Colorado and Utah Adventure: May 25, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

Not having to leave the hotel until 11 meant a lazy morning.  So lazy in fact that Robby and I almost missed breakfast (he was actually doing some work!-gasp!)  We did need a little bit of a slow morning since Campbell ate two times last night and Graham decided he didn’t like sleeping in his pack n play.  But since the poor thing had been in 5 different hotels in 7 nights, I can imagine that he could get a little confused.  He did finally go back to bed after tossing and turning in our bed for an hour or two.

We left the hotel around 10 which meant we had plenty of time at the airport.  We unloaded and then the Dennies checked in while we waited by the cars.  They were going to check some of our bags so we could go ahead and check them and not wait until Robby came back.  One was over 50 pounds so Virginia had to quickly repack.  She just grabbed what she could and stuffed it into her suitcase.  Now poor Robby doesn’t have any underwear to wear tomorrow though! (kidding)

After James and Robby returned from dropping off the rental cars, we headed through security.  We are pretty good at getting 4 kids, 2 strollers, 1 bag, 1 suitcase, 1 ice chest, and 4 backpacks through security but it sure takes a lot out of you.  It just makes you want to sit down and rest for awhile-but the only sitting is while we are putting on all 10 shoes (Campbell doesn’t have any yet)

Our flight to St. Louis was on time and we found decent seats over the wing.  Reagan, Virginia and Graham sat in one row with me and Campbell, James and Anderson sat with Robby.  Graham has no fear of the water but he is a little scared to fly.  When the engines rev up he tried to bury his head in my shoulder.  He then looks out the window and says “bye airport” and usually whimpers a little.  He did fine but is hard to hold and entertain for 2 hours in a tight space.

As soon as we landed, we saw that our next flight was delayed.  We later found out it was a good thing since the weather here was dicey.  Anderson waited out the layover by playing cars in the floor, Campbell rolled around while laying on the floor, Reagan colored in her coloring book and Graham ran back and forth between the Dennies and us.  After burgers and some ice cream we were on our next flight.  The flight was quick but Graham and Campbell were able to take a snooze before landing.

Pops was waiting on us by the elevator and the kids were giddy when they saw him.  Graham had been saying “where’s pops?” since we landed.  We were home and unpacking in no time.  Jason had left us some fruit on our table and the kids were confused and excited about the fruit.  Before Reagan and Anderson went to bed, we were completely unpacked (well, 90% unpacked).  We had done a few loads of laundry on our trip and so everything was clean which was nice. 

The trip was beautiful.  I want to return to Estes Park and Robby wants to go back to Glenwood Springs by train.  We saw 5 national parks, stayed in 5 hotels, flew over 2500 miles, sweated in Utah, braved a blizzard in Colorado and drove 1542 miles in 8 days.  Quite an adventure for sure!

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