34 Months Old plus a few days

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Waking up asking about making my butterfly cookies
  • Eating toast for breakfast-we didn't have any bread yesterday so we missed our toast
  • Making my butterfly cookies-just like Sandra Lee did on Semi Homemade. We stirred the dough, licked the spoons, rolled the dough, used cookie cutters and decorated the cookies with candy
  • Baking the cookies and then eating one-they were good but our tummys were full of dough, flour (I liked to eat it too) and M&Ms
  • Eating turkey and mashed potatoes for lunch-Mom is a good cook! (when it comes in a box)
  • An afternoon nap and then laying down with Mom for a while
  • Playing with Anderson-and letting Mom sit down
  • Holding my umbrella (in the garage), listening to the thunder and hoping for rain
  • Taking pictures with Dad since I am 34 months old this month (Dad took 100 pictures today and Mom took 70-don't worry, you won't have to look at them all)
  • Eating a whole ear of corn for supper (Mom was going to send the other half to school-maybe she will make her carrots again)
  • Playing, bath and bed tonight

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