Dennie Kids: November 8, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day for Reagan-she enjoys it quite a bit.  Dad took her and brought her home.  On the way home her and Dad went out to eat-she “even had her own drink and cookie” (that is pretty huge around here).  The highlight of school was having soup for snack-she even wanted Mom to find out what kind it was
  • Anderson, Graham and Campbell hanging out at home.  They read a few books, played train, made their nighttime letter N and even made a lantern-quite busy!  Everyone was delighted to see Reagan when she came home and especially enjoyed eating the cookie that she had brought home to share
  • Reading a few stories and dancing to a CD before getting to play parachute-a few nights ago Reagan said that she wanted to play parachute.  Mom finally remembered to pull it out today and they absolutely love it.  Graham has a hard time following directions but Anderson and Reagan could do it forever.  This was the first time that Campbell saw us with the parachute since she had been mobile-she crawled under it, stayed there and kicked her legs as hard and fast as she could!
  • Naps and then Reagan woke up to work in her workbook and was soon joined by the boys.  Everyone watched a movie and then it was supper time.  Dad read a new library book-Where Did Daddy’s Hair Go?-everyone enjoyed hearing it and Mom got a big laugh!
  • Mom and Reagan running to the store-Reagan was the only one who got to go because she was the only one wearing real clothes and not pajamas.  Don’t know if a sun dress and black Sunday shoes count as real clothes though!
  • Bedtime for everyone-Anderson is still wide awake! (maybe he better stop taking naps)

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