Pretty Flowers and the Easter Bunny!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • FYI - Mom & Dad finally got around to posting all their Italy pictures - click here to check them out
  • An early morning trip to see Dr. Martin-I am big and healthy!! They gave me two shots and I fussed until Mom gave me some juice
  • Going to Wye Mountain with Jacob and Reagan. We saw Grannymom and Grandpa there too! I had a hard time walking throuhg the flowers but that was okay because they smelled pretty
  • Running a few errands at Walmart and running in to the Easter bunny! I did not like that at all!
  • Eating a late lunch at McDonalds-we had hamburgers and sundaes!
  • Seeing Dad and painter man Tom at home
  • Talking a long afternoon nap and then supper
  • Helping Mom with the laundry and coloring with Reagan before bed

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