Dennie Kids: August 10, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Playing in or pajamas this morning-the boys love pop tarts right now and Reagan finished off the strawberries
  • Mom can't really remember anything that we did this morning-that kind of disturbs her
  • Lunch and then seeing Grannymom and Grandpa
  • Grannymom took a chair from Anderson's room and he said "What are those people doing with my chair?"
  • Graham having his 1 year check up-25 pounds, 30 inches tall and his head is greater than the 95th percentile (he is catching up with everyone else). He received 4 shots but hasn't been that fussy this evening-except when Dad took off his bandaids
  • Afternoon naps and a snack afterwards
  • Supper at Moe's-Graham loves beans, Reagan loves chips and Anderson loves coke!
  • A little mystery shopping-we went to the same store in Little Rock and then in NLR-the whole time at the 2nd store, Reagan shouted "this is just like the other store"
  • Almost getting kicked out of Party City-Graham was in the basket of leis, Dad and Reagan were hula hooping and Anderson was pushing the life size M&M display around the store
  • Home for a short movie before bed-and some tylenol before bed for Graham
  • Sippy cup update-Graham was doing good with his big boy cups before his shots but then Mom caved and let him have his bottle tonight!...he did have shots afterall

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