Dennie Kids: November 29, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Dad took school to Reagan this morning and she said that she “colored a bunch” and that she “was the last one there and had to wait all by herself with Ms. Stacy”-mostly true-she did color a bunch since she brought home 50 pages and Dad was the last one there but the other car had just left
  • Anderson and Graham played trains most of the morning and then they helped Mom pack Anderson’s goodie bags for his birthday party.  He was very excited and now thinks his party is tomorrow
  • When Reagan came home, we read stories, ate lunch and everyone played more tra ins.  Campbell spent most of her day eating-first she loved the beans fo
  • r lunch and then she really liked the macaroni.  But she does not care for bananas at all. 
  • Graham ran a few errands with Dad and while Graham was eating his snack in the back of the car, he fell asleep.
       He did wake up long enough back at home to finish his snack with everyone else.
  • After nap, everyone helped Mom with the Christmas decorations.  Graham was so excited to have a tree in his room and Reagan was thrilled as well.  Anderson was a little bit interested but spent most of the time playing with the string from all of the packaging.
  • Supper and then a few movies before bedtime.  Because of the Christmas trees, Anderson is asking if Santa is coming tomorrow.  Oh, poor confused thing!  Speaking of confused, Mom can’t understand while Anderson calls Campbell “bubba”

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