Dennie Kids: June 25, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Breakfast at Nonna's house-cinnamon bread, grapes and juice. Graham really liked the grapes!
  • Playing hopskotch and ring toss outside until we got to hot
  • Graham taking a morning nap with Pops
  • McDonald's Happy Meals for lunch-yum, yum! But our favorite was the ice cream from Papaw
  • Playing with every toy at Nonna's house and Graham doing his best to knock things off of all of the tables
  • Back home for a few minutes of playing until naptime-we had to help Mom give Dana our camping stuff. Reagan asked if we could go camping for 2 night-nights next time. Mom said yes and then she asked about 3 nights and Mom said probably not!
  • Supper with Dad topped off with ice cream sandwiches
  • Playing with Dad while Mom went to Bunko; we threw the ball upstairs for hours (well for a little while!)
  • Prayers and then bedtime

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