All Sorts of Fun!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Watching my movie early this morning-Mom says that I am addicted!
  • Shopping at the "nice Walmart" all morning long. I sat in the buggy, had a juice box, colored, held Mom's list, raced Mom and was a very good girl.
  • Eating ice cream at McDonalds before going home since I was so good
  • Hanging out at home and eating lunch on the couch
  • Playing at Grannymoms for a little bit-we played outside and took a walk
  • Seeing Pops at church and bouncing on all of the bouncy things
  • Bouncing more with Dad-he came to play with us (Mom and Dad raced on the obstacle course-they said they were very out of shape)
  • Eating pizza for supper, a bath and then going straight to bed-I was tired since I hadn't had a nap today.

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