January 31, 2016

Ice Cream Truck!

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  • On this Sunday morning we had our Krispy Kreme doughnuts and we realized that this is the way to go. Seriously, everyone woke up and were quickly dressed as soon as Robby reminded them of our breakfast.  From this point on, every Sunday will be real doughnut day-not that little powdered ones anymore.  Hmm, this plan may have a downside since February is no spend month and doughnuts cost money and bigger pants also cost money!
  • Church and the sweet little lady who sits behind us gave the kids a package of candy this morning.  She said it was their Valentine's treat.  It was the kindest thing ever...now if only we knew her name!
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house today and she had a Mexican feast.  Dessert was cupcakes and when Whitman saw them he started shouting "Happy Birthday to me."  And since the boys is already spoiled beyond belief, we all sang Happy Birthday to him as he grinned from ear to ear.  
  • This afternoon Robby ran back to the grocery store with Whitman, Keaton and Campbell. His first trip didn't last too long because while walking in, Robby realized that he had left his wallet at home.  So he ran to Grannymom's house to borrow some cash and left with money but not Whitman.  The girls then accompanied Robby to the store via the gas station so they would have enough gas to make it home.
  • Reagan spent the afternoon watching Design on a Dime, her new favorite show.  All of the girls and even the boys enjoy decorating shows.  The boys watched a few shows and then headed upstairs to play the xbox for a while. 
  • Robby and the girls shopped and shopped until it was time to come home for church.  We unloaded groceries, made supper and then it was time to leave for church.
  • Tonight during church, the preacher man said "turn in your Bibles to Nehemiah" and Campbell let out an exasperated sigh that could be heard from pews away.  I guess us talking about Nehemiah at home for a few weeks and Sunday night services also being on Nehemiah for the last 2 weeks has been too much Nehemiah for my child!

January 30, 2016

Watching ball!

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  • Two nights of being out late or even all night long and Robby has faithfully done the blog for me. I think that he might just like doing the blog! But I do like it more so I will not let him completely take it over but it sure is nice to have a break.
  • Reagan and I slept well and woke up in the lap of luxury.  I heard Candice making pancakes early this morning but I didn't offer to help-instead I taught 6 girls how to play the game of spoons.  Then it was time for a walk and then it was basketball time for the Heltz fam so the party was over.
  • Back at home the boys woke up and soon received hair cuts and then they all had a pretty relaxed morning.  When Reagan and I made it home, the house was perfectly clean and everyone was happily waiting on our arrival.
  • Reagan and I smelled of campfire smoke and Robby had just gotten off of the treadmill so we all needed showers and then loaded up to go and see Brett play basketball.  The kids watched the entire game-of course the boys loved watching the basketball game but Keaton and Campbell really watched too.  And when we came home, Reagan even sat down and watched a few minutes of the Hog game and even rooted them on some (she usually has no interest in sports of any kind).  Whitman was pretty busy during the game-at first Anderson got on to him for being too loud but Shannon said that it was fine.  But Anderson did watch the game but he made sure that Whitman did not continue scooting down the bleachers and end up in the middle of the court.
  • After the game, we ran to McDonalds for a quick bite to eat and then went to Kroger for some groceries.  My Reagan would prefer to stay at home every day and stay in the car at every stop that we ever make. It is like torture for her to get out of the car and actually have to go inside of a store-meanwhile, even though I do not like shopping at all, I really enjoy Kroger shopping.
  • We shopped and shopped and shopped some more and then everyone was rewarded with a doughnut from Krispy Kreme-last day to use our free coupons.  After we unloaded all of the groceries, turned the game on and passed out doughnuts-my Whitman was asleep and missed his share.
  • Most everyone watched the Hogs and Keaton tried her best to lay in my lap for a bit during the game but neither of us were able to take a nap. After the game, we started on our Saturday supper-pancakes (two weeks in a row makes a tradition).
  • The Wilsons came by to watch us eat (they had already eaten).  Then kids played some while we secretly ate Shannon's leftover cake.  There was lots more coupon talk tonight (we are so old!)  When the Wilsons left we sent the kids to bed and we had 5 kids stay perfectly in their bed but one little boy continued to climb out of his bed!

January 29, 2016

Reagan and Tara are roughing it in a RV tonight!

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  • Tonight's blog brought to you by Robby.  Tara and Reagan are sleeping in the woods tonight.  Don't worry too much - they are camping in one of those luxurious RVs! So they should be toasty and warm.  They are actually at a birthday party for Alysa Kate and it was camping party.  To Reagan's horror, Ms. Candace asked Tara to come help chaperone.  I'm sure there were a few eye rolls from Reagan.  Tara loves to torment her!
  • Okay, back to the day - everyone seemed to wake up fine. Well, the kids were up before us sort of. Whitman woke up around 6:30. I tried laying in the floor with him for awhile to give Tara a few extra minutes but it was cold in the floor so we got back in bed.  But Whitman wanted no part of that - he wanted his Kindle. He didn't get it but he wanted it.
  • I headed to work and they got started on school. I think it was a light day for them - they are all working on the upcoming oral reports for President's Day. Later, there was lunch, chores and Kindle time/movie time.
  • Reagan and Tara headed out a little before 5.  Looks like they had a nice fire going, they went on a walk, had hot dogs, played games, opened presents followed by cupcakes and s'mores.
  • The rest of headed to Larry's Pizza. It was a win-win.  2 less people saved a bit of money and occupied the children quite well. It's alway funny - the kids behavior is even better when another kid is gone or a parent is gone. They take on the responsibility of helping out.  Everyone ate well - Anderson was most excited about the baked potato pizza, Campbell let Keaton have the last slice of cheese (although there was plenty later on). Whitman didn't really want any pizza but he ate his weight in cheese and diced ham from the salad bar.  They couldn't resist the games and soon found their way to the game room. Luckily, the skee ball machine was spitting out free games for awhile so that made game time last a bit longer. By the time we left, we had seen the same tables turn over a couple times so it was definitely time to leave
  • We had been watching the X-Games while at Larry's so the boys were interested watching more when we got home. Eventually everyone had a shower, brushed their teeth and headed to bed.

January 28, 2016

Igloo Builder!

