Dennie Kids: December 2, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • Anderson woke up around 6 saying he was starving and was put back to bed, Reagan woke up soon after to potty and then went back to bed and Graham followed shortly and laid in bed with Mom while Dad took a shower.  Graham drank his mik and practiced saying "byebye" over and over and over the entire time Dad was getting ready
  • Reagan starting to work on her "turtle"-she has become fascinated with being a turtle and wants to talk about it at night.  Mom found her a huge piece of paper and she was insistent upon coloring the entire thing green 
  • Nonna coming over and staying with everyone while Mom got her eyes checked (and got some fancy glasses-purple on the inside so Reagan will love them) and ran to the grocery store
  • Nonna reading books, coloring the turtle and bringing over her special lunch-cheese, crackers and an apple (but when she is here the kids won't eat any food from our house)
  • Afternoon naps for everyone-Graham and Reagan woke up first.  Reagan went and picked out her 2 pieces of candy and in a few minutes Graham came to Mom with a piece of candy in each fist.  He enjoyed bites of the 2 tootsie rolls that he picked out.  Them Mom put the candy up and he did not enjoy that
  • Supper at church and then getting to play on the Awana carpet-a favorite for all especially Graham
  • Reagan played games in Awanas while Anderson saw the puppets before heading home with Dad and Graham
  • Pulling out day number 2 and watching Santa fall down-how exciting!

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