Colorado and Utah Adventure: May 18, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

The morning didn’t start off too early-Campbell decided to eat about 30 minutes before our alarm went off.  Soon everyone was waking up and putting on their trip clothes.  Pops was at our house a little before 8 ready to drive us to the airport.  The Dennies were at the airport waiting on us.  Check in was fairly quick and then through security we went. 

Reagan and Anderson are pros about traveling-they know the drill in the security line: get out of buggy, take shoes off, put bag up, walk through the metal detector, grab your bag and then head to the bench to put your shoes back on.  Graham tries his best to follow them-at one time today he saw Robby lay the buggies down at the end of the jetway and he put his backpack on top of them-just trying to do the right thing!  This is our second plane trip in less than a month so even Campbell is becoming familiar with it all-sleep, wake up, drink milk, repeat!

Our first flight was to Chicago and it wasn’t that long of a flight.  As we were about to land, a flight attendant asked if we had been sitting with 2 lap kids in one row the whole time-we said yes and then he told us that we had to move!  Tara and Campbell just switched with Grannymom who had Reagan and Anderson duty.  Since it was Southwest, we were in the very back of the plane which was fine!  That meant we were close to the bathrooms!

On our flight to Denver, we had our McDonalds hamburgers that Dad had bought during our short layover.  The kids must have been starving because Anderson ate all of his and Reagan and Graham ate most of theirs.  Campbell snoozed, Anderson tried to snooze and Graham was exhausted.  He was so tired but he must have still been hungry too.  He fell asleep but wouldn’t let go of his hamburger.  I should have taken a picture.

In Denver, it took awhile to finally get out car seats but they finally came!  Grandpa and Robby headed to pick up the cars while Tara, Grannymom and the kids took turns watching the luggage and taking bathroom breaks. 

Our first stop was the Capitol building-Robby jumped out for his customary picture.  Next we headed to the US Mint-but the visitor center closed about an hour before we arrived.  So we drove to Colorado Springs.  The kids marveled at the rocks we saw-especially Castle Rock.  We pulled off to drive through the Air Force Academy.  The chapel was beautiful and it is one of the most popular man-made attractions in Colorado.  The kids loved getting out and walking for awhile-touching the airplane statues, crawling over and under benches.  And Campbell enjoyed kicking her feet and letting the breeze blow on her-it is quite a bit cooler here (not jacket weather yet though)

After fighting the Colorado Springs traffic, we were at our hotel.  We are in the Penthouse suite (don’t get that excited) There are 2 bedrooms with a kitchen area-but the bathroom is big enough for Graham pack-n-play and the closet is big enough for Campbell’s bouncy.  The hotel had a small soup and salad supper so we made that work.  The kids enjoyed the croutons and cheese along with a little bit of cereal.  On the walk back to the room, we stopped to swing and slide some. 

Campbell was almost asleep and Reagan and Anderson took their baths while Mom, Dad and Graham headed to the store.  Grannymom and Grandpa supervised those at the hotel-Dad had told them they could have a lollipop if they obeyed and they must have since they were having one when we came back.  At the grocery store, we bought our picnic supplies along with diapers and some cookies for tonight (we did have an oven and felt that we needed to use it)

Graham took his bath and we could only lure him out with the fresh baked cookies.  We all enjoyed cookies while the kids watched a movie and Tara and Robby worked on getting tomorrow ready.  Campbell was pretty tired and Graham didn’t make a peep when Robby laid him down.  Anderson is acting pretty tired but Reagan is going strong drawing pictures and dancing her Mickey Mouse dance.

Tomorrow is Pike’s Peak so we need to be up early!  Good night!

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