Rockin' in the Pickup!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Eating a big breakfast-my toast, Reagan's leftovers and then Mom's toast (I was still hungry)
  • Making pudding with Mom and Reagan (they usually don't let me cook) I was so proud of myself stirring but Mom couldn't get a picture because she was afraid I would make a mess!
  • Cleaning the bathroom-Mom would spray and we had to wipe
  • A morning nap and playing with Nonna for a little bit before lunch
  • An afternoon nap (I didn't want to take one but finally did)
  • Supper at Senor Tequilla, a quick trip to Walmart and then showing Grannymom and Grandpa our new den
  • A very short bath and then Mom and Dad tried something new on my excema tonight (we will see if it helps)
  • Reagan used to make a "click click" noise for crackers-I started making my own "click click" noise for cracker today!

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