My First Haircut!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Sweeping the floor this morning (Mom doesn't lay on the floor and sweep but I do)
  • Eating a late breakfast (2 bananas) and an early lunch (cheese and fruit loops)
  • Going to see Ms. Tammy for my very first hair cut. I was a good boy and didn't move at all (I might have been a little scared)
  • Eating my snack with Grannymom while Reagan and Mom got thier hair cut too
  • Buying a present and a toothbrush at the Dollar Store-I needed a prize for being such a big boy
  • Another lunch-a late one this time then a nap
  • Eating supper out and shooting some hoops
  • Coming home and getting on my pajamas before bed

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