Dennie Kids: May 5, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • A few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows before heading downstairs for breakfast-Mickey Mouse is our favorite show right now and we watch it again and again
  • Breakfast along with a few stories and then Mom pulled out the shaving cream to play with.  The boys loves it but Reagan wasn’t too thrilled.  She did eventually touch the shaving cream but quickly asked for a towel
  • Mom running on the treadmill while Graham pushed Campbell in the swing (a big no-no) and while Reagan and Anderson were throwing foam bowling pins at each other (another no-no).  Needless to say, it only took Mom 1 hour to run for 30 minutes
  • Everyone getting a turn on the treadmill after Mom was done.  Mom has it so slow that Graham could just walk (Mom is holding on to his hands) but he just stomps his feet and jumps up and down
  • Nonna coming over to play with us for awhile.  She fed Campbell who was ready to eat again-Campbell has recently decided that she would like to eat cereal but Mom told her she couldn’t until after our trip
  • Lunch which the kids just gobbled down-it was like they hadn’t eaten in a week.  Graham finished all of his food before Nonna sat down.  They kept asking for more-it was quite entertaining. 
  • Nonna tag teaming with Mom while giving everyone baths-even Campbell had a good scrub down before afternoon naps
  • At church during supper, a louder lady started talking to Campbell and even said something to Anderson.  Anderson looked at Mom with his eyes-he looked absolutely panicked.  Mom said it was okay, so he turned and tried to pull the car seat cover over Campbell so she couldn’t be seen.  Meanwhile, Graham grabbed Mom’s hand hoping the lady wouldn’t talk to him
  • Awana recognition night for Reagan (click here for a quick video).  She saw Mom, Dad and Anderson and just waved at us.  She was so proud to be up on the stage (and a little bit nervous too).  They celebrated with ice cream and jumpies.  Anderson hung out with Mom and Dad and jumped the whole time  (Meanwhile, Graham was in his class and did not fuss at all-alleluia!)
  • One last ice cream before bed and then not a peep out of Reagan, Anderson or Graham.  Campbell keeps smiling and cooing at Mom so she hasn’t had to go to bed yet!

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