Dennie Kids: May 6, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • School morning – that means no one is up early; Dad gets Graham up & dressed, next Anderson while Mom helps Reagan
  • Dad taking the big kids to school while Mom dropped Campbell off at Nonna & Pops
  • Anderson was excited about going to his new class today – he knew right where to hang his back pack in his new class; Graham only fussed for a few seconds as Dad dropped him off – slowly progressing
  • Campbell hanging out with her boyfriend Jack at Nonna’s house.  Jack’s dad was helping Pops pull up some bushes.
  • Mom picking everyone up from school – all had made special Mother Day gifts (2 flowers pots and a hand print picture from Graham).  Ms. Mari said Anderson made himself right at home in his new class.  Dad asked if he made new friends and Anderson said, “Conner was in there; but I don’t know anyone else.”  He was excited he got to play on the big kids playground with Reagan
  • Everyone going to Nonna & Pops to pick up Campbell (and played for a little while ourselves outside)
  • Coming home and having a few snacks and playing really good with our Cheerios – we used them to fill up our trucks and trailers
  • Dad coming home and no one was hungry for supper – too many snacks at Nonnas and home; so Dad ate supper and we watched a movie while Mom left for class meeting and a night out
  • No real supper but a few snacks including ice cream (Graham managed to get on about every part of his body and clothes)
  • One more movie, then brushing our teeth before going to bed.  Campbell may be up for awhile – she’s been asleep half the evening – expect her up in a bit for a bottle.

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