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  • The boys were up early this morning but not downstairs.  They were busy building an igloo in their room complete with a fire, food and a few other items.  
  • The girls weren't as quick to get around and soon I was waking Keaton up to get ready for school. Whitman and Anderson also got ready as they were going along for the ride to school.  Pancakes and waffles for breakfast and soon Keaton, Whitman and Anderson were out the door with Robby.
  • The others got busy with school and seemed like we had just got started when the boys returned.  They had managed to stop by Sonic for a couple of big drinks.
  • School was fairly uneventful except for Whitman needing a bit of attention every once awhile. Eventually, he won out and found his Kindle.
  • Everyone finished their school boxes in a decent amount of time and then we did a few chores and then fixed lunch.  After lunch, we had some together work including putting together a huge skeleton on the wall and discussed the various bones.
  • Kindle time and movie time started and soon Nonna was bringing Keaton and to everyone's delight she came bearing baked goods - today's treat:  Snowman cookies!
  • I did a bit of time on the treadmill and then it was time for my escape -- headed to Bunko in Cabot tonight but not before picking up several folks who were riding with me.
  • Meanwhile, it was a fairly lazy night around here sounds like - boys played the Xbox and then the girls took a turn. Everyone had a shower at some point either before and after dinner.  
  • The boys asked if one of them could sleep in their earlie created igloo - by the time Graham cleared everything from the inside of the igloo and started bringing in his blanket, it collapsed :(  They were a bit disappointed but eventually was sound asleep and to Robby's delight - Whitman didn't try to get out of his bed once (maybe of it was his threat of having to sleep in the shed if he did!

January 27, 2016

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  • By the time I made it upstairs this morning, the boys were constructing a full sized igloo and Campbell was working on a marble track in the boys' room.  Those things along with Whitman's gigantic train track in that room, completely filled it up.  And now tonight, this didn't get picked up and the carpet is completely full of things.  As I was trying to leave their room tonight, Anderson said, "It is like Indiana Jones, isn't it?"
  • Whitman was the first one out of his bed this morning and that just isn't a good thing.  He is almost 3 but there is no way imaginable that I would put that child in a big boy bed.  He won't stay in a crib for anything and there would be nothing to remind him to stay in a real bed.  Whatever will we do with that child?  Every other Dennie kiddo has perfectly stayed in their bed-never climbing out of their cribs and even staying in their real beds until I came to tell them they could get out.  Not this child!
  • Bible study this morning and my group is always so interesting-that always isn't good but it is entertaining and makes the morning go quickly.  Whitman was running so fast to get to his class that he passed his door and was pretty confused about which class to go into.  My big 3 grab their books and Bibles and leave as soon as we walk in the door.  They would probably be thrilled if I didn't even have to pick them up either.
  • Lunch today was at Rock Creek-I had Kennedy and Candice had the Kamp kids so the two of us walk in the already full playground with 14 kids of our own!  Trust me, every single mom there was giving us the evil eye.  They kids were pretty perfect and all ate quietly and then we gathered them together to sing Happy Birthday to Alyssa Kate and eat a cookie cake.
  • Beebee was at a doctor's appointment today so we just headed home.  Whitman fell asleep on the way and the kids played basketball outside for a good while this afternoon.  The afternoon was still short and by the time that I passed out a snack and they watched a few shoes and played the xbox, it was time for supper.
  • I knew we had to eat supper a minute or two earlier tonight since I had a zillion library books to return and check back out this week.  Robby was home for a few minutes and then we loaded up and headed to the library and then a stop at church.  
  • Keaton and Campbell's group had smores tonight as their snack so they didn't get too much here tonight when we passed out a little snack to hold everyone over until breakfast this morning.  Then it was bedtime for my crew followed by blog time for me (and a snooze on the couch for Robby.)

January 26, 2016

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  • We sure weren't going to stay in bed today like we did yesterday.  I tried to get up to exercise but just had to do it this afternoon and when Robby climbed out of bed first, I knew I had better get up quickly.  We had just a few minutes before the kids started stirring but were able to accomplish a few things this morning.
  • Keaton was ready to go to school this morning and poor Whitman was pretty upset that she was leaving.  Throughout the day, he would tell me that he missed Keaton and that he missed Daddy.  It is strange how Keaton can cause so much commotion around here but that she does-today was so much calmer than yesterday.
  • Oh, I know that wasn't the case and things probably would have been just as calm with Keaton here today.  What helped was the stern lecture that the kids received (one in particular) about immediate obedience and obedience with a good attitude.  But man if my kids could just learn to say, "yes ma'am" then everyone's life around here would go so much smoother.
  • We did our school and had lunch.  Then Reagan was ready for me to put Whitman in bed so I could ran on the treadmill.  You would think that she is concerned about my health but no, she knows they can't play the xbox until I have finished on the treadmill.  
  • A good bit of the early afternoon I spent playing chess with Anderson, Reagan and then Graham.  There has been many, many things in this homeschooling journey that I have learned and how to play chess is one of them.  I won at least one game but I do think that I lost the other two.
  • We did a few chores around the house and then I did put Whitman in bed again and then again and then again.  Yesterday, he napped so well but not today!  You win some, you lose some.
  • Some time during the afternoon, Reagan and I were upstairs and heard Whitman whimpering and Campbell hollering at him.  She brought him upstairs to us and he kept telling us that he banged his head.  I cuddled him and when he sat up Reagan pointed out blood on my jacket.  Poor baby banged the inside of his ear and it looks pretty nasty.  It bled for a good while but he quickly stopped fussing. Later I took him downstairs so he could show me where he bumped and wouldn't you know it-the corner of the fireplace.  I'm so very thankful that he didn't hit his eye or somewhere else on his face.
  • Robby and Keaton came home with pizza and after eating the kids played the xbox and some showered.  We put Reagan in the shower with Whitman so she could make sure that Whitman's ear got plenty of water on it so maybe that would help clean it up some.  
  • We had cookies for a little snack while we sat around the tv and watched a couple of episodes of fixer upper before bedtime...and then when the kids went to bed we watched a few more episodes of that show!

January 25, 2016

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  • Whitman walked into our room last night at 4 in the morning.  We pretty consistently lock his door but I guess I didn't last night when I went in for his midnight diaper change or he has learned to unlock that door (oh gracious I hope not!)  I picked him up and brought him back to his room and sat with him in the floor for a bit and would you believe, 2 times in a day that boy fell asleep in my arms.  
  • But since that was so close to my 6 wake up time, I turned my alarm to 7 and at 7 I just decided to stay in bed like everyone else during the morning time.  I knew that was really setting myself up for failure but I really didn't care...I should have!
  • Even with our late start, we were still starting school by 8:45 which was good.  But I guess since breakfast was hurried I let the kids take their cereal with them to do their school work.  This was a bad, bad idea because by the end of the morning there was at least a box of cereal scattered through out the floor of this house.
  • I could say that it is a good thing that today was vacuuming day but all of my people have become a bit lazy and vacuuming now just means turning the thing on and making a few figure eights on the carpet in each room.  So if you ever run out of food at your house, just come and munch off of my carpet.
  • All chores haven't been done to the best of any one's ability-for example instead of picking up the school room, the stuff is just shoved under my desk or even when I asked one child to do a chore for a certain amount of time and then I hear them changing the timer to a much shorter time.
  • During our work together time today we were able to get everything accomplished but because of our late wake up time, we didn't finish school, lunch, chores and work together time until nearly 4. This left me scrambling to get on the treadmill by the time that Robby came home.  
  • Once he was home, we worked on supper, showered kids and folded my dozen loads of laundry that I didn't get around to today.  Showers were finished and the kids took turns on the xbox after supper and then it was soon bedtime and we get to do it all over again tomorrow!
  • And yes, I did completely forget to take pictures of the kiddos today so I had to barge in their room after putting them in bed to take their pictures.  Now under no circumstances  was I going to go into Whitman's room because he was being quiet and staying in that bed of his!

