Dennie Kids: January 28, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A much better night than the night before-Anderson slept fine and coughed little.  He did wake up around 6 screaming that his tummy hurt and when Dad came in his room he said "lay down by me."  He was fine after that-still coughing but much less
  • Reagan taking her homework back to school and Anderson having to take mittens to school-Mom thinks this school stuff is getting complicated
  • Campbell shopping with Mom all morning long-she sleeps so well in her car seat and didn't wake up until we made it home (Mom was doing a little couponing-look at what all she got!)
  • Picking everyone up.  Mom was just a few minutes early and she even got to participate in the monthly tornado drill.  Thankfully, Graham was still in class so Mom grabbed Campbell's carrier and followed Reagan's class along with Anderson-quite entertaining and chaotic
  • Graham asking to hold Campbell and while he was holding her he handed Mom her camera to take a picture of them
  • Anderson and Mom reading hundreds of books while Campbell ate, Reagan played upstairs and Graham screamed (he was mad at Mom for putting the gate in front of the stairs up)
  • Reagan singing/screaming "let it snow, let it snow" for what seemed like hours this afternoon-Mom is crossing her fingers for snow
  • Dad coming home and taking everyone to Chick-fil-a all by himself-he is very brave.  The kids were great and played until they were exhausted
  • Everyone coming home and following asleep quickly

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