Dennie Kids: January 1, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures) & (click here for Campbell's New Year's Day pictures)
  • Campbell just waking up one time last night-around 4:30ish

  • Everyone sleeping until after 8.  The Benadryl Mom gives us must really work (kidding!) We have just gotten used to a lazy lifestyle
  • Reagan saying today that she is glad she is out of school-but she didn't seem to disappointed when Mom said she would get to go back on Tuesday
  • Mom, Reagan and Graham meeting Nonna and Pops at the mall to do a little shopping for next Christmas while Campbell slept, Dad did some work and Anderson played happily-until he couldn't find Reagan (who had told him bye) and was distraught until Dad gave him some candy
  • Eating black eye peas and hog jowl for good luck at Grannymom and Grandpa's house with Lilly and Cash
  • Playing pretty hard with Lilly and Cash until we became a little fussy and headed home for a nap-Graham waking up first and was delighted to find a huge box in the living room to play with
  • Everyone else waking up to play in the box until it was time to leave for supper
  • Eating supper out at McDonalds-the slides were outside at this one and Reagan, Anderson and Dad froze their tails off while Campbell slept and Mom and Graham ate candy
  • Coming home to play in the box some more before going to bed
  • This was overheard from Anderson tonight while in bed "I am going to take you outside, put you in the trash can and the garbage man will come and throw you away."  To which Reagan replied "MOMMY!"  And then everyone got into trouble!
  • Taking a few pictures of Campbell in her New Year's Day outfit! (click here for pictures)
  • Accident report: Anderson smashed his finger pretty good while at Grannymom's house and Graham fell on his face at home and busted his lip and had a bloody nose.

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