August 31,2011

Green boxes galore!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • By 9 last night, Robby and I were dozing off on the couch and went to bed-at least 3 hours earlier than usual and it was a good thing because it was another eventful day at the Dennie house. 
  • We straightened and then headed downstairs for breakfast and the start of school.  I cleaned a bit while the kids played and then we finished school-this all was much more eventful that I make it sound.  Campbell was getting fussy since I wouldn’t let her have markers so I gave her a bowl and spoon to play with.  I guess she thought it should be full to so went to the pantry and helped herself.  By now I was in the den helping Reagan and heard something that didn’t sound quite right but really, since we were working and it was fairly quite I carried on.  Soon, Anderson came through the kitchen and said “Mom, you gotta see this.”…
  • Well, Campbell had opened a box of cereal and spilled it on the floor (yes, the floor we have mopped daily) and was chowing down for a mid morning snack.  I just turned around and left her alone and since she was being quiet (this should be an indication of how difficult things can sometimes be around here).  Eventually, when Campbell started passing out bites to everyone I did have to clean up.
  • The next event was the box man coming to deliver some of the crates we will use to move.  We decided borrowing the boxes made a bit more sense for us than hunting them down.  The kid were quite impressed with them and enjoyed hiding in them for awhile.  I had a few more minutes before lunch and busied myself packing them with our picture albums (yes, I have more urgent things to do but that sounded like more fun)….big mistake.  Imagine 7 heavy (very, very heavy) boxes stacked up in the house…
  • Lunch and then a bit of play time before I put everyone but Reagan down for a nap.  I decided that this would be a good time to start on Reagan’s closet.  I knew I didn’t have a long time so I just started chunking things out of her closet-seriously, I had trashed her room with no going back.  And then it happens-Robby calling to say we had a showing at 3 and 7.  Yes, it was only 1:45 but I had one trashed room, 4 kids and me in pajamas and remember those boxes (no way I could move them). 
  • Robby said he would come home to move my boxes for me so I put the kids in high gear.  Reagan shoved what she could back in her closet and the boys filled up 2 boxes of stuff (yes, including Reagan’s underwear and Campbell’s pajamas so the closet will have to be finished very, very soon or Reagan will not have any underwear). 
  • I put the kids to work dusting while I worked.  I then closed all the doors and made them change into their clothes in the hallway (nothing to mess up there) and ushered them on to the car while I finished (so thankful that the car has a movie and that they just sat there as content as could be while I finished and Robby moved boxes-they must have been heavy because he was sweating buckets by the time he was done).
  • We went to Sonic for Happy Hour because I needed to reward my child laborers and then on to Nonna’s house to play and eat a bite of supper until time to go to church to sign up for Sparks and Cubbies.  Reagan was so pumped about being a Spark and said “I feel like I am 7 years old.”  Nonna came along and we were registered before 6:10 (pays to get places early).
  • Everyone played on the Cubbie jumpies and then I sent Reagan and Nonna to play on the big kid jumpies.  Anderson wanted to go with Reagan and then told me that the Cubbie jumpies were boring-poor guy but he sure seemed to enjoy them.  Campbell kept up with the big kids too and we all came back to Grannymom’s house dripping wet with sweat. 
  • The kids had some water and then took a bath.  Robby met us there and helped Grannymom and I finish up baths.  Afterwards, they had a bit of a snack and we headed back home.  I had intentions of working on the girls’ closet but have decided to be a slacker and finish some other jobs around here.

August 30, 2011

Milk and a movie!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The two cups of milk and bottle of water before Anderson went to bed last night did get the best of him around 5:30 this morning requiring an early morning load of laundry.  He laid in bed with me until I heard him digging around in my nightstand with a flash light looking for a game phone.  I denied that request but let him have the flashlight.  After awhile Robby wanted his spot in bed back and sent Anderson downstairs to watch a movie until 7
  • But other than his early morning wakening, he slept well and said that his ear and throat didn’t hurt at all.  And since he was going strong, guzzling his milk and chowing down on his breakfast we decided that he was fine.  Though Ms. Stacy did hand me a note about someone in his class having mono so that did make me wonder.  But no, he is fine just the same crud/allergies that the rest of us around here have.
  • Campbell insisted on hugging Graham as he walked into Ms. Wendolyn’s class.  I was afraid that this would be a problem but he did great.  Graham did tell me today that someone hit him with a map and I asked if he did anything wrong.  And then he whispered that he hit that person back.  He whispered it because he knew that wouldn’t fly too well-he did get a firm lecture about Ms. Susie calling Mommy and Daddy if that ever happens.  But other than the normal highlight of playing with Anderson on the playground, his highlight of the day was looking at his school box with another friend.  Isn’t that sad-just looking at his school box?
  • Reagan and Campbell spent the morning at Nonna’s house waiting on the roofers to come-the same ones that didn’t show up yesterday.  Anyway, they made ice cream and Reagan was so excited to show the boys and let them have some.  Campbell even got to help-Nonna gave her a spoon and stuff to stir and Nonna barely caught Campbell was she was about to pour her concoction into Reagan’s bowl of real ice cream mix
  • Back at Nonna’s house the boys were disappointed that the roofers still weren’t there but we did got over to Papaws to try to fix his computer-with no luck but the kids did leave with candy-I guess that is pretty lucky. 
  • Once we made it home, I made everyone but Reagan take a nap and Reagan and I started work on school.  For some reason, I skipped the calendar and went straight to the important stuff and just as finished that, Robby called needing me to meet him at the bank to sign some papers.  Since everyone else was sleeping, I just left Reagan in charge-kidding, Grannymom came over with Lilly and Cash to play while we were gone.
  • As soon as we made it home, I woke up Anderson who was sleeping like a log in my room.  He had missed all of the fun but jumped quickly when I asked if he wanted to go downstairs and see Cash.  When Grannymom, Lilly and Cash left we picked up and then they watched a movie while I got supper ready.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to eat supper with us and the kids played until Reagan (who was probably jumping on the couch) fell and bumped her nose.  This led to a bloody nose which sent her into a slight panic but she held it together fairly well and stayed calm-kind of!
  • Soon it was bedtime and it sounds like everyone is going to sleep well…hopefully.  I know that I will (big day tomorrow-we get our boxes to start packing (most exciting), we will have school (always interesting to see how it will go) and finally I want to organize/winterize the girls’ closet (most difficult but most urgent!)

The Sign Is Up!

Well, I guess that it is official because the sign is up in the front yard.  Our contract hasn’t officially been signed yet so we will feel much better then.  But otherwise, the house is clean and awaiting people to come and look at it.  A clean house-all the time-with 4 little ones….oh, my.  This is going to be very difficult to do.  Praying that people come tomorrow and buy this house, otherwise I will go into labor early from all of this cleaning and straightening.  Ha!

August 29, 2011

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning for Reagan and Anderson and we were early as usual.  I am going to have to start bringing something for us to do in the car if we continue arriving so early to school.
  • After dropping Anderson off, Campbell decided she needed to wear Reagan’s backpack and hold her lunch box.  She did this all of the way to Pops’ office and then to Reagan’s class.  At Reagan’s class, Reagan took it, opened it up and put her blanket in the blanket spot and then put her lunch box where the lunch boxes go.  Next Reagan started to hang her backpack on her chair.  Campbell saw all of this and promptly returned Reagan’s lunch box to her and then tried to hang it on the back of another chair.
  • At Nonna’s house, Campbell saw the neighbor mowing (also with a bald head) and started waving, screaming “hi, papaw.”  It took us forever to coax her in the house-the whole time she was screaming “hi, papaw.”
  • Robby was on his way to pick up Anderson but was a few minutes late so we called Pops to grab him for a few minutes.  Soon Robby was there and then he dropped Anderson off at Nonna’s as well.  I had been at a dentist appointment and then worked around the house for a few minutes. 
  • Soon I headed out to pick them all up and arrived just in time for a bit of lunch.  The roofers were supposed to be there today and Graham was pretty disappointed but maybe he will get to see them tomorrow at lunch. 
  • When the boys and Campbell made it home, she took a nap and the boys watched a movie or two while I worked on their closet.  It is spic and span and also almost ready for winter.  The dreaded girls closet will be done Wednesday.  A little while after playing at the house, it was time to load back up and pick up Reagan.
  • She didn’t have too much to say about school today.  Though tonight she told me that they learned a new song “There’s no place like Chihuahua.”  I think that sounds like a very interesting song but it probably was “There’s no God like Jehovah.” 
  • I finished up the closet while the kids played some more and then we had a bit of supper.  Robby was running a few errands on his way home so he made it home a bit later than usual.  He worked in the yard a bit after the kids put on their pajamas and then it was bedtime….
  • Well, almost.  Anderson has complained a few times about his ears hurting today and tonight I heard him crying in his sleep so I brought him downstairs to watch me write the blog.  I just asked if he wanted to say something to any of our faithful readers and he just shook his head-probably because the tv is on!  Wish us luck for the rest of the night!