January 24, 2016

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  • Sunday morning with two less kiddos here and you would think that we wouldn't have to scurry around but with emptying and reloading a crazy full dishwasher, still having to do 3 girls hair and possibly enjoying our breakfast a little bit too much we were pushing it to get Reagan there on time for her song practice.
  • Church today and Robby was with the 4th graders while I was in the nursery with a fussy baby.  I had to walk the halls with that poor baby the entire service long and I realized how my arms have gotten used to not having to hold a baby 24/7.  Not sure how I feel about that.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and she had Hello Dollys for dessert.  Robby didn't eat any-coconut.  I should have made him like I have been making Anderson eat oranges!  I did eat his share though and am now questioning why I didn't ask for a doggy bag to bring home some for my after blog treat.
  • Back at home, we put Whitman in bed and he climbed out once, twice and possibly three times.  On his third climb out we just let him play in the locked school room-this happened for a while and then I went to try to put him in bed for one last time before I headed to church early for a meeting.  I unlocked the door and he immediately asked me his two questions that he asks when we find him out of bed "what you doing?" and "are you happy?" (normal answers are "coming to put you back in bed" and "no, I am not happy.")  I picked him up and held him for a minute and then when I laid him down he was sound asleep-he hasn't fallen asleep in my arms in forever. 
  • I ran to church and finished my meeting just in time to find everyone else and drop of the littles.  Campbell did much better tonight during church-maybe because we have been talking about Nehemiah at home and she is familiar with the story or maybe she was just tired.
  • Back at home, we had our ice cream truck and then it was to bed for the crew.  Graham was pretty wound up about who was going to be in the Super Bowl and wanted to talk to Anderson about this and Anderson did not want to talk about this at all.  Boys!

January 23, 2016-Snow Day Continued!

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  • Last night when I asked Robby what we were going to have for breakfast, he said that we had a good breakfast today (Friday) so we should just have pop tarts.  I wrinkled my nose and asked "on a Saturday?" Robby reassured me that the kids wouldn't leave if I served pop tarts for breakfast on a Saturday.
  • We did have those pop tarts for breakfast and soon the kids were looking to go outside.  Reagan was playing the xbox and said that she didn't want to go out (the boys usually hog the xbox so when the girls get a turn they are thrilled!)  But after she saw the rest of us bundling up, she was soon outside as well.
  • Today the sleds worked well in the yard and we were able to sled (somewhat slowly) down the side yard.  Whitman was just as interested in this today and would hitch a ride with anyone that would let him ride along.  The boys made a pile of snow under the swing and planned to jump off of the swing into the pile.  Of course they weren't too sure about the safety of this so they had Campbell test it out first!
  • I tell you, snow is some tough stuff.  All you do is work, work, work and laundry, laundry, laundry.  I am nearly caught up but gracious me, I am so glad that we don't live in Alaska.  The kids helped me straighten some after coming in and then we made lunch.
  • After lunch we had a bit of downtime and no one did much of anything.  Then we headed to drop Anderson off at the Kamps for the night but they weren't home so we ran to drop Graham off for the night at Nonna's house.  Graham has had a big night and even ended up at Chuck E Cheese.  Then it was back to drop off Anderson and they have played basketball, played in the snow, had pizza and ice cream and worked on legos so he has also had a big evening.
  • We ran to the grocery store along with everyone else who didn't get their milk and bread right before the storm-it was pretty crowded but we had 2 less kiddos so we were able to stay longer than usual!  I love the grocery store-is makes me so happy to see all of the food.  Robby had thought about going out to eat but at the last minute tried to buy something for supper but couldn't think of anything so we opted for pancakes or out to eat.
  • The Wilsons text and voted for pancakes so that is what we had.  Robby used his new griddle and learned to make pancakes and they were delicious.  Then I made biscuits from the Pioneer Woman cookbook-they were flat but pretty good.  Along with bacon and then brownies for dessert, we threw together a pretty good meal. The kids played and we planned a trip for 2017 while trying to cheer on the hogs to victory.  
  • Once our company left, we picked up the kitchen and put our people in bed.  Whitman asked about "my Grahammy and my Anderson" and I told me that they would be home in the mornings.  He then said "that makes me sad." 

January 22, 2016-Snow Day!

