Birthday Bracelet Fun!

Highlights from today: (click here for the pictures)
  • Playing with Anderson early this morning
  • Making a bracelet, eating lots of food, watching Lilly open presents and singing Happy Birthday to Lilly at her 4th birthday party
  • Shopping at Target-we only bought one thing but we were there for a long time!
  • Talking all during my afternoon nap-must have been all of the sugar from Lilly's party
  • Playing legos with Grannymom while Grandpa and Dad worked on the computers
  • Eating chips, salsa, beans, chicken and french fries at Chili's tonight
  • And getting kissed by Ethan as his family was leaving (I just grinned and blushed!)
  • Racing to get my pajamas on before Anderson
  • Talking about my day before bed

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