Dennie Kids: September 15, 2010

Fun birthday present!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Note from yesterday:   when we were leaving school, Graham stuck his head in the room where he had lunch with all of his grandparents and he said “Grannymom?”-he was expecting her to still be in there
  • Mom thought people were coming over to watch the family eat breakfast (long crazy Dennie story-ask Mom later)  Anyway, she didn’t feed the kids and the people just wanted to talk so the kids didn’t get breakfast until 11, well maybe Dad fed them around 9:45!
  • Reagan, Anderson and Campbell getting into trouble with Dad while Mom was gone this morning.  They opened up an art project and spread it across the house-they made the living room into an art show!….except Campbell loved all of the little pieces!
  • Reading lots of stories before lunch and then reading some more on our Little House on the Prairie book-it is the longest book ever and Mom doesn’t think we will ever read it all
  • Reagan working on her reading book while Mom went through clothes (update: Mom is close to 2/3rds done-hey, it has been a busy day)  Reagan is very motivated since she heard Kaleigh S. is on lesson 40!
  • Mom rushing around getting everyone ready for church (she had to wake everyone up first) and then in the mean time, run downstairs and make sure the car starts!  It did!-to the shop it goes tomorrow….hmm, can a family of 6 fit in Robby’s car?
  • Pops office being used tonight-by Anderson getting a big time spanking.  He was quite the defiant child before supper.  No worries though, Mom spanked it out of him and he then was quite pleasant.  As Mr. Ralph walked by and said hello, Anderson invited him to sit by him
  • Cubbies and everyone was on their best behavior.  Then Dad took the van and kids to get gas while Mom ran home to do some straightening!  Everyone was in bed and asleep by 9…busy day.

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