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  • At 11 last night, I was emptying the dishwasher and I heard someone flush the potty upstairs.  I stopped what I was doing and looked up the stairs.  Before I could even tell if they were headed back to the boys room or the girls room, Anderson and Graham appeared at the stairs and in unison they shouted "it's snowing!"
  • Of course, we already knew it was snowing because I had looked out the window 32 times and had talked to Pops a dozen times too.  I told the boys to come downstairs so they could look out the big window and really see the snow.  I hoped that would appease them so they could go ahead and fall asleep-they had been in bed for hours and were too excited to sleep.  Silly boys!
  • At 5 something, Robby told me to go and look out the window so I could see the snow and indeed it was very pretty.  Then at 7 we could hear the kids up running from room to room looking out of the window.  Sweet Keaton told Anderson "thank you for waking us up so we could see the snow."  They looked out the kitchen windows, the big windows and the bonus room windows and out every window was snow.  We even saw the deer out this morning looking for food-there were plenty of tracks to discover later in the day.
  • Reagan and I eventually got around and started on breakfast-she had picked out a recipe from a pioneer woman cookbook to make and this snow day was the day.  She chose eggs in the hole-basically a piece of bread with a fried egg in it.  We made 6 of those and by the end she was a pretty good egg in the hole maker.  Robby said that he really liked them and later watched a video of someone making 2 eggs in a hole and then turning it into a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich in it.
  • And the glory of homeschooling-everyone did a bit of school before going out into the snow.  I told them that we could go out at 9 and by 9 everyone was pulling on coats and shoes and everyone (and I mean everyone) was asking me to zip, button, pull, snap and find things.  I had yet to put on my winter clothes or Whitmans-he fought me with every pair of pants that I put on him.  By the time I was putting on his gloves and hats I was already sweating.  I quickly pulled on my clothes and stuffed myself in my ski pants and started work on everyone else who needed my help.  When they were all bundled I was reminded and reassured of my decision to never ever ever take my people skiing.  I could have just laid down on the floor and taken a nap.
  • Snow days are so much fun-everyone was so happy to see and be in the snow.  Last year within 10 minutes Keaton and Whitman were crying and Campbell was close to tears.  Keaton didn't even go out during some of our snow days last year-she had seen it and didn't like it.  Not this year-Keaton and Whitman did great (until the end!)  We walked down the road to the hill down the street and over and over again we slid down the hill.  
  • We didn't slide down as fast as we did last year but it was still fun.  The only problem was once you were at the bottom of the little hill you had to walk back up it carrying your sled.  Some could climb quickly up the hill, others like Campbell could not at all.  She would take forever to get back up the hill.  Whitman was just as slow and would usually walk right in the middle of our sledding path.  
  • We all had turns going down the hill and whenever Whitman saw an empty spot on a sled, he would sit himself down.  Once Anderson was laying on his tummy getting ready to sled down and Whitman laid on top of him.  Robby went ahead and gave them a push and we watched expecting Whitman to roll off of his brother but he held on tight and they made it down the hill.
  • On our walk back to the house, Whitman's shoes started coming off. I am sure they were so full of snow that they just became heavy.  Robby picked up him and carried him on to the house.  Keaton, Graham and I were in the back of the pack when Keaton's boots started coming off.  She had said that her socks were coming off but I didn't really understand until she called to me standing in the snow on one foot with her other bootless and sockless foot dangling in the air.  We put that boot back on and 3 feet later the other one was off.  After we did this a few times, Graham and I tried to push her on the sled.  I wasn't much help since I was carrying another sled, the camera and at least a dozen gloves that had been handed to me.  
  • I asked Graham to stay with Keaton who was sitting on the sled with 2 bare feet and hurried to the porch to throw down my armful of stuff and then I carried Keaton back to the house.  By the time I made it to the garage I completely understood why people die of heart attacks in the snowy weather.  My sweet Graham helped me bring all of the stuff inside and then it was Operation Find Dry Clothes.
  • The kids worked some more on their school work and everyone but Campbell and Anderson finished their work for the day (they can finish tomorrow since they just have to work with me) and before too long it was lunch time.  Robby worked on lunch and even made cake pops for our afternoon snack.
  • Little was done around here this afternoon-we watched movies, played the xbox, napped, looked out the windows and really did little more than this.  It was a great afternoon and we ended it with showers and then supper.
  • Robby made hamburgers and we had cookies as dessert after we worked on our Nehemiah chapter for the day.  The kids had their cookies and then we had a few more minutes before bedtime to watch tv for a few minutes.  Overall this was a great snow day...hopefully we will have at least 2 more before this winter is over!

January 21, 2016

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  • Last night after we had emphatically reminded Campbell to stay in bed, I was woken up by the loudest thunder that I had ever heard.  I laid in bed quietly waiting for multiple children to burst into our room terrified from the thunder but nope, I never heard anyone.  I guess I was the only one who was terrified from the thunder.  Graham said that he heard it too but I don't really believe him too much since he pretty much has convinced himself that he stays up all night every night.
  • Again this morning, the first thing I did was the check and see if winter weather had come through-checked my phone just in case school had been cancelled and then checked the window-just in case.  Nothing was seen so I quickly dressed Keaton, Whitman and Reagan (who just wore her pajamas-I really can't talk since I have had mine on for a very, very long time myself).  Tuesday Keaton had to eat in the car and pancakes and waffles were pretty difficult to serve in the car so I had to move to get breakfast on the table for them.
  • Reagan took her a few things to work on while she was out with Robby and Whitman dropping off Keaton and running a few errands.  While they were gone, I did my best to encourage everyone else to get all of the work done that they could.  We managed to be moving along fairly well when the other came home.  
  • Whitman came running into the room and gave me a huge hug shouting "I home, Mommy."  Bless that child-he barely survived nap time and no matter the consequences he continued to climb out of bed.  He can just make you crazy but then minutes later, he can make you laugh out loud.  His latest-today while pottying, he told us that his "poopoo was broken down."
  • After school this morning, we worked on our science and did some reading and then it was lunch time.  By lunch time, we were all talking about what the weather might hold tomorrow.  We did find out that the kids Ninja night for tomorrow night has already been cancelled and it might be looking like we might have to cancel Reagan's day at Altitude with her friends.  This makes me sad but the possibility of snow makes me happy, happy, happy.  Now the possibility of snow makes Robby feel depressed and trapped.  I have offered and provided at least a dozen excuses for us to go to Kroger today to pick up the necessary snow items-potatoes (for soup), carrot (for a nose), gasoline (for the generator) and ice cream (for a snack) and diet coke (for us to make it through a day in the house).  But I could never get him to take me up on a trip to the store.
  • Nonna brought Keaton home this afternoon and they brought oreo pudding for everyone's snack.  We ate their snack and then Keaton asked Nonna to help her make her bed.  Nonna obliged and then after a while Nonna headed home and we began our winter weather vigil.
  • Robby had chili in the crock pot but before we passed it out, the kids had a quick project.  They built Nehemiah's wall and Ezra's temple out of marshmallows and graham crackers.  Nehemiah finished the temple in 52 days so we only had 15 minutes and 20 seconds to finish ours.  The kids loved this...or maybe they just loved us letting have as many marshmallows, icing and graham crackers that they wanted.
  • We then moved the little chairs and table to the living room and we all camped out in front of the tv to watch the hogs play.  Everyone ate their chili and all of the fixings and then at half time, everyone ate up their wall and temple.  When they were eating the wall, Anderson said that it was now the walls of Jericho being destroyed.
  • The kids watched some of the game but they soon lost interest when we started losing.  We kept it on and watched until the bitter end and then it was time to put my kiddos into bed...I am sure that all will dream about lots and lots of snow falling on the ground! (I certainly will!)  My Graham could hardly be still tonight long enough for me to kiss him goodnight because he is so excited.

