Dennie Kids: May 2, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Running a little late this morning-two girls in pantyhose and 2 boys with button up shirts-it can take awhile!  No worries though, we had time for our breakfast stop
  • Reagan losing her ring at church-she was devastated.  Her teachers looked for it and then Mom looked again but it wasn’t found.  Birthday is coming up soon enough so maybe she can get a new one.
  • Mom and Dad working in Anderson’s class this morning and they noticed that Anderson is a very good little boy!  And yes, that means that others in his class were not very good little boys
  • Graham looking out of the window from his class and seeing Anderson, Mom and Dad (and Anderson’s class) out on the playground playing.  He didn’t look upset but Mom couldn’t  handle it and went to pick him up so he could come and play too
  • Lunch at Nonna and Pops house-Graham didn’t eat a bit of lunch but ate every bit of his dessert.  Playing hide-n-seek until it was time to go
  • Stopping by Grannymom’s house to see Josh and Zach who were in town for lunch. They played outside and even played a little bit of baseball.  Anderson and Reagan just followed their cousins around everywhere they went
  • Home for a long afternoon nap-everyone slept until after 5!  And then a little bit of pizza for supper
  • Going back to Grannymom’s house so Dad could work on their tv-we played doll house, had snacks and watched a little tv
  • Home for bedtime-Graham climbed into Anderson’s bed so Mom and Dad just went with it.  Kissed everyone good night.  Anderson and Graham could be heard giggling while Reagan was upset that Campbell wasn’t in her bed (Campbell was already sleeping).  After about 5 minutes, Anderson called and said that Graham wanted Mom. 
  • Mom finally put Graham to bed-he wasn’t too happy about it but Anderson was very upset.  He cried and cried wanting his “Grahammy”  We eventually calmed him down and now all are resting

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