Colorado and Utah Adventure: May 23, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

After three nights in the same hotel, we finally had to pack up and move on.  Campbell ate a 6 but we all went back to sleep for a few more minutes.  The big kids headed to Grannymom’s room to go to breakfast while we got ready and Campbell stretched out on the bed before our long drive today.  This was our last morning of Holiday Inn Express cinnamon rolls and yum, yum, they were delicious.  After loading up the cars, we were on the road by 9.

It was a short little drive back to the Colorado border and Visitor Center.  The kids ran on the grass and then we went in for diapers and bathroom breaks.  I found a load of brochures for the rest of this trip and July’s trip.  They had toys out so the kids did not want to leave but since there was a helicopter in the parking lot they obliged.  It was good timing, since Tom called and let us listen to our new preacher for a few minutes.  We had already gotten a few reports about him and were glad to get to hear him. 

We didn’t make another stop until Glenwood Springs.  Robby had the perfect Italian restaurant picked out for us to eat at.  We could smell it as soon as we stepped out of the car.  We opened the door to the restaurant….and it was closed!  There was a Rib City nearby so we walked to that instead.  (If you ever get a chance to eat at a Rib City…don’t)  After our meal, we walked over the bridge which crossed the train tracks.  There was an Amtrak train arriving so we watched that for a few minutes.  (Robby wants to put that on his list – taking the California Zyphr from Chicago to San Francisco)  Then we continued on across the Colorado River.  We saw kayaks and rafts floating down-the river was quite full today.  The kids enjoyed watching the boaters come and then running to the other side of the bridge and watching them float away.

Next up on the path was the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.  The kids just drooled as the looked at the pool that was larger than a football field and we drooled a little knowing it was a constant 90 degrees.  But we didn’t really have the time so we didn’t want to pay the high admission rate.  But there was miniature golf right around the corner so we did sneak in a round.

The kids had never played mini golf and well, you could tell.  Thankfully, no one was injured!-did I mention both boys had golf clubs (real ones!)  Reagan quickly got the hang of it with a lopsided swing.  It took Anderson a little bit longer but he did manage to improve his game.  Graham was just as happy as he could be holding on to his ball and dragging his club along behind him.  Campbell, Grandpa and Grannymom took a walk around while we finished our game.  We walked back to the car and headed on our way.

About as soon as we got in the car, I realized that everyone else had been to the bathroom and diaper changes but I never got my chance.  So during the drive along I-70 that followed the Colorado River and was surrounded by huge mountains-I was only thinking about finding a bathroom!  We did finally find a stop and I was relieved!

Before long we arrived in Dillon and quickly found our hotel.  There weren’t many cars in the parking lot and we still managed to end up on the third floor-right by the elevator though so that is nice.  The pool was calling the kids names so we headed out.  I thought that I had felt it but I must have been really cold since I thought the pool was warm…it wasn’t!  So we checked the inside hot tub and it was too hot for the little ones.  But the outside one was just fine-of course, the wind was crazy so it took a lot of convincing for the kids to run to Robby who was testing out the outside hot tub.  Poor Campbell though couldn’t get in the hot tub and she couldn’t be outside, so she just watched us from the window-pitiful!

After our brief swim (not much swimming can be done in a hot tub) we quickly changed and drove to look for supper.  After a few turnarounds we found our spot: Jersey Boys Pizza and Deli.  Robby redeemed himself with this pick because it was excellent.  We had a Stromboli (is that a musical instrument or a sandwich?…let me check…yes, that is what we had).  The kids said they wanted spaghetti so we also ordered some.  The portions were huge so we had ample and it was a good thing because the kids ate and ate.

Back to hotel and a movie before bedtime.  Graham got his foxy and taggie and asked to lay down and when Reagan’s movie was over, she pulled out her sleeping and got her bed ready.  There are two tables in this room and Reagan and Anderson are sleeping under them-and they had to have towels hanging off of them to make them into tents.  We are headed to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow but who knows where we will end up our last night since Robby is working on switching hotels right now!

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