January 20, 2016

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  • This has been the second night in a few days that Campbell has stumbled into our room in the middle of the night saying that she was scared.  The first night, I heard something in the hallway and not thinking clearly I went to investigate thinking it was Whitman (I sat not clearly thinking because I should have sent Robby to investigate and kept myself safe under the covers!) Anyway, it was Campbell sitting in the hallway beside our door.  My first words to her were "what are you doing? that is just weird!" And sitting in a dark hallway beside my door was in fact very odd!
  • Now last night, she wasn't in the hallway but when I saw her she was peeking over the side of my bed-not standing up, not in bed with me and not sitting on the floor-weird again.  Best thing we have ever done is put blankets under our bed so I quickly just pulled out a blanket for her to lay on and then covered her up so we could all get back to sleep.  (Tonight she was instructed to not come downstairs at all! We will see if that works or not!)
  • I didn't wake up on time this morning but I did manage to be out of bed by the time the kids came downstairs.  I showered and started working on the pottys while the kids dressed.  Then we doled out trash cans to empty out.  The boys quickly finished and asked to play their kindles but I was able to get the dishwasher emptied as I did the girls hair.  I think did let them play...I thought about mentioning the laundry but knew I would need something to do this afternoon!
  • Bible study this morning and when I picked up Graham he begged me to please, please sign up for snack (which I always do).  It doesn't take too much to please that little guy.  My Bible study group had their monthly luncheon today at Rock Creek so that added quite a few more kiddos to play with.  We ended up staying a few minutes longer than usual but the kids certainly didn't mind since their were lots of friends there but also lots of cookies there too!
  • Next up was Beebee's place for a bit.  She was in a good mood and the kids were pretty decent too.  Whitman just ran out of the room a few times-he didn't head for the door but just the water fountain.  I am sure that we cause such a ruckus when we are there but hopefully a ruckus that makes Beebee happy.  She was freely passing out candy today-milk duds (Whitman did not like them at all), 3 Musketeers and a box of Whitman's chocolate candy.  My kids had never really experienced a box of chocolate and it took them forever to read the diagram and then carefully pick out their selections.
  • Once we came home, I unloaded and fought Whitman during naptime.  I did eventually win today after he climbed out of bed twice.  Each time, I spanked him like I had to when Graham was a stubborn little guy.  Gracious, what will I do if Whitman is like his big brother?
  • After he was asleep, I sat down by the kids on the couch and rested my eyes-or I tried.  Campbell picked a decorating show and then Keaton did too so I paid more attention to those than anything else.  Robby brought home supper and we were sitting at the bar ready to eat.
  • I ran into the library on the way to church and then to church we went.  When we made it to our assigned spot, we were given the night off.  So we did what anyone with a free night would do-we went and watched the children for a bit and I even snuck into the youth for a few minutes to see what all was happening there.  My one observation-that church house is full on Wednesday nights of kiddos of all ages learning about God's word.
  • Once we were at home, pajamas and cookies were first on the to do list.  Then we learned a bit more about Nehemiah before putting all my kiddos in bed.

January 19, 2016

Studying up on Nehemiah!

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  • Last night as we were putting Whitman into bed, Graham did his normal routine of hastily grabbing his school work so he could start early in the morning.  Last night he remembered that he was on the schedule to work with me first this morning and asked if we could work together first thing in the morning.
  • So after I hit snooze a zillion times on my alarm, I finally remembered that Graham would come down soon ready to work so I better get myself out of bed so I could first have myself breakfast.  As soon as I had finished my last bite of breakfast, I heard my G coming down the stairs.  We cuddled on the couch and did his spelling and language lesson before anyone else stirred.
  • Then it was up the stairs for me to wake up sleeping Keaton so I could get her ready for school.  Campbell started making the cinnamon toast while I dressed Keaton but she still didn't have enough time to eat with us and had her breakfast to go as Robby took her to school.
  • Since I had worked with Graham early this morning, I thought I would finish working one on one with the kids earlier than usual but nope, today was later than usual.  No homeschool day is ever the same around here but that is fine since the day was fairly smooth-lots of kiddos were way behind in Bible study and had to finish the week out.  I don't understand how you get behind when you do one to two lessons every day...maybe I should start double checking that work!  
  • We had lunch and then we finished our chores and before I knew it, I was outside with the kids.  I had been working quietly in the school room when I finally relented and went out with them.  They needed someone to be the caller in the game they were playing.  This led to a few rounds of red light green light which lasted forever.  Finally I was able to come back inside but by then, I was pretty frozen.  My Campbell wasn't even wearing a jacket-crazy child.  I made sure Whitman was bundled up but I figure everyone else should be smart enough to get a jacket when they are cold (she did have a coat and gloves though)
  • After we thawed out, Reagan made snacks for everyone-pretzels and a bit of icing.  I tried to make the wayward child take a nap while I put some clothes away...after finishing the clothes, I gave up on the wayward child and just let him alone (he eventually found me on the treadmill)
  • Robby and Keaton came home and we had supper.  Then Robby made cookies while the kids worked on a Nehemiah coloring page and had showers.  After eating our cookies we watched a video and then it was time for bed for the crew.  Tomorrow will be a busy day...if we don't have any winter weather (crossing my fingers!)

January 18, 2016

Wishing for snow!

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  • There might have been about 10 sprinkles of sleet or snow on the patio this morning but the kids spent at least an hour looking at it, touching it, collecting it and throwing it.  They were ecstatic when even more fell but it didn't amount to much either.  They did lay out Whitman's playdoh to collect what they could-didn't work.
  • We did have our breakfast and when Robby left for work, Whitman was sitting right beside me and that is pretty much where he stayed all during school.  He was happily working his fruit pie puzzle (seriously, he is so smart).  But the reason the poor guy was calm and hanging by me today was that he has a bit of a cold (as do all of us right now)....upside-his cold did help him sleep super well at nap time.
  • School was moving along splendidly and then I realized that I was the only one doing school work-everyone else was sitting in the kitchen playing with playdoh.  I thought about making them do their work but I just let them play...and when they did begin their school work again, then everyone was happy (and pretty far behind)
  • They all still managed to be near finishing by 11 and we were able to do most of our together work.  But before I was able to start this Reagan led everyone is completing their chores as fast as they could.  I had told them that we just had a few minutes before we started together work and she started shouting at the kids, ordering them around...just like me! (Not really!)  They were able to mark most things off of the chore list and they all felt relieved to have a fairly free afternoon.
  • We had lunch and read enough books that my head started feeling stuffy and my throat scratchy (I guess I have what everyone else has).  Then we finished a few chores, the stragglers finished up their school and Campbell spent most of the afternoon working on the chalkboard.  I used to really try to have something cutesy up on that chalkboard but who am I kidding?  I don't have time for that-each Monday a new artist is responsible for it and today was Campbell's day.
  • When Robby came home, I ran to the Wilson's house to pick up a few clothes they had outgrown and when I made it home, I just dumped the clothes in the floor and everyone (except W) walked away with clothes to put in their drawers to wear right now and then I had a whole bunch to save for summer or even next summer.  
  • Robby made supper (leftovers) and we all ate and then the kids convinced him to make cookies...and nothing goes better with cookies than a movie so we watched The Incredibles and ate our cookies.  After the movie, it was bedtime but first we did a little study on Nehemiah and tonight we watched the story of Nehemiah made from minecraft blocks-the kids loved it.  

