Dennie Kids: December 5, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Graham waking up first since he didn't have a late night out like the rest of us
  • Reagan sleeping until 8ish and Anderson sleeping until almost 9-Mom was about the go and check on him
  • Reagan working diligently all morning long on her turtle (actually it was Reagan and Mom)  The turtle was finally completed only after one major meltdown (not by Reagan!)
  • A morning nap for Graham and a movie or two for Reagan and Anderson
  • Running a few errands before eating pizza out-Reagan and Anderson both had 2 slices.  And Mom and Dad were a little saddened because that was probably the last time that the family will eat at a booth-can't really fit 6 in a booth!
  • Everyone getting to help Mom wrap a few last presents-she only has to buy a few more little things and then she is done
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and a little football watching before heading out again
  • A few errands for Mom while everyone hung out in the car before stopping to eat a burger
  • Reagan getting into trouble while we were out and about so she had to go to bed when we came home (don't feel to sorry for her-it was just 30 minutes early).  Anderson spent his extra time hanging out in Dad's bed watching movies
  • Graham is feeling great today-haven't even had to wipe his little nose and his eyes are fine

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