Dennie Kids: May 13, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • School day and Reagan was the first one awake and boy was she awake.  She talked and talked and talked-so much so that Mom hid in the shower and Dad hid in the bathroom.  They left her to talk to her brothers
  • The highlights of school today: Reagan traced the upper and lower case letters and did an excellent job, Anderson said that he has lots of new friends but doesn’t know their names and Mom asked Graham if he went outside and he said no
  • Campbell spending the day snoozing at Nonna’s house.  She did let Beebee and Papaw hold her and she was very excited to see her brothers and sister.  Graham was so happy to see her that he just jumped and jumped
  • A big snack with Pops and then playing catch, looking at Papaw’s tomatoes and sliding a few times before Mom could round everyone up and stuff them in the car
  • Playing on Dad’s tractor in the hot, hot garage and looking at the roofing materials in the driveway before helping Mom unload the bags.  Playing with all the downstairs toys and then moving upstairs to trash that part of the house too!
  • Dad coming home and taking Mom to Target before taking everyone else to McDonalds.  It was fairly crowded tonight but the kids manage well and Graham loves trying to keep up with Reagan and Anderson
  • Campbell snoozing on the couch until bedtime-she loves her spot on the couch beside Mom
  • Dad taking down the downstairs gate and the kids didn’t know what to do.  Anderson put his hands on his head in confusion and Graham copied him.  Reagan just walked up and down and up and down the stairs.  They don’t ever remember not having gates around here (yes, Campbell will need them soon but her car seat is very hard for Mom to lift through/over the gate).  We are now taking bets on the first one to ride their bike/scooter down the stairs!

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