Just Swingin'

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Sleeping in late this morning
  • Eating breakfast and begging to go swimming
  • Finally getting to go swimming but it was cold so we emptied the pool to clean it. I helped empty it by sitting on the side and letting all of the water gush past me.
  • Playing with the water hose for a very, very long time (don't tell Dad)
  • BBQ and beans for lunch-my favorite meal
  • An afternoon nap and then watching the cooking lady a few times on tv
  • Watching Dad run on the treadmill and then playing on it
  • Eating supper at Loca Luna-I like cheese dip!-we had cake and candy since I was such a good girl
  • Playing on the swings and slides before going home to take a bath

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