Dennie Kids: December 4, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Everyone waking up early-of course, it wasn't a school morning so we wake up early
  • Dad taking the day off and spending the morning hiding out in Anderson's bed-we found him very quickly and all decided to start playing right beside him
  • Mom and Graham going to the doctor early this morning-still had fever, yucky eyes and runny nose.  The dr. said that the last antibiotic didn't help and his ears were still bad.  He did have fever off and on all day but his eyes were so much better today and his nose was much improved too-all of this before starting his new meds!
  • Graham remembered going to the doctor and getting shots-so he cried (hysterically) the entire time the doctor was in the room
  • A nap for Graham this morning while Reagan and Anderson played in the tent Dad made for them-chairs and a sheet-priceless
  • Shopping at Target-Reagan bought a present for Anderson, he bought one for her, they both bought one for Graham and for the new baby
  • Picking up Graham's medicine at Sams and having lunch there.  Since Graham had to go to the doctor, everyone felt that he needed ice cream and so did Reagan and Anderson
  • Dropping by Nonna's so Dad could fix Pop's computer-we played and played until time to go home
  • Home for quick naps and then waking up to get ready for our party
  • Dropping off Graham at Nonna and Pop's house since we went to a Christmas party.  There were lots of kids there, we ate yummy food, helped open presents for Baby IV, each received a new ornament for our Christmas tree and played with lots and lots of toys! (click here for video #1) (click here video #2)
  • Picking Graham up at nearly 11-everyone was tired when we made it home-except Graham who was playing peek-a-boo with his jacket
  • Pops said that he checked on Graham tonight while he was sleeping.  It was dark in the room so Pops put his head down low near Graham's head.  Pops thought he was asleep and was startled when Graham said "hey" to him!
  • The other day, Reagan was talking to Nonna about Baby IV.  Reagan decided that she needed to pray for the baby to be a girl so she bowed her head and clasped her hands and said  "Dear Jesus, give us a baby girl"  Then she looked at Nonna and said "your turn"  Nonna just prayed for a healthy baby
  • Also, the other day Graham was laying in the floor taking a nap at Grannymom's house.  Grannymom was patting his back and when she thought he was asleep she slowly moved her hand-only to have Graham grab her hand and put it back on his back

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