August 28, 2011

It's been a long day!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Sunday morning and we seem to be getting ready earlier and earlier these days.  We had time to grab breakfast on the way and then we even had time for the kids to play a bit before going to class.
  • Big church was less eventful this week since we separated Reagan and Anderson.  They were very, very good.  Next up was Sunday school for them and worship care for us.  We were in another class but snuck Graham out to come and stay with us.  He had a pretty good time but all he could think about was getting to his “cousin’s house to eat lunch”-that is what Robby overheard him telling his friends.
  • We had lunch at Dana’s house and while we were there I told Anderson not to touch the doors.  He said “don’t touch the whores?”  And I had to reply “yes, please don’t touch the whores” to that but then had to explain to him that I said “doors” and not “whores.” 
  • The kids played outside and jumped on the trampoline.  Soon we decided to drive out a show Dana the new house.  We walked around and peered in the windows.  The neighbors probably think “wow, alot of people are looking at this house”-and it’s just us
  • Reagan and Graham spent the afternoon playing with Lilly at her house and Cash played with Anderson here.  We actually got the better end of the deal-Dana gained two kids and we only gained one and had one take a nap.  I ran some errands and by the time we made it home, everyone was back watching a movie and drinking their milk.
  • We had supper and then baths for all.  Seriously, I told Robby that the kids have never had this many baths-probably won’t compare to as many as they will have if we let them play outside on 2 whole acres.
  • Since Campbell slept the longest today, we let her stay up with us while the others went to bed.  They had missed their rest times but Campbell slept till 6-we usually wake her up from her naps but we got sidetracked and let her sleep too long.  She helped me sweep, pack Reagan’s lunch (including having a snack) and moved pillows around the living room.

August 27, 2011

Just hanging out!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Anderson had a big night at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house and completed his morning by making his pencil box party favor from Cash’s party with Grandpa, walking to Cash’s house and playing with water balloons. 
  • Around here Campbell woke up at 6:30 and her and Robby went to the garage to start working-not much work was done.  Robby was just in his planning stages and Campbell was busy playing in the van.  I guess at 6:30 in the morning the car is not too hot to play in.  She finally had to get out when she started throwing my credit cards around the van
  • Graham was the next to wake up and get into bed with me but we were both downstairs in the garage by 7:30 but Reagan slept until almost 9.  I checked on her a few times and even sent Graham to listen for her but she must have been worn out from us letting her stay up late watching movies (and late around here is 9:30!)
  • We worked and worked in the garage-move or no move-it needed to be done.  Ten years of stuff has accumulated and it was wonderful to weed stuff out.  But we still have lots and lots of stuff in the garage.  This afternoon we continued the cleaning by going through all of our old files. 
  • Around noon, we did head back inside and everyone took a bath and then we picked up Anderson at Grandpa’s house.  We then headed to run a few errands around town.  I ran in the first store and Robby had juice boxes to give to the kids.  Robby went in to the second store and I had cheese for the kids and then we all went into the next store. 
  • Back at home the little ones had a nap and the big ones played.  Then Grannymom and Grandpa came over and even brought Graham a birthday present from Josh and Zach.  He was so excited to open up his bag full of Cars stuff.
  • The kids then played outside until bathtime.  They finished their baths and we had supper and then it was bedtime. 

A Big Move?

Possible new house?!?!!?
(click here for pictures)
Last Saturday (today is Friday), Robby and I were sitting on the couch during the kids nap times playing on our computers.  I was looking through the real estate site that I frequent.  I do this often (often while watching home improvement shows) and always have only a few criteria-our price range, at least a half acre and at least 4 bedrooms.  This time I must have put in a slightly lower price range and one other house popped up.
I thought it looked interesting and just handed my computer to Robby.  He looked at it and quickly decided that we should drive by it since it was slightly on the way to where we were going that night.  If we had not been getting out or going somewhere else we probably would have forgotten about it.   But we ended up driving out there and since it was empty, we looked in the windows and walked around.  It looked pretty interesting and we even let the kids out.  Immediately, Anderson started running around having a great time-I made him get back in the car.  I didn’t want to see him having lots of fun there since I knew we weren’t in the house hunting market. 
The house (and price) were intriguing enough that Robby wrote Scott that night asked if he could show it to us the next day (Sunday).  He met us there and we started looking around.  The house was listed as having only 1 bathroom so we knew that might be a problem but imagine our surprise when we discovered a second bathroom upstairs.  They had it listed wrong…shhh. 
That evening we came home and started running numbers.  We would definitely have to add a master bath and a garage and would love to add a bonus room.  The numbers worked and by Monday morning we started talking about making an offer and Robby worked on getting pre-approved.  We also found out on Monday that half of the lot was being sold separately so that added a kink to our plans. 
On Tuesday night, Scott met us out there again and we showed our folks around and the kids even got a few looks around.  On the way out of the street, Anderson saw one house with a trampoline and he wondered aloud if maybe there house was for sale instead. 
Wednesday we made an offer on the house and the other lot and while I was talking to Reagan about us thinking about moving, she said that it would be expensive and I could have some of her money to buy the house.  I took her up on it-ha!  They countered on Thursday and we countered again later that day.
Today we found out that they accepted our counter with one condition.  Originally, we had the contingency that we would sell our house in 60 days before we closed but they countered for us to close now on the new house and they would be willing to buy our house at a discount in 90 days if it doesn’t sell.  The discount is still at an acceptable price to us and worth alot of to have less stress for Robby so we accepted.  And now it looks like within the month we could have a new baby and a new house. 
Robby paused the kids movie in the car tonight to tell them that it looks like we would be moving and they responded with “could you unpause the movie?”  We are pretty excited (and at least one of us pretty overwhelmed).  Obviously, nothing has been signed so anything could fall apart but we are having lots of fun planning and dreaming.
So here are a few details-It is about 5 miles down Lawson.  Yes, it is in the country and there are a few houses/trailers that you have to pass.  It has 2 acres mostly on the sides of the house but they are flat.  The house is 2 story built in 1972 but just completely redone.  Obviously, there is still a list of things to do including adding a master bathroom, garage and bonus room.  Work will begin on those as soon as our house sells.  We might even change the current the driveway  to come from the other street and in front of the house for a long driveway up the property . 
There is a large living area, master bedroom and one other one down (which will be school room/baby room/treadmill room) and 2 bedrooms upstairs that will be the kids rooms.  The windows are huge as well as all of the closets-they are all walk in (who would have expected that in an old house).  It is 2800 square feet as compared to our 1500 square feet house.  The kids won’t know what to do with all of that space-we have already talked about letting them all sleep in one room for awhile until they get used to things (and yes, the kids rooms will be big enough to do that in). 
All that to say-if you have a good back or even a truck you probably should not take any of our calls or emails in the next few weeks.  Now the excitement remaining will be to see what will happen first…a big move or a baby!  

August 26, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Cash!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We had an early start this morning because we had to start school before it was time to go swimming at Kennedy’s house.  Reagan, Kennedy, Noah and Alyssa Kate all go to Comm Central so Reagan just  assumed that it was a school party. 
  • We had our breakfast and then started school.  Before long it was time to put on those bathing suits and head over to swim.  The kids could have played inside with the new toys but soon they saw the pool and headed downstairs.
  • When Campbell saw the pool she exclaimed “oh, wow!”  Anderson was the first off of the diving board and even though he did good, he never went back on it again.  Graham “no fear” went off of the diving board continuously the whole time we were there.  He would try to imitate Noah and do flips, somersaults or jump backwards.  Of course all of his fancy dives looked the same.  Reagan spent her time putting her head underwater, trying to touch the bottom or playing hide and seek.
  • Jodee had offered to feed us (I had tried to swing by McDonalds on the way there and pick up burgers but they didn’t serve breakfast until 10:30 and it was a few minutes before).  We munched and then swam for a few more minutes before leaving.  It was after 2 when we made it home and Campbell and Graham were asleep.  I had to wake them to get them out of the car. 
  • The big 3 headed upstairs and Campbell went to the fridge to get her milk….at least I thought.  As I nudged her out of the fridge, she didn’t have her milk but a slice of pizza.  I figured that she might have been hungry so I let her have it-at least until I put her into bed.  A pizza lover just like her Daddy.
  • Reagan had a bit more school to finish so her and Anderson stayed up for a few more minutes until she finished.  Everyone slept for a long while and soon it was time to load up again and go to Cash’s birthday party.
  • Cash celebrated his 5th birthday with a construction themed party and everyone had a good time.  There was Mexican food, cupcakes, a three legged race (which Reagan and Lilly won) and lots of trampoline jumping.
  • Tonight was Anderson’s night to spend the night at Grannmyom’s house so we left him at the party and came home to put the other’s in the bathtub.  Campbell and Graham went to sleep in their rooms and Reagan watched a few movies in our bed until her bed time.

