Baby Graham Arrives Home!

(Click here for today's pictures)

6:50 p.m. - The Brocks brought Reagan and Anderson home and they were delighted to see the stork (duck) in the front yard. They quickly began to search the house for Graham. Reagan was ready to play Mom-she tickled, patted, held, burped and rubbed Graham. She was quite upset when Mom said she couldn't feed him. Anderson was also interested in him-he pulled, poked and grabbed (all in a loving way). After the Brocks left, we had supper and all the kids headed to bed. Graham has been quite the napper today-hopefully, he will be tonight too. He has also been quite the eater as well-just like everyone else around here.

4:15 p.m. - Everyone slept great last night! Graham spent the night in the nursery and Mom & Dad slept comfortably in the hospital room (or as comfortable as you can be in a hospital bed and couch.) Dr. Phillips was by around 8:30 a.m. to see Tara and said she could home. The peditrician was by around 9:15 a.m. and also said everyone was set to go home. And then we waited! At first we thought it was the paperwork, but by 11:30 Tara decided she might need to order lunch. The lady at the desk asked if she was waiting on her doctor or the baby's doctor? When she said neither, the lady asked Tara's nurse. She soon was in the room and apologized and didn't realize the discharge papers had already been completed. So we had a couple extra hours at the hospital. The nurse's aide escorted us downstairs and we were on our way home by 12:15. We arrived home to find a giant stork in the front yard (compliments of the Brocks.) We snapped a few pictures, unpacked, got settled in and Graham continued his napping. The Dennies came by and held him for awhile before Reagan and Anderson got home from Nonna and Pops. Robby ran to pick up some prescriptions and lunch. Mom and Graham took another short nap and now we are waiting for Reagan and Anderson to get home. It's fixing to get a little busier around here.

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