Texas-for IKEA shopping!

Day 4 (Feb 18) (click here for the pictures)-It was time to head home-but no one was ready, especially Reagan. She would get very upset if we said we were going "home." After a quick stop at Walmart for milk and more pacifiers (Reagan forgot to tell Mom that she had put Anderson's pacis in his pocket and Mom knew that he would need some for the trip home) The ride home was smooth and we quickly made it to Texarkana for lunch. Reagan watched her dog movie until the batteries ran out and Anderson took a few naps on the way home. We made it home safely with a trunk full around 3.

Day 3 (Feb 17) (
click here for the pictures)-This morning we slept late-it must be the dark room but it was great. We headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards. We arrived just in time to see the cattle drive down the street. Reagan loved seeing the cowboys and indians. Tara and Anderson even sat on a longhorn-Anderson didn't want to sit on it by himself. Reagan enjoyed riding on all of the "play horses" but she definetely didn't want to sit on a real horse! We ate lunch at H3s-Tara had a potato and Robby had a BBQ sandwich. After buying our Christmas ornament, we headed to the Dallas Zoo. The kids loved the animals and the weather was pretty good for a trip to the zoo. The noisy pig scared Anderson to death and Reagan was in shock when it stood on the side of the gate. Robby and Tara found the kangaroos interesting and the kids enjoyed the penguins and the fish the most. We thought we would then follow the GPS to the Cheesecake Factory for supper-but it took us to the Galleria Mall (where one has closed), then to an apartment complex (Tara might have typed in the wrong address) and finally to a real Cheesecake Factory. We picked up our supper and headed back to the hotel to enjoy our cheesecakes.

Day 2 (Feb 16) (
click here for the pictures)-We started early this morning. We were at the doors of IKEA before it opened-even had to walk around a nearby Target for a few minutes. Right before IKEA opened, we headed up to their restaurant for breakfast. Robby got a huge breakfast for 1.99! Everything is a good deal there. We found most things on our list plus quite a few other items. Tara didn't go over her budget and more importantly, she didn't go over her space limit-since we just had the trunk of the car to take everything home in. Anderson even had to take a rest in the buggy while we were there shopping-for four hours. After IKEA, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. Since it was raining, everyone in Dallas was there and the crowds were crazy. The kids still enjoyed seeing all of the animals. We then drove around the 6th Floor Museum and the sculpture "Longhorns on the Trial" in Pioneer Plaza. Then we headed to Arlington for supper with Jacqui, Brian and Jayden. Brian grilled steaks and all of the kids played. Reagan and Anderson loved getting to play with Jayden's toys. We arrived at the hotel late at night but the kids went straight to bed.

Day 1 (Feb 15) (
click here for the pictures)-Rob left work early and we quickly loaded up the car and headed to Dallas, Texas around noon. Tara received a shopping trip at IKEA for her birthday and it was time for her to cash in on her present. The kids did great and we made it to the Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas without stopping. Reagan even had a dry diaper when we arrived but Anderson had a red bottom (it quickly cleared up). After supper, we headed to the Hotel Intercontinental. It was fancy-smancy. Anderson's pack-n-play barely fit in the bathroom and Reagan found a bed between the other beds. The kids took baths and we all headed to bed.

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