August 25, 2011

Making Pizzas!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School day so everyone was up and ready early.  Today was were red day for Graham and I had Anderson a red shirt laid out too (you know so they can find each other on the playground) and he said that he didn’t like red.  This was news to me since he wore red Tuesday and slept in red pajamas last night but anyway, he found another shirt and all was well.
  • I took the boys to school and they just walk in without a problem-I know this should be a wonderful thing but it is kind of starting to make me sad.  Not that I liked Graham’s fits but at least he showed that he would miss me terribly with his fits.
  • Robby dropped off the girls.  As soon as Reagan walked in she asked Grannymom if they could go and pick something.  And since apples are on a tree around the corner from her they went and picked a few.  When they came home, they made apple dumplings and boy were they yummy.  Reagan did some of her school work at Grannymoms to lighten the load a bit.
  • Robby picked up all of the kids while I stopped by work-though I should have ran one more errand and picked up some milk since we were out.  Thankfully, we had one last cupful so we were able to make it through the afternoon.
  • We had lunch and then they played with legos until school time and nap time for Campbell.  After school our big activity was washing the legos-some how they had gotten a little bit smelly (I actually try not to think about how they have become stinky). 
  • Robby came home and we made mini pizzas out of english muffins and the kids gobbled them up and were so pleased with their pizza.  Then we ran to Nonna and Pops’ house to work on his computer for a few minutes.  Soon we were back home and they were all tucked snug in bed.

August 24, 2011

Tractor Time!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham woke up a bit before 11 last night crying.  He couldn’t ever calm down-he had stuffy nose but that was really all.  We don’t know if he was ever really awake but he wasn’t pleased downstairs with us and his milk didn’t please him either.  Finally, So Robby eventually put him in our room and let him watch a Mickey Mouse.  We thought he would be back asleep but soon we heard him call for another movie-that is the one that he finally fell asleep with.  We just left him in our bed for the night and he never stirred.
  • Another morning of craziness around here.  Simply having rain was enough to make the kids a bit wild.  We had our breakfast and then put on our clothes (even though we didn’t leave the house). 
  • Soon we started school around the table to corral Campbell but before long she was climbing on top of the high bar type table in the den.  The child is quite the climber-kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, kitchen table…thankfully, she hasn’t figured out how to climb up the bunk bed ladders.
  • We spent most of the morning finishing up school and then all had corn dogs for lunch.  Campbell can down a corn dog in nothing flat.  It is pretty impressive-maybe she can be one of those food eaters that eats food quickly in competitions.  Probably not the first career choice for the child nor the healthiest.
  • They watched a movie and then we looked at a few photo albums.  Scott dropped by to see the house and then I worked on making a freezer meal (yes, the nesting/cooking has begun) and then it was nap time for the kids
  • Anderson has stopped sleeping at nap but him and Reagan are still in separate rooms for the most part.  They did eventually beg me to let them play together and since I thought it would buy me more time, I agreed.
  • We had supper and then Grandpa came over to fix the tractor-this was the highlight of the week for the boys because they had been waiting for days for their tractor ride.  Everyone had their first ride and then supper for Robby and more rides for the big 3.
  • After baths it was time for bed and so far, everyone seems very quite.  Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed!

August 23, 2011

Some days are rougher
than others!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School day for the boys and I can not believe how well Graham continues to go into his class.  He did hug me 2 times today and I started to get a bit worried (Anderson did the same thing but then he turned around and could have cared less that I was leaving).  Ms. Wendolyn mentioned him coming to look at the fish and he then turned and walked right in.
  • The girls spent the morning at Nonna’s house-they played outside, took a bath, made pudding (which Campbell helped herself to when Nonna wasn’t looking) and washed dishes in the sink (this turned into an all out soak fest with both of them sitting on the cabinets with their feet in the sink)
  • The girls were still washing feet when I made it back with the boys so they had their turn in the sink and then it was lunch time.  The kids were fairly hungry and then they all devoured what was left of the pudding after they had finished.
  • Back at home, we started school a bit late and then we were rushed when it was time to go and meet everyone to look at a house.  We kept the kids in the car while we looked-yes, a movie and bribes of candy and juice boxes helped out.  Finally, they were screaming for us and started to get restless so they were allowed to come in (for a bit)
  • We stopped by Wendys for supper on the way home and then we made it there just in time for the kids to sit down and watch the garage door repair man.  I barely made it outside with their food before he was finished (seriously, the guy was here for 20 minutes and Robby said it would have taken them all day long). 
  • Campbell quite enjoyed being outside and when we all came in she figured out how to open the door and let herself outside a few times.  The garage was up because Robby was working on the tractor/burning his eyebrows off (well, almost).  When I repeatedly retrieved her from the garage she had a meltdown.  I wasn’t able to calm her down so she was sent to bed (tonight’s pictures are from her meltdown)
  • Everyone else played for a bit and watched a movie until it was time for bed.  Robby and I cleaned like we have never cleaned before (ha, though that isn’t saying a whole lot though).  Looks like we are making an offer on a house tomorrow and putting ours on the market (baby countdown is 33 days…yep, life is getting a bit crazy around here)

August 22, 2011

Which one looks mischevious?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning for Reagan and Anderson; there is just enough 'extra' time between when we drop Anderson off and when Reagan's school starts. So we made two loops around the preschool circle and then Reagan wanted to go one more time
  • Campbell and Graham came back home with Mom for a little play time and countdown to when Anderson would be home
  • Robby picked up Anderson from school - he said he another good time, they sang a song and went outside. I'm sure they did other educational things too
  • Lunch for everyone and then time for legos - Anderson wanted to do that as soon as he walked in the house but managed to make it until after lunch
  • After Robby went back to work, we played a bit more and then it was 'rest' time - at least for Graham & Campbell and soon it was time to pick up Reagan
  • Kennedy S. came home with Reagan after school but a stop at Sonic for Happy Hour was in order first
  • The girls played and played and even let the boys play with them some - at least for a round of DVD Candyland
  • A snack and then Robby was home and it was time to gather up our stuff. Tara was off to Bunko and Robby loaded up everyone to meet Kennedy's mom to drop off her.
  • Robby picked up supper to bring home - hoping to have time to ride the tractor before it got dark. But instead it started raining as we got home so the tractor ride was postponed again. So a movie was in order before a quick drink of milk and then prayers.

