September 25, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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My morning began pretty early this morning with Anderson. We stepped out of the camper at 6:30 to head to Raymar for him to work the football games. The road just outside of the park had signs and we had received emails about the bike race that would be passing through here so we left in plenty of time. 

However at that time of the day, there was nothing at all happening on the road so we just zoomed on. We did try to stop at a Sonic to get him a little bit of a breakfast snack. However, the one we stopped at wasn't open yet. So the next stop was McDonalds where we tried to use the app to save some money, but it wouldn't let me. We still bought us a little snack though-I tell you, there is no breakfast better than a sausage mcmuffin. (Well, a camping breakfast does rank right up there especially since I had one of those too later in the day.)

After all of that, we still arrived at Raymar before anyone else. I then stayed and set up the concession stand before leaving. Anderson did his work, and Pops picked him up and brought him out to us as I was leaving on my next outing.

Before I did leave, I was able to help Robby make some breakfast. There was bacon, pancakes, eggs, egg in the holes and orange juice this morning. There probably was something else, but I can't think of it! Robby and I had taken a walk before we stared on breakfast and some of the kids had rode their bikes for a bit, so I think that everyone was hungry because they sure ate everything that he fixed.

It seemed like I wasn't at the campsite long before I did leave with Reagan for her soccer game in Greenbriar. I really didn't know how far away I was going. I thought it was just the next exit after Conway, but it was a bit further than that.

Everytime she plays soccer, I can tell that she enjoys it more and more. She is all bruised up with two sore ankles, but she was saying that she will be sad when soccer ends. I am so thankful for her team and her coach. The other coach and their parents were patooties today, but her coach is always so encouraging to the girls. 

They won their game, and afterwards we headed back to Little Rock. Now, I knew that I needed gas and I did see my gas light come on during the drive home. I thought that I could make it to Sams to get gas. I did get a bit nervous on the 430 bridge since there is no where to pull over on that stretch. 

After I did thankfully make it to Sams, Robby saw my receipt-my gas tank was 31 gallons and I pumped 30.668 gallons on gas-yep, I made it on fumes and prayers! I did make sure that I told Reagan to do as I say, not as I do!

We then went to Grannymom's house for Reagan to take a shower and for us to drop off her uniform so Grannymom could wash it so it would be ready for tomorrow. We were there during some of the game, but left and made it back to the campsite before the end of the game.

While I was at soccer, all of the food seemed to come out at our campsites. Robby made cheese dip, Shannon made cookies. There were chips and more cookies and pretzels and popcorn. There was also a lot of yelling. And there was also some folks having a wake or a memorial service in a pavilion right across the street from us. I hope that the person they were remembering was a Hog fan. 

During half time of the game, Robby did go and dump the camper. Our black tank got full so that was a needed task. He said that it wasn't too much of a hassle though, and they were back by the end of the half. As soon as the game was over, we did start on burgers for our suppers. I was so full that I didn't even eat a burger. We still had plenty of other food-corn dip, onion dip, pasta salad, potato salad, cheese dip, oh gracious we are pigs!

Once supper was put away, we started on cleaning up all of our messes. It was quite the mess, but it didn't take too long at all to put things away. Next up was a walk for the adults and dogs while Keaton and Campbell skateboarded beside us. I am always pretty amazed at their skate boardking skills.

We walked a far ways before coming back and pulling out the S'mores stuff. The kids had quite a few s'mores plus there was banana pudding that Shannon had made. She has cooked more this trip in her camper, than I have the whole time we have had our camper.

After our final dessert, we played a game of Farkle with the kids. Campbell was the big winner. Whitman is the gambler of the family-he wanted to risk it all every single time that he played. He could have easily won, if he would have stayed. I do know that we will not be able to take that boy to Vegas!

We were out fairly late tonight. We even put a few things away since I will be gone tomorrow. This has been such a fun camping trip, and I hate for it to come to an end.

September 24, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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We slept wonderfully well last night. Robby said he had to get up four times to go to the bathroom, and I had to get up twice. We are like a bunch of old people. Maybe we should lay off the cokes and water in the evening!

Despite all of this getting in and out of the bed, we all did sleep very well. There is nothing like camping sleeping! Bentley even until almost 9 like the rest of us. We moved pretty slowly this morning and worked on straightening things a bit in the camper. 

Then Robby started working on making our breakfast. We had made our pancake mix last night in an old apple juice bottle, so it was ready to go on the Blackstone as soon as Robby pulled it out. He also cooked some sausage links, and we had ourselves a pretty good breakfast.

It was a really great morning-the kids hung out in the hammocks, rode their bikes and took some walks as we sat around and did pretty much nothing in the perfect weather. I really enjoyed it today since I'll be pretty busy tomorrow running people around so this was my Saturday, and it was a good, good day.

Before we knew it, it was noon. We sure weren't hungry at all since we had really just finished breakfast. Robby did a bit of organizing in our cooking bins this morning. Things are nice and neat in those bins at least. We still have too many things in the camper, so we need to clean a few things and take a few things back into the house.

