Dennie Kids: February 19, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • A good day at school-Reagan made a "long letter L"
  • Graham playing all day at Nonna and Pops
  • Beebee and Papaw coming over to see Graham, Anderson and Reagan
  • Driving to Nonna's while Reagan and Anderson hang their fingers out of the car. Reagan said "Don't worry, Anderson, your fingers won't blow off, God made them stuck on"
  • Back home to play outside a little bit
  • Working some on our letter T-it is a turkey and seems to be taking a long time (especially since they are doing their own glueing)
  • Graham having a good nap and then waking up in the mood to eat!
  • Supper and lollipops for everyone-well, not Graham
  • Cleaning the living room rug-thanks Reagan! So then a quick bath for Reagan who then said "I feel good now, my tummy just needed to spit a little"

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