August 21, 2011

A whole lot of Love!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby and I were up before the sun came up-like we were going on a trip.  Campbell woke up around 6:10ish and joined us on the couch.  She covered up, snuggled and had some milk until she heard the boys.  Then she jumped up with a grunt and ran up the stairs to get her brothers
  • They all watched a movie in our bed while Robby and I snoozed a bit (him in the bed and me in the floor).  The next thing that I knew naked children were running around trying to put on their clothes screaming about getting cinna minis.  Soon we were all in the car making a few stops on the way to church (cinna minis for the kids from Burger King, a breakfast burrito for Robby and a drink for me from Sonic)
  • Campbell is now my fit thrower when she gets dropped off and Graham was hesitant but he walked right on in his class with the promise to get to paint.  That boy does love to paint.  Reagan and Anderson went to big church with us and a briefly thought that poor Anderson was going to get snatched up by his Daddy and taken to the back and beaten but he quickly straightened up (though he continued to be a bit defiant/tired all day long)
  • Since Nonna and Pops were out of town today we were on our own for Sunday lunch.  We pulled out fish leftovers for the kids but they had all grabbed their milk before we could get the car unloaded so they were not that hungry (though they did gobble down their supper-maybe we should just start feeding them two meals a day).
  • After lunch, Campbell took a nap while everyone else waited on the garage door repair man to come (he was a no show) and then Grannymom stayed with the crew while Grandpa and us went to look at a house (yes, surprising huh?  Who knows, probably already has an offer but worth a look.  Good price but would still need a few things.  I love to dream and plan but Robby will now have the house bug.  And yes, perfect timing-thinking about buying and selling a house all within a month of having a baby.  Whatever happens happens and since my Gamble Road house is pretty perfect I’ll be happy either way)
  • When we came back, Robby ran to church while we stayed at home.  We figured that the Lord’s Supper in combination with Reagan (who would be fine) and the boys (who would not understand why they weren’t getting a snack) in church it would all be too much for me to handle while Robby was serving the Lord’s Supper. 
  • This evening, the boys continued having trouble picking up their toys.  So after their supper, they watched a movie, we read a few books and then they were sent to bed early (though it didn’t really bother them since they were exhausted from missing their nap).  I currently have the nesting bug and am continuously sneaking toys and other stuff out to the garage for the garage sale pile so hopefully, if I do this for the next 5 weeks the toy mess will be pruned a bit.
  • Campbell went to bed with the boys and yes, potty training is going well.  Ha!  She did potty on the potty for Grannymom today but other than that she is obsessed with going potty.  I put her on the potty in our bathroom and then she wanted to potty in the other bathroom as well.  (I don’t have time for that)  She is also my refrigerator girl-she opens the door and sits her bottom down in the fridge to cool herself off.  My project for tomorrow is to find that refrigerator lock. 
  • Reagan stayed up and watched one movie after everyone went to bed.  She then wanted for us to ballet dance and then count to 100.  Before long she was in bed and Robby was getting in from church. 

August 20, 2011

Fish Fry!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • What a wonderful Saturday morning-most of us never even changed out of our pajamas.  The kids woke up and played around while I finished a few things and then we had a nutritional breakfast (peanut butter pie)
  • Campbell and Graham had already seen us eating our pie and even eaten a few bites of it.  So I thought that everyone should have their fair share of pie as well.  No one had any complaints about this-Reagan finished her tiny pie piece and then asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as well.
  • The highlight was Robby working at the garage door and everyone wanted to go out and supervise him.  Then they wanted to help him mow….but his “tractor” (riding lawnmower) wasn’t working as well.  This was pretty devastating to Graham who really wanted to help Robby mow (he did get to walk behind the push mower for a bit and came back in the house grinning from ear to eat).  Yes, everything is falling apart around here like (including me and my back) the den air conditioner (has this given Robby the house hunting bug?  maybe so.)
  • Jason came over to borrow our scanner and stayed to play for a bit.  Robby was still working on the yard so the kids entertained Jason while Robby finished.  Then the mower ran out of gas so Robby picked up some burgers (and gas of course).  We all ate and then Jason finally got his picture scanned.  While he was here, I was able to clean out most of my closet (it had become a royal mess and I was working on room for a few baby things inside as well).
  • Next up, Grannymom and Grandpa came over.  Campbell grabbed Grannymom’s hand, told me bye bye and decided that she was going to head out the door-and she even got to.  She spent the afternoon with Grannymom and Grandpa.  Had a bath, took a nap-she was happy to see us tonight but I don’t really think that she missed us at all.
  • The kids had an afternoon rest and afterwards, Robby let Reagan and Anderson help him make smoothies.  We woke Graham up so he wouldn’t miss out on anything and soon it was time for everyone to get ready for this evening.
  • We had fish fry at Robby’s brother’s house and then kids enjoyed running in the yard and then playing in the house while we ate.  Lilly, Cash and 2 of their friends were there as well so it was a big time.  When we finally made it home, everyone was pretty tired and they all put on their pjs by themselves (except for Campbell-though she did say “peepee” and got to sit on the potty for a bit-think I could get her potty trained in a few weeks?)

August 19, 2011

Will you let me sleep???
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • The plan for the morning was breakfast and then school.  All went very well even school.  We did our calendar board at the table and things went surprisingly well.  And the highlight of Reagan’s school day was getting to work on her beads that I bought her at ikea. 
  • I helped the kids load up a large diaper box of toys to donate.  They did pretty good and surprisingly much better than I expected picking things out to donate.  Of course, with that gone it still doesn’t even make a dent in the plethora of toys around here.  Maybe we can load up another box soon (or maybe I will load up a box some night while they are sleeping)
  • All Graham could think about this morning was going to Ms. Tammys-I had an appointment at 1:30 and every time I walked to the garage, picked up a bag or opened the fridge he asked if it was time to go.  Finally it was time to go and then kids did very well (yes, it helped that I had my spoon in my bag, Ms. Tammy had suckers and I also had juice boxes in the car).  Actually, they were perfect-they just sat and colored until time to go.
  • Back at home it was laundry and then nap time.  Reagan was the first one up but everyone else slept until Robby came home and we woke them up. Supper and then everyone stayed with Robby while I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials (i.e. milk-for the kids and ice cream-for me). 
  • Tonight as we set down on the couch, we heard the dreaded “Mommy, I need to tell you something.”  Anderson was sitting up on his bed and almost in tears.  He said that the ceiling was falling down on him and getting into his eyes.  I checked but didn’t see anything and asked if he had touched the ceiling.  All was well when I pulled the covers over his head and told him that Robby would check the ceiling in the morning.

August 18, 2011

If you are happy and know it...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Another school day for the boys and Graham was not happy at all that he was not getting to go to Grannymom’s house like the girls.  He continuously said that he wanted to go to Grannymom’s house the whole way to school and I braced for the worst at drop off.  Surprisingly, even though we were the first ones there, he walked right in like he had done it a zillion times
  • The girls had a full morning at Grannymoms-Reagan did a bit of school work, they played outside, went to the grocery store, played at Lilly’s playground, played inside and even had lunch.  Quite a full day led for one tired Campbell but she was willing to stay awake to eat her popsicle. 
  • After everyone finished their lunches, Campbell took her nap and we started school.  Everyone worked pretty hard (Reagan always does, I am mainly talking about the boys).  I had a good bribe for them-making a frozen grape popsicle, helping me sort pieces of felt and the grand finale of school today was making cinnamon rolls
  • We had our snack and then they watched a few movies until Campbell woke up and Robby made it home with supper.  When Robby was about home, I looked at the couch and saw that Graham was snoozing away-he still needs an afternoon nap but sure doesn’t want to miss out on anything else going on at the house.  We had our supper and then the kids played (ie, destroyed the house) happily for most of the evening.
  • Eventually, it was time for bed and I do love school days because everyone goes to sleep so quickly.
  • I also had my doctor’s appointment today so click here to see how things are going. 

August 17, 2011

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • It was pajama day around here.  Graham who usually is the first one to put on his clothes spent the night at Nonna’s house so he wasn’t around to start the putting on the clothes trend.  He had a great time with Pops and Nonna-saw Beebee and Papaw, ate broccoli (don’t really believe this; UPDATE:  it was actually brussel sprouts), played ball, slept in Pops’ room and had ice cream for breakfast.
  • We started some of our school work at the breakfast table this morning and then played until Graham came home from Nonna’s house.  Soon we started school and it was quite eventful with Campbell awake-she just wants to touch everything.  Next plan is for our morning board to be done at the kitchen table (with her buckled securely in her seat).
  • Before Graham made it home, Reagan saw that it was raining and before I knew what was happening, she was dressed in rain boots and holding an umbrella asking to go outside.  Campbell was next to come to me-wearing Anderson’s socks, one of her shoes and one of Reagan’s shoes (yes, she can put on shoes and socks by herself-it’s not pretty but she can do it.  Why can’t my boys do this though?)
  • Campbell had a morning nap while we finished up school.  Graham does fairly well during the school mornings but after he is done (he decides that-not me) then it is all downhill.  Everyone thinks they need my attention all of the time (man, it’s like they are children or something? ha!)
  • Next up was lunch and then a bit of play time before naps.  Blessed nap time-I actually had a nap today but for me to do that I had to hide my to do list from myself.  Before I managed to get up, Reagan and Anderson were sitting beside me on the couch watching a movie and having a snack.  Reagan chose gum for her snack-she had never had gum.  So the questions that were asked were “do I just suck on it?” “can I chew it?” “what happens if I swallow it?” “is it okay if I eat this?”  Quite entertaining.
  • I saw the mail come earlier in the day but I didn’t think that I should go to the mailbox in my pajamas and since I couldn’t send the kids, I thought about putting on clothes and since we needed milk and that meant a Sam’s run for supper, we all had to get on our clothes.
  • We walked around Sams-Reagan picked out cupcakes to bring to her school for her birthday, we bought some snacks for the boys to take to school when it is their snack day (Graham doesn’t understand that tomorrow isn’t his snack day-he also wanted me to go to school and get his scissors out of his school box so he could cut something out today as well)  Also Graham had to pick out his cupcakes for his birthday (yes, 11 and 1/2 months away) and he also couldn’t understand why we didn’t buy his cupcakes and take them home tonight-so he walked away with the second best thing-an order form.
  • Back at home, we had our milk, brushed our teeth, said our prayers and most everyone was out pretty quickly.