January 17, 2016

Ice Cream Truck Returns!

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  • Some Sundays dressing everyone is easy and other days it is not.  I always let Reagan pick out her clothes but Keaton and Campbell have now noticed that and have been asking to pick out their own clothes. So yesterday I let Keaton pick out her usual pick-a very elegant dressy dress that is more appropriate for a Christmas ball than January church (or even nap time as it is often worn) but I did not pick that battle.
  • So this morning, that left Campbell to pick our her clothes-an Eastery dress and jean jacket.  I was about to let that pass when she insisted that she would get hot in church and need to take her jacket off exposing her bare arms even though there is a chance of flurries tonight.  Nope, not going to happen.  So she put on something and walked down the stairs saying "well, I did wear this last week."  I then helped her find something that she didn't wear last week and something that would keep her arms warm.
  • And this boys observed all of this and asked to pick out their clothes and even though their clothes were laying by my bed ready to go, I let them after checking to see what what were going to wear (hoping that they weren't going to ask for their gym pants and hog jersey which they wear daily).  They both said they wanted jeans and a shirt so up they went to fetch their clothes.  Anderson did have to find another shirt since his first one was a bit too small.
  • Then there is Whitman-I was dressing him and he looked down at the socks that I had in my hand and started to shout "no, no, not my mickey socks."  By this time I had had enough and just grabbed those little feet and pulled those socks on as fast as I could.  He soon forgot and was distracted by breakfast that I quickly served up so I could run to the shower before church.
  • Church and Campbell has now started walking herself to her own Sunday school class.  This works out well because she always hesitates walking in and acts shy if we are there with her...hmm, I guess it works out well since I really don't know how she walks in (or if she does at all) when she goes there by herself.  We are almost to the point that we could drop the kids off at church at 9 and then pick them up at the door at 12:30.  Sweet! (kidding, of course...maybe!  A Cracker Barrel breakfast sure does sound good though!)
  • Lunch at Nonna's house today-BBQ and the fixings.  The kids played some while Nonna and I cut out coupons. Then back home for a bit.  Whitman and Robby had a come to Jesus meeting yesterday and after a reminder today, Whitman didn't dare to climb out of his bed during nap time.
  • We served up a quick supper before heading back to church tonight.  I sat by Campbell and I tell you, I have no idea how Robby can sit by her every single Sunday.  That child, bless her! Just bless her.  She can not stay still for anything at all.  She survived the service and then we headed home.
  • Robby has restocked our ice cream freezer and the kids had a plethora of choices.  The highlight was Graham eating a popsicle that had pop rocks in it-the kids were silent through much of ice cream time listening to the pops come out of Graham's mouth from his candy.  Oh the exciting lives that we live!

January 16, 2016-Happy Birthday Beebee!

Celebrating Beebee's Birthday!

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  • Our bed was full way too early this morning for a Saturday but that was fine since it was at least after 7.   The kids were quiet and everything was peaceful...until I looked over at Anderson.  He had bumped heads with Brett last night and his eye was a bit swollen when he went to bed.  So this morning, when I looked at him I burst out laughing-the boy was wearing an eye patch! 
  • Robby made waffles for breakfast this morning and the kids devoured them (even though we didn't have enough strawberries to have for breakfast).  They were good enough that we talked about what else we could make on our waffle maker-brownies, hashbrowns, oh the possibilities are endless.
  • After breakfast everyone made cards for Beebee's birthday.  Reagan made the biggest card I have ever seen and my Anderson made the same card that he makes for every birthday-the birthday person and himself in the lower right hand corner of the page.  Today's card was especially cute because he was standing right beside Beebee who was sitting in her wheel chair and she was even wearing a birthday hat!
  • The 3 littles and Robby loaded up to run a few errands this morning.  They had a big time at Kroger, Target, and Sams.  While they were gone the big 3 played the xbox and I worked around the house. When they arrived home, they had enough time to switch cars and for the rest of us to load up then it was off to Beebee's place.
  • Jason, Nonna and Pops were already there.  Beebee was 93 today and so loved opening her presents and reading her cards.  We gave her a picture frame with a picture in it (she had requested this gift) Now, she can be ornery at times but she does have her mind and still thinks pretty clearly.  Mom had made a delicious carrot cake and we all enjoyed it (well, Campbell and Keaton hardly tried any and Anderson took every single pecan out of it but the rest of us enjoyed it.)
  • After hugging Beebee we headed to Kroger.  We had just a few items to pick up there but the kids were so pleasant that we just stayed and stayed and shopped and shopped.  They were so calm (even after cake and coke) that we even looked at the toys.  I do believe that Kroger is my happy place.
  • We then picked up our free pizzas (the school kids do the book it program and get a mini one each month) and then ran home for a minute.  Then we loaded back up to go to Grannymom's house so we could get another free pizza (mystery shop).  We all ate there and then the kids and I played a game while Whitman had a bath.  After drinking lots of juice, he came to us saying "I'm very soaky" and that he was.
  • We came home and the kids watched the first half of the ballgame between showers.  They would have liked to stay up for the whole thing but they were still pretty tired even after our lazy Saturday. 

January 15, 2016

A late birthday celebration at the Wilson's!