Some time this afternoon we loaded up and headed on a grand camping adventure-Costco! We did find a few things that we needed and even a few things that we didn't know that we needed. We bought 2 hammocks, a sweatshirt for Anderson, a coat for Robby, a dog cot for Bentley and pancake mix for later. From there we left and headed to the next great adventure: Walmart. We didn't buy much at all there, but Campbell did find a Christmas present.

Back at the campsite, there was some more sitting around this evening. Robby and I did take the dogs on a walk while the Wilsons slaved away at supper. They cooked tonight and made fried rice and noodles for our supper. It was all delicious.

Then they started on our evening dessert. They made homemade ice cream and apple crisp in the dutch oven. It took a bit longer to cook than they expected, but it was certainly worth the wait. While we waited, we snacked on chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies. Friends of the Wilsons stopped by along with Jason and visited for a while. It was a pleasant evening with all of our desserts and the visiting.

September 23, 2021-Breaking in the Wilson's Camper

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Oh what a fun day! Our morning started early with me waking up so I could wake all of the other people up. Then it was school time. We finished all o our school for the day...well, I actually did work with Whitman which kind of makes me a bit crazy. However, I just have to remind myself that in one of his books we are over 1/3 finished so there is no reason to stress. And really, one day won't hurt anyone.

While the kids were working, I was running around the house throwing things into my laundry basket to put in the camper. I think we managed to get everything we needed plus we even worked on the house some. Sweet, favorite Campbell overheard me talking about needing to clean the shower so she volunteered to do that. 

I had to run a few errands to drop things off, and then when I returned home it was almost time for Robby and the kids to pull out. Now, Reagan and Anderson were at school today-driven by Reagan again. So I waited for them to come home from school before we left at 3. Robby and his crew left a little bit after 2.

Robby followed Tony or maybe it was the other way around. They arrived at Maumelle Park and quickly found our spots. Tony picked the straight shot to back in. Then Robby pulled in beside him-he just pulled in so our doors open up together, and it is just the perfect spot. Really, I don't know if it could be much better.

Because of our crazy weekend, we did need both cars out here so that meant that Reagan had to drive out here. I told Anderson that he had to ride with her to help. She followed me-of course we had to pass a trash truck on the way. We stopped at Kroger and they did buy themselves a treat. I had to pick up some pancake mix. Then we were on our way.

When I arrived, our rugs were already out. Robby helped the kids get their bikes down, and they were gone. They have made the loop quite a few times with their bikes. Keaton even did the loop with her skateboard this evening while we were on a walk.

Soon, Shannon arrived and Brett did not too long after. We spent the early evening setting up camp. Tents, lights, chairs, tables, it is all just perfect. I really could do this full time-I know that Robby could for sure. We took a walk this evening before we brought out supper. Tonight's supper was chili...after we were here, we started to think that cornbread sure would have been good with it. Everyone was too hungry to wait for me to run to Walmart, so we just made do with our crackers, fritos, cheese and sour cream.

After supper, we sat around the fire some. There was another walk. And then Shannon made some hot chocolate while Robby worked on dessert. He grilled some pound cake along with some grilled peaches and blueberries. 

The evening was just pretty great-the kids all had fun. My folks especially enjoyed our new hammock. Bentley was a good sport tonight and seemed to enjoy the evening out doors. Currently, she is balled up on my side of the bed. I'm planning on letting her stay there until my shower!

Tomorrow we have big exciting plans-we may run to Costco! And of course there will be lots of cooking!

September 22, 2021-Happy Birthday Robby!

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  • This morning began with me getting up a bit later than I wanted, but I still had plenty of time to get all of us ready for Bible study. Today when the kids left, the each received a new leather ESV Bible. That was super nice, and the first time for that. The girls were pretty excited about them and asked me to go straight to Mardels to get their names on them.
  • The other Dennie kids stayed at home to do their school work. They all did SOME things with excellence, and well they also did other things! Ha! I did decide today that I probably help my bigs a bit too much with their school work-at least I seemed to help quite a bit today.
  • I did take a break to eat lunch when we came home from Bible study, but school was still happening with people until it was time to leave at 5 today.
  • Well, we did stop to celebrate Robby a few times-he opened some presents from us along with a few cards from the kids. Graham went ahead and made a card for next year-he wrote 48 instead of 47! Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a little bit to drop off Robby's birthday presents-another table.
  • Soon it was time for church tonight. Reagan opted for soccer practice while the rest of us went to church. The big boys came downstairs tonight with pieces of pizzas while Campbell, Keaton and Whitman said their verses to earn some candy, so everyone left happy.
  • After church and practice, we all met back together at the house. Robby brought some McDonalds home which we ate for our supper. Then the Wilsons came over with some ice cream and cones to celebrate Robby and to celebrate National Ice Cream Cone day.
  • Keaton made some oatmeal cookies for tomorrow. When it was bedtime, I made all of the kids get ready for bed and then do some chores before bed. It was nice to get a few things accomplished. They are being quiet upstairs right now so I guess that they are all asleep!