August 16, 2011

1st Day of Pre-K 3!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Today was our fourth first day back to school (2 for Reagan-one at home and one at Comm Central, 1 for Anderson and today was Graham’s turn).  Graham was so excited about going to Anderson’s class.  He took a picture with his sign and then held it the whole way to school.
  • Anderson was quick to walk into school this morning and found his name and washed his hands like this was his 100th day of school.  Graham followed Anderson’s lead and did great.  I asked him if he wanted to play with blocks and he said “no” and then I said “find something to do” and hugged him and walked out.  And there wasn’t any drama (prayers answered)
  • Reagan and Campbell spent the morning playing at Nonna’s house.  They snacked, played outside, rode in the wagon pulled by Nonna and Reagan cleaned up the toy room without being asked.  She didn’t however do a tiny bit of her school work that I had sent over.  Nonna asked but she refused-hopefully, she realized this afternoon that she should have done it this morning so she could have finished school a bit earlier.
  • The boys both received good reports when I picked them up at school.  They played together on the playground and Anderson let Graham use one of his trains that he was playing with.  And yes, I dressed them in the same colors so they could find each other on the playground (per Anderson’s request).  Graham said that they sang lots of fun songs today, had a snack, played on the playground and colored. 
  • When it was time for him to leave, he tried to take his school box back home and we almost had a meltdown when I told him to leave it there for next time.  He did have a stack of papers (similar to what Reagan would make) and clung tightly to them the whole way home.  They were all colored in orange.
  • Next up was lunch at Nonna’s house and then everyone played for a few minutes until time to go.  It was time to go because Graham was sitting on the couch about to fall asleep.  When we made it home, Campbell had a nap and Graham tried and tried to sleep but couldn’t-he was so excited about spending the night with Nonna.
  • In fact, when Nonna arrived to pick him up, Nonna walked in the door and Graham walked out heading to her car.  He was so ready to go.  Just a bit more school work for Reagan to finish and then it was time to make pudding (her last school thing to do) and then her and Anderson helped me make Mexican casserole for supper.
  • Campbell woke up next and helped me put the baby clothes in a drawer and then took the baby bottles out of the bag for me.  She enjoyed trying to put the lids on them and even liked trying to drink out of them-maybe she liked that a bit too much.  Just a few sips of formula will cure that though.
  • Robby came home and we had casserole and pudding and then the kids played.  Without Graham here tonight things were pretty calm until Reagan got in trouble and then packed her bag and told us that she was running away.  She was kidding it was quite entertaining.  Later Robby mentioned giving her away and she shouted “don’t send me to China”
  • Anderson and Reagan are sleeping in the same room tonight and I think that I heard Reagan trying to sing Anderson asleep.

August 15, 2011

First Day of School
for Anderson!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Today was Anderson’s first day at pre-k this morning.  He was very proud and didn’t seem to hesitate walking into class.  It probably helped that his class last year was right next door. 
  • After dropping him off, the rest of us walked to see Pops for a few minutes before dropping Reagan off.  When we finally made it to Reagan’s class she was a bit skittish.  She put up her backpack, blanket and lunch box and was relieved to see that Kennedy and a new friend was sitting nearby.
  • On the way home, Graham told me that he wanted to “make something.”  I had to ask a zillion questions trying to figure out if he wanted to make a craft, food, what did he want to make.  He finally decided that he wanted to make peanut butter cookies so after coming home and cleaning the bathrooms we did make our cookies.  He was very proud and wanted to make sure that we saved some for Reagan and Anderson. 
  • Soon it was time to pick Anderson back up from church.  He had had a great day-cut some squares, punched some holes, sang a “pick up song” that helped him pick up, read a book, had a snack and played on the playground.  I thought that was a lot of information to gather from a a boy.
  • Next up was meeting with Graham’s new teacher, Ms. Wendolyn.  Anderson was very excited to show Graham around his new room.  They were two peas in a pod while I talked to Ms. Wendolyn-Campbell stared blankly at us because she was missing her morning nap.  Graham seems pretty excited about school tomorrow so hopefully he won’t have a fit. 
  • Back at home for another 2 hour stretch and this time we had our lunch and read a few stories.  Campbell had fallen asleep on the way home and slept in the floor for a few minutes and then finished her nap after Robby left to go back to work.  The boys watched a few movies and played while I worked on a few projects.
  • And soon it was again time to head back to church to pick Reagan up (usually, Robby will pick up Anderson so I will only have to go that way 2 times on Mondays instead of 3).  Pops hopped in the car with us and rode along for pick up and we were the 5th car in line but the second to leave. 
  • Here is the information that Reagan gave us from her 2nd day of school (we actually missed last week for the beach): she worked on letters B and P, asked to do art and make a cloud girl, had cupcakes for somebody’s birthday, played outside for about 10 minutes, didn’t eat all of her graham crackers, went to music and that was only a few of the things she mentioned. 
  • Home for some more playtime and then it was time to pick up the house.  I had let the kids do their own thing while I worked and things had gotten very out of hand.  It took lots of work since they had made a mess in every room of the house including the garage. 
  • By the time Robby came home, Graham was in trouble for not picking up and Campbell was also in trouble for biting me.  She was pretty shocked with my reaction and the swift swat she received. 
  • We had a quick supper and then headed over to Dana’s jump on the trampoline.  The kids had so much fun and especially Campbell-she would just laugh and laugh as she was bounced around uncontrollably. 
  • Back at home, it was time for baths and then bed.  Pretty good day.

August 14, 2011

Nothing beats playing
with toys at home!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Everyone slept well last night and by the time we stirred it was time to get moving and head to church.  Everyone had new Sunday School classes.  Graham thought that he was going into Anderson’s class and couldn’t understand why Anderson wasn’t going to be in there.  Anderson did try to bust into his old class-I know he will certainly miss his old teachers.
  • This was the first Sunday for Anderson and Reagan to both go to big church on Sunday morning and they did better than I expected.  Campbell on the other hand threw a royal fit in her class when Robby returned her from her wagon ride and took another set of kids.  She was mad, mad, mad-little stinker.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom’s house and we had roast since it’s Jenna’s favorite and she is headed off to college this week.  The kids played with toys and eventually they went out to swing for a few minutes.  Soon it was time to go and the little one’s had naps
  • Reagan and Anderson were up when I headed off to go shopping for a few minutes.  I passed then out gummies and left.  When I returned Graham was downstairs as well and not only had they had their gummies but they had also had a few pieces of bread-like the bread bag was laying on the floor in the den and there were bread pieces everywhere.
  • The Truth concert was at church.  Anderson fell asleep, Graham held his ears and Reagan eventually started coloring.  When it had been over an hour, Robby left to get Campbell and she set for a bit-singing along (loudly), clapping and dancing until we decided to take her and Graham out.  They ran around in the hall until the concert was over.
  • Next up was supper at Wendys and then home for milk and bed.  Anderson’s standard nighttime prayer usually includes “Thank you God for making the dinosaurs before you made the people.”  Never really thought about it that way but I’m pretty thankful God did make the dinosaurs before he made people too.

