October 27, 2001

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With an early kickoff, we opted for donuts and milk & juice before the game instead of the standard tailgate.

It was a great game with Hogs pouncing Auburn 42-17 led by a two quarterback scheme of Zac Clark and Matt Jones.

Following the victory, we headed to Ozark Brewery for a great post game meal. 

Instructions from the Head TailgaterMon 10/23/2001 10:07 AM via e-mail


To: Wayne and Bev Johnson; Tom Brock; Todd Mcguire; Terri Pruitt; Stuart and Jennifer Goudy; Shelley & Allen Williams; Scott Hogue; Robby Dennie; Nikki and Brett Chumley; Kyle Brazzel; Joy Burroughs; Jo Ann Burroughs; Jacqui Ketcham; Chad and Stephanie Rockett; Brad Johnson; April Stewart; Anita & Rodger Woodall; Amber Masengale; Lynn Hargett
Subject: Game Day

Actually, this is about tailgating more than the game. TV has really changed the game times this year. I don't know about you, but it is really odd that we are on TV so much with our performance this year. Maybe it will entice some good recruits to come see if they can help out. Tom thinks we have a good chance to win. He was right about SC, so maybe he is again. I just want to know if the Fayetteville crowd can come close to the LR crowd that showed up for the SC game. I will do my part for sure!

Obviously, the game time offers up some challenges to tailgating. This is the plan for now. We will try to gather in our usual parking lot around 10:00 for some breakfast snacks. Robby and I will grab some donuts and maybe some juice or something. If you have any ideas, just email!

One of our fellow tailgaters wanted to eat out after the game. We thought this would be the best time to try that...with the early kick-off. The plan is to try to EAT at the Ozark Brewery on Dickson immediately after the game. Any thoughts? Everyone is welcome. We need to know if you plan to join us so we can get a big enough table. Sharing cell phone numbers will probably be a good idea in case it is hard to meet up. Hope you can make it!

Tom's: 944-5013
Debbie's: 804-9756

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