Dennie Kids: December 12, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • An odd morning for Mom and Dad (someone ringing the doorbell before 6, then the ringer walked to the neighbors and hung out on their doorstop until the police came-Dad called them.  And then a wrong number on Mom's phone around 6:30)
  • Anderson was the first one up and was ready to get his clothes on as soon he was reminded that today was his birthday party day
  • Graham going to Grannymom's house this morning while the rest of us picked up breakfast on the way to church
  • Anderson and Reagan playing with Nonna while Mom and Dad set up his party
  • Anderson celebrating his 3rd birthday party with Lilly, Cash, Reagan, Graham, Harrison and Jacob.  There were footballs everywhere and Anderson had a blast.  The cake and cupcakes were footballs and everyone dressed in their football attire.  We had nachos and corn dogs for lunch.  Anderson was very polite opening his presents and thanked everyone.  The highlight was hitting the pinata-the kids loved it (even though Dad had to break it open)
  • Coming home and unloading the car before letting everyone play for a few minutes
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then opening all of Anderson's presents-we played and played and tried to find a place to put everything up (before we get a whole lot more stuff for Christmas)
  • Leftovers for supper and more playing with Anderson's new ball and bat
  • Everyone going to bed early since today had been a very busy day!

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