August 13, 2011

Celebrating Nonna's birthday!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We tried our best to make our room like a hotel this morning-fan going, dark curtains, kids sleeping everywhere on the floor and it worked until almost 9.  Soon we were loading up going to Nonna’s and Pops’ house
  • The kids spent the morning over there so we could unpack and all.  We spent more of the morning running around than unpacking.  We got the oil changed, washed and vacuumed the car, went to pick up Robby’s car from work, then Robby headed to the grocery store for that much needed milk (we had milk from a kiddie meal at a restaurant last night to pour in their cups and Anderson would have none of it saying it tasted funny-anytime we have milk from a carton he will not drink it-odd).  We did manage to get most of the laundry started, do the dishes, go through the mail and straighten the house a bit
  • The kids had a big time at Nonna and Pops’ house-mostly they ate and had baths.  Campbell even had two baths-she got out, got ready and then decided she wanted to get back in with the next bather.
  • On our way home, we stopped by Grannymom and Grandpa’s house to see them for a few minutes and Campbell was all about showing off how she jumped into the pool.  She had showed Nonna when Robby asked but this time she walked in the door and immediately started showing Grannymom
  • Back at home, Campbell, Graham and Robby had naps.  Reagan and Anderson played and I…well, I’m not really sure what I did but I never did get that nap.  I am going to miss my naps that I became used to on the beach.
  • Soon it was time to meet Jason, Nonna and Pops at Palio’s for Nonna’s birthday celebration.  Earlier in the day, Reagan had gone shopping with Pops to buy Nonna a present and picked her our a lovely bracelet that even matched Nonna’s outfit.  Reagan was so proud of this present-and Pops agreed that Reagan takes quite a long time in the stores.  He even said she might be a slower shopper than Nonna! 
  • After supper and our delicious pizza (although they are no longer serving their apple strusel-which I never had the chance to get and am very disappointed about) we headed to Orange Leaf for a bit of dessert. The kids all had their own bowls and Campbell was the only one who devoured hers.  That little booger can eat!  Graham said he loved Orange Leaf because his favorite color was orange. 
  • When we made it home, the kids all helped (I use the term helped very loosely) with putting away the laundry and then Robby let them sleep in our room one more night.  Since they are in here, Robby and I are also doing our computing in here so we probably will manage to go to bed a bit earlier than usual.  From the sounds of things, most of the kids are already asleep. 

Beach Trip: August 12, 2011

One last dip in the pool...
before heading home.
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Before I forget, yesterday while we were playing at McDonalds, Anderson looked at the shoe caddy and said “wow, somebody has big shoes.”  We turned to look and saw a pair of Ronald McDonald’s shoes on top of the shoe caddy-he really thought one of the kids he was playing with had feet that big.  Okay, back to today…
We again slept late this morning but Robby and I were pretty quick to get up when the kids started stirring-we had lots to do and lots to pack.  I had packed quite a bit the evening before but there are always lots of last minute things to load up into the bags and suitcases.  The kids were happy to eat breakfast again at the condo after missing it yesterday.  Campbell would get so excited whenever she would see Laynie and this morning was no different.  All she wanted to do was lead her around by the hand even though Laynie had no interest in this at all.  Campbell is going to be a great big sister because whenever she heard Laynie or Hayley she would get so happy and squeal “baby.”
It didn’t take too long for us to head out for the swimming pool today.  It probably didn’t take that long because we skipped sunscreen in our haste out the door.  We did remember when we stepped outside and felt the sun beating down on us.  But we knew we weren’t going to stay out too long so we didn’t return for it.  Reagan was so excited because today we went down to the other swimming pool-it was pretty much the same as the other one that we had been hanging out at but this one was a bit bigger, deeper and new.  Graham could have cared less about swimming, all he wanted to do was wear his goggles.  He would have worn them in the bath if we would have let him or even slept in them. 
The kids were all about jumping in, going under the water and trying to touch the bottom today.  Campbell continued jumping in and really enjoyed the pool today-probably because she was fresh today and not worn out from the beach.  I did have to change a messy diaper and when we returned to the pool area, she discovered the kiddie pool.  She thought she was something else getting into that pool and soon the other 3 migrated over our way.  They all spent the last few minutes of our swim time bouncing from big pool to little pool.
When we said it was time to leave, they didn’t really bat an eye and followed us back to the condo for showers.  The big kids have really gotten good at helping us out when we are packing-the look in the drawers, under the beds and behind the curtains for anything we have left-though they end up finding things that aren’t ours.  We grabbed a few bags of chips and headed down luggage in tow to pack up the car.
I stopped at the trash chute on the way out and man, that was one spooky place.  A person could fall down that hole.  Eeek, I never want to live in a place that has a trash chute.  Gives me the chills just thinking about it.
The kids sat in the car while we loaded up.  The trunk and car stuff was easy to put in but we didn’t know how reloading and reattaching the on top of the car bag would work but it was just fine.  It didn’t really take us too long to strap it all back down and then fill it up.  The kids munched on their chips and watched a movie while they waited.  We were on the road by 12:30-about an hour and a half ahead of schedule. 
We just followed the gps and were surprised when we realized that we were going home through Montgomery.  We were on the other side of Sandestin and if we had been in Destin it would have taken us home through Mobile.  Either way, the time said it was about the same even though the way we went seemed longer.  Oh, well at least some of it was new roads to us and some of it was fairly familiar since we were there in May.  We had our first bit of a rain storm about an hour after leaving Destin.   
Our first stop was a potty stop for Graham-he enjoys watering the grass from the side of the van.  We stopped to potty again and grab lunch at McDonalds and then another stop for gas.  Since I am writing this a day late, I can’t really remember the exact order of stops but we did stop again for gas and then once for a supper drive through at Fazollis (good but they forgot my breadsticks).  So we had a total of 5-6 stops costing us an hour and a half on the gps.  But when you consider at each potty stop we have one diaper to change, 3 pottiers plus Robby and I, that is probably not too incredibly bad. 
In Memphis, we came upon a pretty bad wreck that had just happened-one car pretty smashed and one car on fire.  We were probably a minute or two after it had happened but thankfully, we were able to skirt across a few lanes of traffic and exit before we were stuck or rear ended.  Of course, seeing that bothered Robby and I but not nearly as much as it bothered the kids.  All they wanted to do was talk about it and since the fire trucks and all weren’t there yet this caused even more concern for the cars.  We said a prayer for the folks involved and then I thought I would turn on a happy movie to get their minds off of it.  I picked a cheery looking Disney movie but it ended up being so scary that Anderson asked to turn it off. 
Something else that was scary once we made it into Arkansas was the lightening.  The lightening was wild, bright, continuous until we made it home.  The wind was pretty wild too-I had actually never felt the wind on the van like that.  We were very fortunate because we never hit rain until Carlisle even though we thought the bottom was going to fall out from West Memphis on.  By now the kids were snoozing and didn’t really see the lightening show. 
At Carlisle, it started pouring.  It was bad enough that we were both having to watch the lines to make sure we stayed on the road.  We were about to take the next exit and get off the road for a bit when it started to slack off.  Soon it was back to a drizzle and all was well.  I tell you though, we had two vehicles (i.e. idiots) fly by us during the rain.  They were going at least the speed limit if not more even though we were crawling at 40ish since we couldn’t see a thing.  This was a true test for our roof bag and Robby was pretty delighted to see that all was well and dry when we made it home.
We made it home around 12 and Graham was the first one in the house and grabbed his guitar and started singing “Oh, Arkansas, oh, Arkansas” while Anderson held his ears, laid on the couch and cried because his brother’s music was too loud.  Everyone woke up pretty well and while they wandered into the house, Robby and I unloaded the car, found the sleeping bags and started a load of laundry.  The kids were all delighted to learn that they would get to sleep in our room since it was just easier and quicker than getting everyone in their beds. 
It was a very good trip and lots of fun.  The kids are already ready to go back to the beach.  Reagan wants to go back to find more seashells, Anderson wants to return to dig more in the sand, Graham is going to go parasailing with me next time and Campbell, well I think she enjoyed the naps!

