October 13, 2001

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We experienced all four seasons of  weather for the Arkansas - South Carolina game.  It was a dreary and misting rain as we set up to tailgate (including 20-30 mph winds as we tried to s wind died down and we had scrumptious lunch of chili, sandwiches, and desserts.

The game topped of the day as Arkansas blocked off a field goal late in the 4th quarter to beat Lou Holtz' 9th ranked South Carolina Gamecock winning 10-7. 

Instructions from the Head TailgaterMon 10/08/2001 8:47 PM via e-mail


To: Wayne and Bev Johnson; Tom Brock; Todd Mcguire; Terri Pruitt; Stuart and Jennifer Goudy; Shelley & Allen Williams; Scott Hogue; Robby Dennie; Nikki and Brett Chumley; Kyle Brazzel; Joy Burroughs; Jo Ann Burroughs; Jacqui Ketcham; Chad and Stephanie Rockett; Brad Johnson; April Stewart; Anita & Rodger Woodall; Amber Masengale; Lynn Hargett
Subject: Game Day

This Saturday the Hogs will go for 2 in a row.  I am sure the crowd will be a LOT better for this game.  The weather couldn't be any better.  (Robby has a report and pictures on his web site.)

We will tailgate this Saturday at the same spot that we used at the last Little Rock game.  You can get chairs and stuff to us anytime before Sat. so you don't have to carry it.  Please respond via email and let us know who is coming.  We will be there by 11:30 AM.  (Let me know if you think we need to be there sooner.)  The menu for game day is chili.  We anticipate a cool afternoon.  I will bring the chili.  I will also have drinks if you let me know your preferences.  Other things we need are:

crackers, grated cheese, Fritos
bowls, spoons, dessert,maybe some other side item, if you know something good with chili

Be sure to pass this info on to anyone else who wants to join us.  As in the past, please respond to this by "replying to all" so we can all keep up.

Waiting to welcome Lou,

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