35 Months Old!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Sleeping in late this morning
  • Eating strawberries and grapes from Nonna for breakfast
  • Playing in my tent with Nonna while Mom cleaned the house
  • Running a few errands to Krogers and Sams
  • Singing all during my nap-I was making up songs like "Jesus loves me and we went to the store...."
  • Playing with all of my animals after nap, then playing tea party and dollhouse
  • Eating lots of supper, bath and bed
  • Not hearing Mr. Milan knock on our door tonight-he called later to say he dropped by a little present (a doll and candy)
  • Oh, Mom forgot to say that a few nights ago I was fussing, Mom came upstairs to see what was wrong. I said that a noise woke me up-then told Mom that it was the girls with the wings singing outside the window. (Needless to say Mom checked on me a few more times that night)

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