Beach Trip: August 11, 2011

Never a DULL moment!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
We started our morning with Campbell waking up first but she laid with us for awhile and soon everyone was up and stirring.  We had even set the alarm this morning because we were headed out to get donuts and didn’t want to miss out.  The kids noticed that alarm clock that displayed on the ceiling and it was quite the conversation piece for them.
We made it to the Donut Hole around 9 and I was immediately concerned that the donuts we wanted-chocolate creme filled with powdered super on the outside-were gone.  We line was to the doorway when we arrived and the parking lot was super full.  But they had plenty but no seats so we found a bench outside and dug in.  The kids really enjoyed the chocolate covered one-we made them eat all of them and not just lick the tops off like they do at home.  Campbell picked a sprinkled donut and ate all of hers as well.  By the time we left, the line was out the door and down the porch and we were in a sugar high.
Back down to Destin to our putt putt place from last night.  The kids were so excited that we were going to get to play today and we did not have to pay (since we had a rain check from last night). And even more exciting was that they each got the color ball they wanted-Graham orange, Anderson blue and Reagan red.  We picked the mountain course because it looked like it had more shade despite the hills we would have to carry Campbell in her stroller up and down.
There will be no Tiger Woods coming from the Dennie house-I can tell you that right now.  Anderson was probably the most into it but was too impatient to wait for his ball to stop most of the time before he would hit it again.  By the end, Anderson’s approach was more like sweeping the ball into the hole.  Reagan held the club in an awkward manner and could never figure out the right way to do it but surprisingly her score would probably have been the lowest.  That is if we would have taken score-it was so early in the morning that we would have had trouble adding that high anyway.  Graham’s game started off well but by the end of the 18 holes, he would pick up his ball and place it on the edge of the hole and knock it in or he might even hit it once and then just drop it in. 
We let Campbell out of the stroller about hole 15.  It was so hot that she didn’t want to get out before then.  It was so hot in fact that the kids were dripping wet with sweat.  The boys were sweating like Robby sweats and well, we were all sweating like Robby sweats.  There really was not a dry stitch of clothes on us when we left the place.  But back to Campbell, she was all about playing when she climbed out of the stroller.  She tried with the club but then just drug it behind her.  We had a few holes were the ball went down the pipe to another area and she was fine with that.  But when it came to the last hole and we tried to get her to put the ball in the hole-she looked at us and said “uhn uhn.”  She looked in the hole and was going to have nothing to do with putting her beloved ball in that hole.  We finally had to take it from her to put it in the last hole and it was not a pretty site.  Campbell must have heard us say that the ball wouldn’t come back or maybe when she peered in the hole she decided that it looked different from the rest but I thought we will probably have to give that girl a golf ball for her birthday.
Back in the car, the kids had juice boxes to help them cool down.  I had forgotten to bring any drinks with us and even forgotten Campbell’s milk so thankfully, Robby thought about picking up some juice boxes at Walmart before our putt putt game.  We then stopped at McDonalds to get us something to drink and since they had an indoor play place we let them play for awhile.  It was too early to eat lunch when we came but soon it was after 11 so we ate there. 
Our next stop on the way back to the condo was a souvenir shop and we let the kids all pick something out.  It didn’t take too long for the boys to decide but shopping with Reagan is torturous for me and Robby because we don’t linger in stores and make decisions fairly quickly.  But Reagan marches to a different drummer when she gets in a store.  I tried not to rush her but did point out a few things that she might could buy.  Eventually, she made her selections as well.  What did we buy for 5 dollars each-the boys each got a shovel and goggles and Reagan picked out goggles and a necklace.  Campbell didn’t get anything but she didn’t really seem to mind too much.  And yes, we steered clear of the hermit crab section.  We don’t need any other living things in our house and thankfully, no one even saw it.
When we left there, we went back to the condo to change clothes to go swimming.  As everyone was out on the balcony getting their dose of sunscreen, we saw the clouds.  Robby said we should wait a few minutes and sure enough a downpour came.  We waited for about 15 minutes until it blew over and this gave me a little bit of time to pack since we are going home tomorrow. 
The rain had just barely stopped and we went to the beach.  The McGuires headed out with us and it was perfect beach weather.  It was cloudy and empty.  No one was out there at all.  The boys enjoyed digging with their shovels and making a sand castle.  Reagan picked up a zillion shells and pieces of shells.  We are going to make a picture frame at home with all of her shells.  Anderson made a treasure map in the sand with an “x” to mark the spot.  I also worked on flying the kite (yes, the lightening had stopped by then).  And no, we are not kite flying people.  Jaymie had managed to fly their kite the other day but maybe there wasn’t enough wind today.  Anderson and Graham did enjoy running with the kite trailing behind them-trailing mostly on the ground. 
Soon Campbell was ready to go-she doesn’t have alot of words but she grabbed my hand today and said “walk” and then led me in the direction of the boardwalk.  It wasn’t time to go yet so she was pretty upset but after awhile I was able to get her interested in digging in the sand some more and she calmed for a few more minutes. 
The pool was next and Reagan and Anderson have become so brave in the water.  Anderson will jump in the water without floatees and touch the bottom.  Reagan is not as brave as he is but she has still gotten to be pretty brave and they both are going under the water all of the time.  If we swam more often they would probably be like little fish.  Graham is just content to float around on his back and he loves to jump in the water or be thrown across the pool by Robby.  Campbell would finally jump into the water to Robby today and then would look over at me and Reagan waiting on us to clap for her.  She also has become much more brave and would leave the steps and then kick her way back to them.
It started raining at the pool and we used that excuse to head back up to the room.  After everyone had showers and changed their clothes, they thought that it was lunch time since that it what we have been doing so Robby fixed them a snack.  Campbell was falling apart as we headed out the door back to Seaside but she soon fell asleep in the car along with Graham and everyone was in a much better mood after a car ride. 
At Seaside, we got our food-Robby bought bbq from one food truck and the kids had a grilled cheese from a another one.  I ate from the grilled cheese truck but had a grilled tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwich.  It was delicious.  After our supper, we made the loop around the little square and even walked down a few streets looking at the houses.  Then we made out way to the beach but saw that the main walkway was closed for a wedding.  The kids were able to stand and see the wedding, so we watched until it was over and most of the people had cleared out and then we skirted by the sign to take walk on the beach.
I had dressed the kids in the outfits that I had planned on taking pictures in tonight but pictures didn’t go so smooth this evening.  Reagan couldn’t manage to put her arm around her brothers without squeezing their necks.  Anderson, Mr. Shifty Eyes, can’t look at the camera for anything.  Graham would have rather played in the sand and Campbell, the crazy child, all she wanted to do was run, run, run.  If we told her to run she would stop, if we said stand when would sit, if we said sit she would stand-she was being quite contrary.  We did manage to get a couple of shots in but the photo session had to be cut short after we glanced at Campbell’s diaper.  It was in desperate need of changing. 
After her change, it was time for snow cones.  The kids were in line with Robby tonight as he ordered and the lady said “large? Large is very big.” as a warning to him.  And he replied back with “we’ve been here a few times, even had a bracelet to prove it.”  He should have told the lady that he has spent nearly 100 dollars at her little snow cone stand over the past week.  But the snow cones have been one of the kids favorite things (Robby’s too probably).  After snow cones had made it into their tummys, on to their hands, face and clothes (yes, Graham rode home with out his shirt again tonight), it was time to head back to the condo.
We were the first ones back and played a few wii games and then I put Campbell in the bathtub to wash off the sand from her bottom and soon Graham came ready for a bath.  This was fine because I was able to pack some more with them in the tub.  Graham was the first to want out and soon I was about to get Campbell out (which it is never pretty getting her out of the bathtub) when along came Reagan and Anderson wanting to get into the tub.  So Campbell was given a short reprieve before having to get out. 
Once everyone was out and in their pajamas, we laid out their beds and they were out pretty quick.  Tomorrow the plan is sleeping, swimming in the pool and then hopefully leaving around 2-we will see if we can stick to that plan.

