Wearing My Hat to the Zoo!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Waking up ready to go to the zoo
  • Spending the morning at the zoo with all of my friends from church. We even rode the train! My favorite animal was the lion-I said a skunk the first time Mom asked me (we smelled a skunk but didn't see one)
  • Eating lunch with Dad and telling him that I was sad because I didn't get to ride the carousel
  • Playing farm with Anderson before naptime
  • Waking up for snack and a movie
  • A quick trip to the store and then a snack for being good
  • Taking a bath with lots and lots of water in the tub (Mom got distracted and forgot to turn it off)
  • Eating supper and then waiting on Dad to come home
  • Playing farm with Dad until bedtime

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