Dennie Kids: May 31, 2010

Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)

  • A lazy Memorial Day morning-Mom and Dad on the treadmill, reading a few stories, working in our workbooks and then a bath for the boys
  • Dad taking our pictures and video to celebrate our 4 year 8 month, 3 year 5 month, 1 year 10 month and 5 month birthdays.  And aren’t we cute?
  • Running a few errands before celebrating the holiday with a cookout at Grannymom’s house.  Grandpa hung up a huge swing that goes really high and we love it!  Graham took it very seriously and hung on tightly (most of the time).  Mom and Dad even had a turn.  During Mom’s turn, Graham ran up and grabbed Mom’s finger-but he didn’t let go so Mom drug him a few feet!
  • Eating hamburgers and then more swinging and playing a little baseball while Mom and Dad ran another errand
  • Back home for a nap for Graham while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie.  Next was supper-meatballs.  The kids love them and that is what they chose….again!
  • Helping Dad clean out the deep freeze (Mom is expecting to buy lots more now that she has her coupons in a neat little binder…ohh, she is happy!)  Dad even took out their wedding cake-almost 10 years old.  He said we could have a bite in a few months. 
  • Getting to have a spin on the lawnmower since we were such good help and then coming in for baths.  Everyone needed baths since we were hot and stinky!  Campbell still enjoys her baths but especially grins when we get her out
  • Popsicles before bedtime for Graham (Reagan and Anderson were able to watch another movie-hey, it’s a holiday).  Graham was fussing while in bed so Mom thought maybe a roommate would help.  So Mom took Campbell (who was sleepy) to lay down in her bed in Graham’s room.  And since then, we haven’t heard from either of them.  Maybe we started a bad habit…we will see!

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