it in his own time. Everytime I would walk in the room and say, "do you work." He would jump a foot high. That boy is in his own little world sometimes.
  • This afternoon we did some more reading (trying to finish science and one other book before February). There was also some reading with Whitman along with some potty cleaning and treamilling. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and I did spend some time this afternoon working on a little something for Disney. They had a blast helping me, and I am getting pretty excited. I even tried to buy some shirts online the other night, but am not so sure that is the best price, so Hobby Lobby I will have to go.
  • Tonight we celebrated Reagan's birthday at Nonna and Pops' house. They had pizza plus Nonna made a huge cake. Reagan, well everyone, enjoyed the sparkler candles. Reagan opened up quite a bit of loot and was super excited about everything that she had. 
  • Once we came home, the kids had their showers. We let them stay up fairly let since it is Friday night. Robby and I are actually just watching the news right now plus I ight be able to get a Property Brothers in before bedtime.

September 12, 2019-Happy 14th Birthday Reagan!

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  • Reagan took me up on the offer for no school this morning, so the main activity happening in my kitchen this morning was 5 sweet brothers and sisters working on breakfast for their big sister. Well, Anderson wasn't too into helping and actually only made the picture because he was in the right place at the right time.
  • I was suprised that Reagan was actually awake this morning. She said that she was hungry so fairly early, she came down for her breakfast. When she did, the kids all jumped out and shouted. "Happy Birthday."
  • Since we were not doing school, it made the morning super nice! I enjoyed the school break just as much as the kids-except I did manage to do some school. I worked with half of everyone today on their tomorrow's work together work. This should make my day a bit easier tomorrow. I could possibly be convinced to skip a day of school every day of the week-except that would mean we would need to school all year long.
  • Campbell, Keaton and I went to Walmatr and Kroger this morning. They were my bargain finders. Keaton found cheap school boxes while Campbell found a pretty cheap plate. I didn't need either but we bought them!
  • Once we were back at home, everyone had to help with the groceries. Then I worked on my garage sale stuff as the kids played Nerf guns. This was pretty much what they did most of the day-nerf guns or ipads. There are Nerf bullets all over this house!
  • I left this afternoon to go and do my volunteering at the pregnancy center. It was super busy there today. I put zillions of diapers in baggies and even learned a bit on the computer. I loved it! Next time, I will take one of the kids to go with me.
  • I hurried home so I could take Reagan to practice, but Robby decided that he wanted to escape so he took her instead. She received her uniform and was proud to show me how sweaty her shirt was. 
  • On the way home, they stopped by ChickFilA for Reagan a birthday supper and even ran to Walmart. Meanwhile, I walked on the treadmill, baked Reagan's birthday cake for Saturday, made supper and helped the girls make Reagan cookie dough for a present. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman even spent a bit of time outside with the neighbors before coming in to eat supper. Once Reagan came home, she finished her supper and then we had strawberry shortcake for one last birthday celebration-one last celebration today. There are more coming!