Finding out about a big Fan - HI LARYN!

Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures)
  • Spending the morning at Grannymom & Grandpa's - Mom was getting her eyes checked
  • Lunch with Mom, Dad, Grannymom & Grandpa
  • Helping Mom cook lasagna
  • An afternoon nap
  • Going to church and playing while Mom & Dad were at their Christmas party
  • Mom told me I had a big blog fan - Ms. Laryn - so I'm sending a shout out to my buddy Laryn. (Dad told me to tell you to visit this link....but don't be looking for showgirls! And this link too!)

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laryn said...

Hi Reagan! I love visiting your site. I love seeing what you and Anderson have been up to each day. Thanks for the "Hello" send out to me. It made me feel very special. Thanks, Ms. Laryn