Dennie Kids: December 14, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • A pretty busy morning since Mom was trying to mark things off of her list-and Reagan gladly helped so she could mark things off of her list (see yesterday)
  • Eating a late breakfast and then having 3 clementines for a snack.  After getting up from the table, we watched a movie and Graham was adament that he needed candy during the movie (so he ended up in bed)
  • Pops coming over to watch us while Mom went to her last doctor's appointment (click here for the details)
  • Anderson and Reagan jumping from the coffee table onto the chair.  Pops asked if Mom let them do that and they replied "no, but she is not here."  Later during the day, Mom caught Anderson doing it and he said "Pops let me"
  • Grannymom going with us to Anderson's 3 year old check up and Graham's ear re-check-Anderson is a little on the "healthy" side (Mom is raising football players!) and Graham's ears look good.  Mom was worried that we would all have meltdowns since the last time we were there was shot day but everyone was great
  • Dr. Martin asking Anderson if he wore a helmet and he said "no me have one."  She told him that Santa might bring him one.  Later, when she was leaving she asked him what he asked Santa for and he said "a helmet"
  • Afternoon naps for everyone but Reagan-she just laid in Mom's bed and stared at the clock-Mom took a nap instead!
  • Leftovers for supper and more clemintines!  
  • Helping Dad put in the baby's car seat-but we all ended up buckled into our own carseats (Mom and Dad are sneaky like that)  After they finished we did drive around a look at Christmas lights.  Reagan commanded everyone to say "movie night" if we saw lights but then she changed it to "Merry Christmas everyone"-so all through a few neighborhoods we were all shouting "Merry Christmas everyone"
  • Anderson watching a movie and Reagan and Mom playing "go fish" before bed

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