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  • My alarm didn't go off this morning but even if it had, I can pretty much guarantee that I would not have gotten up.  I tried to climb out of bed before I was covered in kids but didn't make it.  Campbell was laying on top of me, Keaton between Robby and I, Graham on the other side of me and Reagan at our feet.  All this plus the silly heat blows right on me in the mornings-I was about to fry but thankfully was able to sneak out of the bed and get myself up.
  • Keaton was still gone this morning but school was still just as rowdy as ever.  On her own, Campbell started practicing her math on the computer just like the big 3 do.  Reagan is beginning to add and subtract fractions (remember how those fractions have to have the same denominator-oh, my.  I am going to have to take a review course!) Anderson is beginning division and Graham is starting multiplication.  I used to love math-not so much now that I have to check 10 different pages of it every single day!
  • Graham and Reagan seem to be racing these days over who can finish school first.  I don't care as long as they do a good job on their school.  Reagan usually does but Graham's handwriting is marginal at best so when he hurries-you can't read a thing.  Maybe he should be a doctor! We finished school in enough time though that we worked together this morning and even played a game before lunch.  
  • By the time that I had made lunch, Reagan had finished most of the chores so I rewarded everyone with some cookies.  While they baked, we read and read and read.  Then the kids had some downtime and Keaton came home.
  • Nonna and Pops brought her home and they also brought some candy for everyone.  Keaton divvied the candy out and everyone snacked on it (Reagan was later furious with me because she wanted her candy to be her snack and not Keaton's candy-oh the drama!) 
  • After I put Whitman in bed, Anderson and I worked on putting another lego piece back together.  This time we did a really tiny one-reworking all of her lego sets is going to take a bazillion years.  Now on the other side of the house, Whitman was again climbing out of his bed-over and over and over again.  At least 10 times.  I tried many different approaches putting him back in bed-being kind, patting his back, not speaking at all, spanking, raising my voice, staying in there so I could immediately throw him back in-I even tried them all at once but nothing at all worked!  Nothing!  
  • Eventually, I gave up and put him in time out downstairs. He really didn't like that at all-maybe because Robby was standing over him blowing bubbles which terrifies the boy!  We may try time out approach tomorrow during nap time-or just enroll him day care!
  • Supper was at the Wilson's house tonight to celebrate my birthday-salad, chicken spaghetti and some delicious desert that I loved (but the kids must not have since not a one of them finished their serving-now I am miserable stuffed because I felt obligated to finish theirs!)  The kids played inside and outside and us grown ups had ourselves a rowdy celebration-we talked about coupon and dark socks!  We even looked at store receipts and discussed how to store syran wrap!  
  • Once we made it home, the kids quickly brushed and went right to bed.  I tried to remind everyone that there is no reason to wake up early in the morning and please don't wake anyone else up at all-including me in the morning!
  • We added the pictures of yesterday's snow globes on our picture page today.  Aren't they just adorable?

January 14, 2016

Girl Power!

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  • Some mornings you don't have to wake anyone up around here.  Today was one of those days-I heard them moving around upstairs before I even rolled out of bed.  I think that Reagan was already working on helping straighten the house even before breakfast.
  • We had our breakfast and then it was off to school for Keaton.  Whitman went along for the ride (practicing for next year and running a few errands with Robby.)  As soon as they had left, we finished with the house and then worked on our science lesson for the day.  We even had a few minutes to read a chapter from a few books-we are reading 2 right now that the kids are so interested in and they even grumble when I come to the end of a chapter.
  • Soon after we had finished, our homeschool buddies started arriving.  All of the kiddos had written stories about how they had become trapped in a snow globe.  Every story was so interesting and unique.  My kiddos stories were about going on a walk with Mom and Dad and becoming stuck in the snow globe (Campbell), about seeing a shiny Santa inside a snow globe and trying to grab it (Graham), about eating cookies and drinking milk with Santa and Mrs. Claus (Anderson) and about ending up at Magic Kingdom (Reagan).
  • They had all made the cutest snow globes out of paper plates and the snow inside was salt....unfortunately my glue didn't really hold so I had salt in every single room in my house.  Don't worry though, my kids won't be licking the floors because it is epsom salt and they have all discovered that doesn't taste very well.
  • The kids were incredible calm today and after our reports, we read a book about a family in a snow globe and then Amber had a few snow globes for us to shake and pass around.  I am sure that my kids have seen snow globes but probably have never been able to touch them so this was a big hit. 
  • Lunch was next and then the kids headed outside to play and there they stayed for the rest of the afternoon.  It was a pretty pleasant day (and all of my people stayed out of trouble-no chasing of others with a hammer like last time!)  I had made one batch of cookies but Robby ended up making two more batches of cookies and we passed them out through the opened kitchen window.
  • The kids worked hard on making ninja videos to send in for church in a few weeks.  There was also lots of swinging and ball playing.  When everyone left, we quickly picked up and then we had to shower everyone off to get that stinky outside smell off of them.  
  • It wasn't too long afterwards that Nonna arrived to take Keaton away for the day.  She was so excited and even ended up at Chuck E Cheese-my little girl had never been there before so this was a big treat for her and then they went out to eat after her playtime.  I am sure that she had a big night and was exhausted when she went to sleep.
  • We couldn't let a Sonic deal pass us by so we loaded up to pick up the hamburgers that were on sale.  We had brought drinks and chips from home and just sat in the car eating our supper while the kids ate and watched a movie.  It was almost like we were at a drive in movie.  
  • On the way home, there was a wreck half way down Lawson so we had to turn around and go home another way which seemed to take forever but was a nice little drive-it would have been much nicer if it had been daylight and we could have really enjoyed the drive.
  • Once at home, the kids played for a while and then it was bedtime...tomorrow is back to reality with a full day of school!  

January 13, 2016

Ruh Roh!

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  • Wednesday morning and gracious me, I barely was able to get myself out of bed.  But I did manage and thank goodness for Graham and Campbell, my current early risers, who were the first to stir and were happy to help wake everyone else up.
  • Breakfast was easy this morning-pop tarts-and really, getting everyone ready was fairly easy.  The kids are slowly becoming more independent.  For example, Reagan and Graham remembered that today was trash day (when they saw me holding a trash bag) and quickly claimed two trash cans to empty.  
  • I know that I mention just about every Wednesday how much my kiddos love Bible study but oh, they certainly do...and today as I sat quietly waiting for it to start, I realized that I love it too.  
  • We had our lunch at Rock Creek and the sun was shining through the windows and it was blazing hot inside there.  The kids were sweaty messes when we left to our next stop.  We then went to two stores to pick up Beebee something and another birthday present.  At our last stop, the Dollar Tree, I was pretty thankful for the kids good behavior and pretty exhausted so I did succumb to pressure and let them all pick something out for today's snack (and could you believe that Reagan was shocked that I wouldn't let her eat an entire 1 pound bag of gummy worms during snack!)
  • Once at home, we all unloaded and then I put Whitman into bed thinking that I might just walk on the treadmill one more time today.  But then I spent my entire afternoon walking up and down the steps putting wayward child number 6 back into his bed.  I swear that I put him back into bed 10 times before I just game up and went downstairs to lay on the bed and snooze as Campbell and Keaton made card after card right beside me,
  • My little girls helped me make our nutritious supper tonight.  We ate while the kids took turns reading their snow globe story for tomorrow and then we headed to church. At church, Robby and I did games again in the preschool area and we were plumb exhausted by the time that we made it home.
  • Tonight Anderson's class was able to go shopping-he wisely purchased a large inflatable hammer (oh my!) and then that sweetie also bought a little something for all of this brothers and sisters.  
  • We passed out snacks before putting everyone in bed and tonight was a bit different than nap time for Whitman.  He climbed out of his bed only one time before he was reminded on his bottom where he was to stay for the rest of the night and so far it has worked!

