Reagan Marie Spends Her First Full Day at Home: September 15, 2005

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We had a lazy day around the house today.  We survived our first night without any major issues.  Reagan went to bed around 11:00 night last night, awoke at 1:15 when Tara changed her diaper, 3:00 when I fed her, 4:45 for a diaper change and then 7:30 for breakfast.  We were able to sleep in between and felt rested when we got up at 7:30.  We ended up having to wake her up at 11:30 to eat and then Nonna and Pops stopped by with lunch. Later Beebee and Papaw stopped to check on us as well. We all managed to sneak in a nap (including Pops) during the afternoon along with a quick photo shoot! The Thursday night crew brought supper to our house this week where Kennedy got to meet Reagan for the first time.

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