December 8, 2009-Ninth Doctor's Visit

I had some expectations today that the doctor would give us a date but instead we only heard those 4 dreaded words: See you next week.  Actually, I am beginning to doubt that we will in fact be home for Christmas and the "only in my dreams" stuff just won't cut it.  We go back next Tuesday so he will probably induce me on the 21st-and again, that is not what the doctor has said, just what I have tried to guess.  I am crossing my fingers that some how we can be induced before then-they probably don't do that on the weekends though.  Oh, well, guess I will just have to drink some castor oil-kidding, only kidding about that (kind of!)  Anyway, all of my stats were good today-and I am still a tiny bit below my "oh my gosh weight!" and have been staying there for a week or two now.   The baby's heartbeat was 134ish and the doctor said I have progressed more than I ever have before-which was still a 1!  We will be excited whenever IV shows up-and thrilled to have a healthy baby.  Now, off to drink some castor oil, I mean a coke!

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