Dennie Kids: May 30, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • We almost didn’t get around in time this morning to stop by Burger King.  But we did make time-when we started our weekly Burger King trek Graham could only eat 1 cinna-mini.  Now he gobbled down 2 and finished the other 2 on the way home
  • No Sunday lunch anywhere so we made do with meatballs-we had tons leftover from last night
  • The kids played while Mom and Dad hung out on the couch.  After playing it was soon Sunday nap time-the best part of the week!
  • Reagan waking up first and having her snack while watching a movie until the boys woke up and then they all demanded ice cream…and since it was Sunday.  They finished them off!
  • Supper and Anderson picked meatballs again.  Reagan chose a sandwich and all that Graham ate was the crust off of Reagan’s sandwich!
  • A lazy evening around the house-lots of playing and a little bit of fighting.  The highlight was the kids playing airplane on the couch.  Complete with turbulence, seat belt sign and then Anderson decided to use his pretzel as a cigarette (he called it “a smoker thing”) to which Reagan told him that there is no smoking on airplanes.
  • Everyone must have been very tired because after they went to bed we have not heard from them yet

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