Beach Trip: August 10, 2011

A bunch of kids at the beach!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Campbell was the first one to wake up this morning around 6 but she quickly went back to sleep in bed with me.  Anderson was the next one up-but I’m not sure when because he climbed into bed with us sometime between 7 and 8.  Soon Graham was making me move so he could lay by Campbell too.  Reagan is always the last one to wake up but she is the first one ready to go and eat-such a social butterfly. 
We ate breakfast and then played around until time to head to the beach.  It was partly cloudy today so the clouds were kind of a break from the sun.  Graham did not want to go to the beach today and only wanted to go to the pool.  We finally convinced him that we would go to the pool after the beach.  As we were walking to our spot, Reagan and Anderson saw some kids working on a big hole so that was our first order of business once we put our stuff down.  We made a hole and then the girls decided that they wanted to put their feet in it once it filled with water.  Anderson, Graham and Robby worked on making a fort and then making a moat around it so the water wouldn’t get it.  It held for awhile but then it eventually succumbed to the water-Campbell might have helped weaken the walls a bit. 
The waves were better today and the kids could have played more in the water but they were too busy digging.  We did briefly lose sight of Graham one time but finally saw him trying to convince Todd to blow up their large beach ball.  When it was ready, it was time for us to head to the pool.  We played in the pool for a long while and even stayed during a short rain shower.  Kind of comical that the sprinkles cleared the pool-everyone in the pool was already wet.  Reagan and Anderson have decided that they are too big for floatees.  At least Anderson will wear his a bit but Reagan will not wear hers at all.  Tomorrow we are going to the other (deeper) pool so everyone will have to wear their floatees. 
By the time we made it back to the room, most of the kids were fussy and tired.  Shower time was pretty painful for all of us but after sitting on the back balcony for awhile, they had calmed down.  And after eating and eating and eating lunch, they were as calm as they could be.  Campbell and Graham played with their game phones (ipods) on the  couch while Reagan, Anderson and all of the rest of the big kids watched a movie. 
After a good long rest by all of us but Robby, well he did snooze for a few minutes but then did some work.  I guess the beach is the only place that it is okay for grown ups to take naps everyday and that in itself makes this a pretty good trip.  Campbell was the first to wake up and even though Robby was out of the room, I couldn’t go and get her because Anderson had made my belly into his pillow sometime during nap.  Soon we were all stirring and it was almost time for supper.
While we were waiting on supper, I asked Graham what he wanted to name our new baby and he was quick with his answer.  And answer I really wasn’t expecting and don’t think that we go with but he suggested “Jesus” as the new baby’s name.
April made poppyseed chicken and green beans tonight.  The kids were more interested in finding out what we were going to do tonight than eating supper.  It had already rained fairly well during the early evening and we thought the rain had cleared so we decided to head out to play putt putt.  The others were putting on their white uniforms and heading to the beach for pictures.
We made it to the putt putt place, paid for the kids to play and headed to the course.  Oh, sure we noticed the dark rain clouds and even a few flashes of lightening but figured that it wouldn’t come this way.  Ha, we were wrong, we didn’t even make it to the course when people started flooding toward us.  I naively thought that they had all finished at the same time-like a big group.  But then I heard someone shouting “course closed” and before we could turn around, they had turned the lights off on us.  We put up our clubs and headed back inside to get out game plan.
But as soon as we walked into the door, it started pouring.  And continued to pour for at least 20 minutes.  It was raining too hard for Robby to try and get the car so the kids sat on a few of the games and pretended to play.  Inside it was like a Chuck E Cheese with twice as many people, twice as much bling and lights, twice the noise and half the space.  Needless to say, after a bit, Campbell and Graham were pretty over stimulated and starting to melt down so Robby took a run for it to get the car. 
We were under an overhang waiting on him and the kids were sitting in a few coin operated rides.  One little boy and Reagan were on the kiddie carousel when the mom put a coin in-well, Anderson and Graham saw that and they quickly hopped on.  And that is about the time that Robby drove up to pick us up.  I got everyone off and Anderson, or Mr. Clueless, climbed into another car without an idea that we were all trying to get into the car.  By the time I had him, Graham was walking around the car in the rain looking for a door to get into-he finally saw Robby’s open door and climbed up there.  Campbell started crying because she hates getting in the car but she hates even more being in her stroller so when Robby just put her stroller with her in it in the car, she was beside herself! 
Robby backed up while I buckled everyone up and get us all settled for the ride back to the condo.  We had already discussed with everyone before we got in the car that we would have our donuts tomorrow and then play our putt putt game.  Now Robby told them that we would go back to the condo for a special treat of cookies, ice cream and wii.  This was all they needed to be perfectly content and soon they were talking about what game they wanted to play and who was going to put on their pajamas first.
Everyone else was already back and in their pjs so the kids changed their clothes while Robby worked on the cookies.  Before long, they all had cookies and milk and were settled in for a few rounds of wii before bed.  Despite the rain, it was another pretty perfect day.

Beach Trip: August 9, 2011

The Dennie Crew at Destin!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
Anderson got his bed wet at 3:30 this morning and after putting his clothes and sleeping bag in the laundry basket and retucking him in, I laid in bed wondering why he did that.  I know he was tired but he usually doesn’t wet his bed after one cup of milk…and then I remembered the snow cone the size of his head that he had earlier in the evening.  That probably did the trick.  He is so funny whenever this happens-he always says “Momma, my bed is wet but I didn’t peepee.”  He really has no clue that is what happened.
The washing machine here has been quite handy-between the 3 families we have kept it running 24/7.  Robby just said that he should have only brought one change of clothes because as soon as we take something off, I have it in the washing machine.  I wonder if our washing machine was on the same floor if I would do this much laundry at home. 
I think we are getting up a bit later everyone morning and then staying a shorter amount of time at the beach each day as well.  We took even less stuff to the beach today and that was fine since the sun was blaring.  There was a pleasant breeze that did make things very pleasant.  The flag hanging out today was a red flag and the waves were definitely pretty rough.  The kids were still able to play in the waves today and even though the waves were rougher, it seemed like the water was shallower and they had more room to play.
Today when Amber was taking a few pictures, she took one of Campbell and me but Graham stood up and came over to be in the picture with his big smile.  So she took another.  Then Amber walked to Reagan and Kennedy to take one but sure enough before she could snap a picture, Graham and Campbell had come over to sit and be in the picture.  My kids know what to do when they see a camera-they might even be camera hogs.
Our boogie board has been a big hit with all of them.  The big 3 love to ride the waves to the shore and Campbell loves to just sit on it in the shallow water with me and let the waves splash us.  Obviously, if I’m sitting on it, we don’t float anywhere.  And speaking of me, Amber mentioned that yesterday when she went to look back at pictures, she noticed that I had my bathing suit top on backwards.  All of the crew around here said that the didn’t notice but seriously, how could they not notice things poking out of the back of my bathing suit.  Gracious me, hopefully people just looked at me with pity-walking through the sand, hauling 100 pounds of stuff, dragging 4 kids behind me and 64 weeks pregnant.  Goodness, I will double check all of my clothing from now on.
Campbell was a little more restless at the beach today and was ready to go swimming at the pool.  Everyone was in fact.  Reagan and Anderson so don’t want to wear their floatees anymore but since they can’t swim they really need them.  Reagan is a little more timid in the water than Anderson but either way, I think swim lessons are in their future.  Maybe they can put it on their Christmas lists.
All of the kids love jumping off of the side of the pool.  Campbell will stand on the edge, bend her legs, raise her fingers to count and just stand there forever with a big grin on her face.  She is so funny when she does this.  But she usually doesn’t want in the pool, she just wants to sit on the edge. 
We stayed in the pool until the boys had to go to the bathroom and then headed to the room.  We are getting pretty quick at showering everyone off and getting their clothes changed again.  Here is how we do it: (I know you were wondering)  Robby showered and changed while the kids took off their suits, they all got in the shower while I laid out their next clothes, I still had on my suit so I climbed in the shower (yes, it is a very large shower) and washed everyone off and sent them out to Robby one by one.  By the time I was ready, Robby was making the kids grilled cheese and I came along to pour their drinks.  We’re a pretty good team.
After lunch, the kids played and watched a movie until Robby told Reagan and Anderson that we needed to rest so we could go to Seaside again tonight and they were back in our room in no time ready for their rest.  Rest is going much better today than yesterday-I think everyone has crashed.
After we woke up from rest (a 2 hour nap for all of us), we headed to Seaside to eat supper.  We walked on the beach and took a few pictures of the kids-I had packed them light blue outfits to wear for their photo op but that is not what they had on tonight and the opportunity for picture presented itself so we grabbed it anyway.  We laughed that we were the only ones not in white on the beach in the evening time.  I bet stores around here sell alot of white clothes for everyone’s family beach pictures. 
The BBQ truck was calling our name last night but tonight the taco bar seemed appealing and that is where we ate.  The kids devoured their cheese quesadillas and we enjoyed our tacos.  And since that snow cone stand was right across the street, we headed back over there.  They were selling bracelets and Reagan had eyed them last night and since she had her own money, she picked one out and bought it.  It says the name of the snow cone place and she said this way she will always remember the snow cones there.  Pretty good logic. 
As we were ordering our snow cones, we saw the dark clouds approaching but weren’t too worried about it.  Before we got our snow cones, a huge gust of wind came along and blew over umbrellas around us but we still found a table and sat to eat.  We didn’t really notice the rain drops until we looked at Campbell who wasn’t under the umbrella and saw that she was getting soaked.  So we hightailed it to the nearest overhang and by this time it was a down pour.  We found a great covered spot to sit and finish our snow cones and it still was a pretty perfect evening.
On the way home, Robby ran to the grocery store for some more grapes, bread and meat and soon we were the first ones back at the condo.  This was fine for the kids because we fired up the Wii and they played for over an hour before bed.  When everyone else came in, they started having to take turns but they still loved it.  Campbell didn’t want to be left out so she grabbed the remote control, stood on the coffee table and started turning and twisting it around like the others with their Wii remotes.
We didn’t get our crew into bed until after 11 but surprisingly they are still going strong.  Anderson is trying to say the books of the Bible and Graham is asking about spending the night with Nonna.  When I said he will get to soon, he said his new word for the week “excellent, excellent.” LOVE EM!