Highlights from today: (click here for today's pictures)
  • Opening my birthday present from Kyle - he sent it last night to the Christmas party but he had to miss it because he was sick. Get well soon and thanks for my blocks!
  • Getting to spend the day with Grannymom & Grandpa (We already started our Christmas break at Calvary.)
  • Mom picking me and going to visit Pops at church and Nonna at New Life Resale
  • An afternoon nap and and then a hot dog & carrots for supper
  • Opening more presents - Aunt Stephanie brought me a birthday and a Christmas present - a firetruck and a remote control car!
  • Playing with Reagan and Dad while Mom went to Bunko - we watched a movie (Davey & Goliath Snowboard Holiday)
  • Going to bed - but not really want to - I was up until 9:00!

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