Dennie Kids: September 12, 2010

Growing up ... 5 years old today!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Reagan was the last one up and she rolled over and grinned when Mom sang her Happy Birthday!
  • Eating Pop’s cinna-biggies for breakfast and not running by Burger King.  Mom was going to put a candle on Reagan’s cinnamon roll but she opted for a banana instead!
  • Graham walked into his room today (both times) without fussing.  We might be finally turning the corner on his fit throwing-if we could only turn the corner at home. 
  • Reagan’s Sunday school class giving her a birthday hat, birthday sticker and singing Happy Birthday to her.
  • Dad heard that Campbell’s teachers had a good laugh at her since when her feet hit the floor she immediately brings them up!  Walking or even standing is not in her immediate future
  • Mom and Dad working in Anderson’s class-they were pretty impressed with Anderson.  He had used some lego type things and made a long t-shaped stick.  He pretended that it was an ax, sword, golf club, crutches, cane, and jack hammer.
  • Lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa’s house.  Graham was so excited about playing the elephant game that he could hardly eat.  Lilly, Cash, Graham, Reagan and Anderson played the elephant game over and over.  Campbell enjoyed watching them but she would get very, very upset when we took the butterflies from the game away from her.
  • Running home for afternoon naps.  Just as everyone fell asleep it was time to wake up and go to church for Reagan’s first night of choir and Mom’s Bible study.  The boys and Campbell hung out with Dad in Pops office.
  • Reagan enjoyed choir tonight-they sang Happy Birthday to her there too!  And they fed her pizza-what could be better!
  • A party at church-it was the perfect end to Reagan’s birthday-celebrating with the whole church family.  Ms. Laryn might have celebrated a little too much though (see pictures)
  • We added some videos from yesterday’s birthday celebrations-check yesterday’s post

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