Dennie Kids: May 16, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • Sunday morning at church for most of the Dennies.  Graham and Dad stayed home since Graham was still a little warm-they did make good use of their time by doing a little laundry and shopping
  • Reagan was delighted that Mom and Nonna were in her class after church.  There were only a few kids in her class so Mom took them to sit in the lobby and listen to the choir at church (Mom had missed big church since she was helping in another class)
  • Everyone meeting back up at Nonna’s house for lunch and to celebrate Papaw’s 91st birthday.  As we were singing Happy Birthday-Anderson started screaming “stop, stop, wait, we forgot the candles”  Nonna had to explain she didn’t have that many candles!
  • Coming home and watching Dad do a little bit of work outside and playing with our neighbor friend.  We played on Dad’s lawnmower.  That is all that we do these days-Mom lets us play in the garage in the mornings and we play on the lawnmower the whole time. 
  • Afternoon naps during the rain and thunder and then eating all of the candy from our goodie bags from yesterday.  Getting out clothes back on for church-Anderson wondered if we would get cinna-minis on the way (we skipped them this morning since we had left over doughnuts)
  • Coloring class for Reagan and Anderson and nursery for Campbell, while Graham sat in big church with Mom and Dad since he was still a little sickly.  He was a little nervous the whole time but took it all in his wide opened brown eyes.  Mom took him in the lobby during the sermon and he did walk to the doors, peek through the crack in the doors and shout “hi daddy”
  • Doughnuts for bedtime snack and then everyone headed to bed!

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