January 12, 2016

Gametime before bedtime!

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  • Campbell was again this first one awake this morning but at least she waited until 7 to come downstairs. I was already up and marking things off of my list when she came downstairs but she was just so warm and cuddly that I couldn't pass up a chance to snuggle with her in bed for just a few more minutes.
  • Keaton was ready to go to school today and along with her, Robby took the papers to sign her and Whitman up for school next year.  Now my Keaton is perfectly ready to be the 5th Dennie to pass through Ms. Stacy's class but my Whitman...oh, gracious.  Poor Ms. Jennifer will have her hands full.
  • But we did work on one requirement for preschool today-pottying!  My Whitman went to the potty for the first time for me today.  Not just once did he do this but 3 separate times-hopefully it just clicked and he will do the same thing tomorrow.  It was a big deal around here because when he pottied, everyone received a lollipop.  As he was doing his job, I stood beside him praising him and he looked down and said "it's not broken anymore."
  • School today went pretty well but I have noticed that if Reagan or Graham think they are going to be the last ones finished with school, they panic and start trying to bargain with me about what they have to do. My Anderson doesn't care if he is the last one or not-in fact, he was still finishing up some things after supper tonight.  
  • We spent the morning doing our school and even had time for all of our together work before lunch rolled around.  The boys also worked on their snow globes for Thursday's project and Graham still had some writing of his story to do-writing is not his strong point and oh, the drama!  We all survived though.
  • Lunch and then chores around here.  Having everyone home all day long makes it necessary to do chores but I am beginning to wonder how the kids see all of this.  Tonight after Reagan climbed out of the shower, she put her hair up in a towel and said "Look, I'm mom" and then she began "do you chores, put your laundry up, do your math, clean the potties." I promise you, I sound nothing like that at all...or do I?
  • The afternoon flew by with not too much excitement and soon my Keaton and Robby were home.  Campbell and Reagan have taken a great interest in cooking and they both made pretty much all of supper.  We all ate and then showers for the crew.  
  • Robby tried to find the last half of the football game for the boys (they had already seen the highlights) but they were not able to watch the whole last half as Robby had hoped.  The kids didn't care-the girls and I worked puzzles, the boys spent more time wrestling than watching the game clips and Whitman was focused on his new show: The Little Einsteins.  After I had helped work at least a hundred puzzles and the boys had wrestled until they were exhausted, we sent our crew to bed!

January 11, 2016

Tooth be gone!

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  • Last Monday was perfectly calm, even peaceful but not so much today.  Today, everyone was pretty spirited-almost distracted.  That was fine though because we still managed to accomplish everything that we needed to.  Campbell did become the preschool teacher for Keaton and Whitman-she packed their lunch, read them stories and made them take "naps" in the mudroom.  
  • As I helped pick up after lunch, there were lunch boxes (how could a homeschool family have so many lunch boxes, I will never know!) and blankets everywhere in this house.  Those kids played hard this morning and used every inch of this house in their "preschool time."  I do know that my Campbell will never have to wonder what she is supposed to do when she grows up-she will be a teacher or a full time  mom.  
  • We had lunch and I was in such a happy mood to finally be done with school that I even let the kids eat some of my nutella.  Or I was possibly trying to bribe them for good behavior in the upcoming chores.  I did seem to take forever to do chores today but we finally accomplished everything so around 2:30 is when we started on our together work (much later than last weeks 11:00) but it was peaceful and calm-since Whitman was in his bed snoozing happily.  He was thrilled that I let him to go bed with his new blanket and slept soundly.
  • Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and I ran to a baby shower at church this evening.  The girls are funny when it is just them-they become ever girlier when it is just them.  Robby had told Whitman that I was leaving and when I did, he could have a lollipop (so he wouldn't fuss) and Whitman replied "that's a good idea." 
  • The shower was quick and we rushed home for supper-hot dogs, beans and fries.  We pulled out all of the stops for this football evening.  At the start of the game, the girls worked on their snow globes for an upcoming project.  The whooping and hollering from the boys, let at know that the game was on and we migrated to the living room.  
  • Reagan helped me make cookies for everyone and she really can care less about football so she poured milk and passed out cookies for us all without being asked.  They were delicious-I might even make some tomorrow (no, not really-still slowly developing my relationship with the treadmill!)
  • Currently, my people are watching the National Championship game with their tummies full of cookies and milk.  The little heater is on and the living room couldn't be any cozier.  Hopefully though half time will come soon and we can send these people to bed.  It didn't seem that long ago that the kids could watch a bit of football and then at halftime we could tell them the game was over and they would happily go to bed thinking they had seen all of the game.  Sure can't do that anymore...but we never, never would have done anything like that at all.  No, never!  :)

January 10, 2016

Celebrating Tara's Birthday at Grannymom and Grandpa's!

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  • Church morning and it was cold, cold outside.  I do believe that everyone had on closed toe shoes and longish sleeves so it was a win-win morning.  I did notice that the vest I pulled out for Whitman, had cousin Josh's name written inside of it-meaning that little piece of clothing has been around for over a decade.  And Whitman was pretty cute wearing it.
  • Pretty early this morning, we saw a deer walk right by the window outside.  It then walked around our picnic table and I really wanted it to hop on top.  It just might have (not really) except that Graham and Reagan busted out the back door and chased that deer and his 5 friends all the way into the woods.  I took Whitman out to see the action and he said "go back in, they spank me!"
  • After breakfast, we headed to church and our first stop was to see Nonna and Pops. This week we knew for sure whose house we were eating Sunday lunch at.  After seeing them, we walked across the sanctuary to see Grannymom and Grandpa. 
  • In Sunday school today we had ourselves some manna cookies and they were good but I was saving room for Oreo delight at Grannymom's house.  Today was my birthday celebration there-mexican and oreo delight!  And then there was even presents-an amazon gift card from Dana and lotion, a cosmetic bag and little Pioneer Woman bowls from Grannymom and Grandpa.  
  • The kids played a game after lunch and when we made it home, I set out my pretty little bowls and just looked at them...possibly a bit too long because Campbell came up and said "what are you doing?"  Ha!  We tried to take our Biblical Sunday afternoon nap but my youngest did not cooperate.  I do believe that I had a bit of a cat nap so that was a good thing-I will take what I can get! 
  • I passed out sandwiches before we headed out for church tonight.  Keaton really wanted to stay in big church tonight but she did fine going into class and delighted Whitman since she was in his room tonight. 
  • After church, it was ice cream truck and that poor ice cream truck box is empty, empty.  All that was left was ice cream sandwiches but everyone seemed to eat them all up.  Hopefully, their full tummys will help them sleep well!