Dennie Kids: May 7, 2010

Highlights from today:  (click here for pictures)

  • Playing downstairs early this morning and then breakfast-we made blueberry muffins and they were yummy
  • Reagan and Anderson playing upstairs, Campbell sleeping on the chair and Graham playing right by Mom who was on the treadmill
  • Uncle Jason giving us the heads up about firemen near the house raising money.  We stopped by there before the library-Reagan and Anderson had their books that needed a fireman’s signature on it.  The firemen all wanted to sign the book.  Mom left Graham and Campbell in the car (don’t worry, Mom had the keys and there were 30 firemen within 20 feet of the car) and as we were walking back to the car they asked if we wanted to see the fire truck.  Mom got Campbell and Graham out and we headed to see the truck.  Anderson was ready to be lifted in the truck-Reagan not so much.  Reagan did slightly shake her head yes when asked if she wanted to sit up front.  Graham on the other hand just pointed to our van and said “go bye bye Momma”
  • A quick visit to the library.  We picked out a few books and even a few movies…and almost found ourselves in lots of trouble when we started to play chase!
  • Eating lunch on the couch-Graham fell asleep and Mom had to give him some coke to keep him up until naptime!  It was only 12:20!
  • Afternoon naps for everyone and then movies and snacks.  While sitting on the couch, Anderson said “I am sad, I want Grannymom and Nonna to be here with me”
  • Graham playing with a fire truck all afternoon-maybe he was thinking about the firemen we had seen earlier this afternoon
  • Supper at McDonalds-Reagan was so excited that it was one with a slide!  Then a little bit of shopping
  • Ice cream and Graham did not want the type Mom gave him-he had to have the exact kind as Anderson

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