Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Getting ready early this morning to go to the park
  • Playing in the tunnels and sliding down the slide-and even playing in the water fountains. Josh and Zach played with us since they are in town this week
  • Eating a picnic lunch (we even had juice boxes) and then having another snack in the car
  • Coming home to cool off and have an afternoon nap
  • Helping Mom with the laundry-I help fold the washcloths
  • Waiting on Dad outside and then hurrying inside to get ready to go out to eat
  • Eating supper at Playtime Pizza-I didn't even want dessert after Dad said we would play more when we were finished. We played on the video games, rode the cars, played with the blocks and even went bowling! I would jump up and down when my ball finally rolled to the end
  • Picking up a few things at Walmart before bedtime

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