Dennie Kids: May 12, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Campbell sleeping all night long last night-or did Mom just not hear her cry?  She did eat around 10 so we are going to try the same thing tonight
  • Mom trying to feed Campbell a few minutes after Dad fed her this morning-she would have enjoyed that!  Anderson was ready to climb in Mom’s bed, drink his milk and watch a movie
  • Reagan was so excited that Campbell was laying in Mom’s bed this morning-her and Graham jockeyed to see who get could closer to Campbell.  Mom finally had to move poor Campbell for her own safety
  • During breakfast we read the last story from our Bible story book (The Jesus Storybook Bible).  And Reagan said “yeah! no more Bible stories”-not the reaction Mom was really looking for.  Anderson was not pleased either when Mom said that now we could start over. 
  • Campbell napping most of the morning long while everyone else played happily (for the most part) in the den.  Mom did a little bit of work-sweeping, cleaning kitchen, laundry, packing lunches for tomorrow and hmm, that list doesn’t look as long as she thought it would be!
  • Working on some more birthday cards before Nonna came over.  She brought us lunch and the kids devoured it.  Reagan and Anderson loved melting their cheese on top of graham crackers.  Mom didn’t let Graham have any like that because she didn’t think that it could taste that good
  • Playing train with Nonna until naptime.  Reagan and Anderson shouted “all aboard” or “stop this train” seven thousand times.  They were one and off of the train (pillows) for over 30 minutes.  And the whole time, Graham set patiently on the train-he loved the whole thing!
  • Naps and then waking up for a nap and milk.  Then supper with Dad before going outside to play.  Reagan found a hidden treasure (penny) in the backyard and was so excited.  Mom asked Graham if Dad let Campbell go down the slide and Graham replied “uh huh”

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