Me & Baby Lisa!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Watching my movie in bed with Mom while she slept and Dad ran on the treadmill
  • Telling Mom "it's nice that Anderson is asleep" (Mom is not quite sure what I meant)
  • Trying on 4 dresses and trying to decide what I wanted to wear to school tomorrow. I even picked out a dress for Thursday
  • Grocery shopping during lunch time (we had a huge breakfast-our toast plus everything we saw Mom get out for our lunches tomorrow-fruit loops, pretzels, corn...)
  • A late lunch and then lots of laundry
  • Taking a long afternoon nap
  • Supper and then taking a walk around the neighborhood
  • Being very excited that I get to wear a dress to school tomorrow (Mom is going to have to buy me some more dresses!)

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