September 21, 2021

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  • It was a dreary Tuesday around here. It looked like rain when Reagan and Anderson drove off to school. The roads were wet when she came home so of course she was reminded to slow herself down. I am good and don't fret while she is driving, but it is always a relief to see them walk into the house.
  • The rest of us did our school work for the day. It does take Whitman all of the morning to accomplish his pile of work. Then that leaves the afternoon for me to work together with him. We can get it done is about 35 minutes, but he always wants to only to do half of it at a time.
  • Today for lunch Campbell, Keaton and Graham made lunch. They made mac and cheese along with mini rolled grilled cheese. It was quite the production-they made and rolled grilled cheese sandwiches then put them in the air fryer. They were really pretty good.
  • Once again I didn't really accomplish all of my list today-I am not really sure what happened to most of the afternoon because around 4 I went with Robby to Sams-we went inside and then we picked up an order. 
  • Afterwards, we went home to work on supper for the people. We pulled everything that we could think of out of the fridge. We had a few takers for another round of leftovers. We are not too sure where the leftovers keep coming from. However, after tonight there are no more leftovers.
  • We did go over to the Wilson's house twice today to inspect their camper work. Tonight we did make time for Sonic drinks and ice cream. 
  • Once we came home, I worked in the kitchen for a little bit before everyone at least went upstairs for bed!

September 20, 2021

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  • I did wake up when I wanted to this morning-I had also woken up about 3 times during the night to go to the bathroom. I sure don't remember drinking a ton of water last night, but I guess that I sure did. I was going to say that I wouldn't drink as much tonight, but I do remember that I drank at least 3 bottles of water tonight at Raymar.
  • I was able to walk Bentley this morning. Though she sure didn't want to walk all the way down the street. She sure did want to go home when I asked her. When we get home from our walks, I brush her, try to brush her teeth, trim her nails and today we capped off the grooming routine with ear drops.
  • We did our school this morning. Not everyone finished as much as I thought that they should. However, we did finish the day so I can't complain at all.
  • I had a ton of things on my list today, and I did accomplish a few of them. There is still a lot left over for tomorrow though-I sure wouldn't want to be bored so I guess that is why I saved a few things.
  • After school, I did a little work around the house before I headed to Raymar with everyone but Robby and Reagan. Anderson and Graham reffed two games. Campbell worked in the concession stand, and Keaton did quite a bit of concession stand work. 
  • Meanwhile, Robby took Reagan to practice and then ran to the grocery store for our first set of groceries. They also picked up a rotisserie chicken for our supper tonight. I made it home before he did and heated up some mashed potatoes. 
  • Then we ran to the Wilson's house for a little bit to watch them back their new camper into their garage!

September 19, 2021

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  • I am not too sure when I finished the blog last night. Robby wasn't home until almost midnight since he had been out having a guys' night. I talked to him for a while, and then went to to tell the girls goodnight. 
  • However, their movie was still going strong. I thought the movie would have been close to over, but I was completely wrong. It was Annie that they were watching which is 2 hours and 8 minutes long! 
  • It was nearly one by the time that those girls were tucked in for the night. The good thing about that was that they were so exhausted that they went to sleep pretty quickly once they laid down. It wasn't too long after they laid down that I was back upstairs waking them up at 7:30 this morning. 
  • I had cinnamon rolls for our breakfasts which everyone really liked. Then it was time to head to church early since Reagan and I had to work in the nursery. 
  • We had a 3 year old class which was pretty entertaining. There were 7 kids, and we tickled ourselves on our lack of following the rules. Oh, we were being safe and following the real rules, but during their movie time, we didn't make them sit down. When your three and you want to run during a movie, why not?
  • Next up was Sunday school where we had a full house of 1st graders. Then it was to Nonna's house for Sunday lunch and to celebrate Robby and Keaton's birthday. Lunch was pizza which was really good. 
  • Keaton had been waiting for a very long time to get her birthday presents-clothes, a puzzle, some strawberry lemonade, some art supplies and even some cash. Robby did get another camping table that he had asked for along with a grill something or another, a camper towel and tent lights.
  • I think they both left pretty pleased with their birthday celebrations. We left and headed home for a few minutes. I was able to squeeze in a 15 minute nap-I do have my priorities.
  • Then we left with Keaton, Whitman and Reagan for Reagan's soccer game. They started a little bit late, so we ran to Sonic to buy a drink for us while we waited. Then it was to the field for a bit. Their game was fun-they won 4-2 today (though the other team had just finished a game so they were plumb exhausted!)
  • While we were gone, the others, Campbell, Anderson and Graham, went to church tonight with Brett. Anderson, the lucky child, won another 50 dollars gift card tonight for winning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors or some version of it.
  • When they came home, we all met up at the Wilson's house for supper. They had put on the dog tonight with pork chops, mac and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and fried okra. It was like we were eating at Cracker Barrel.
  • We didn't stay an incredibly long time over there so we did have a few minutes at home before everyone had to start heading to bed,