Dennie Kids: August 16, 2009

Highlights from today: (click here to today's pictures)
  • Everyone having to be shoved into their new Sunday School classes-Reagan's favorite part was art, Anderson enjoyed the marshmallows, fruit loops and goldfish crackers and Graham enjoyed....well, Graham doesn't really enjoy church!
  • Graham loving the pizza lunch-he eats more than Reagan and Anderson
  • All 3 playing on the stage and having the best time ever-our next house is going to have a stage
  • Naps for everyone-short naps but naps nonetheless
  • Making a tent with a sheet and playing in it until Graham figured out how to knock it down repeatedly-then playing in our real tent
  • Graham going to bed first while Reagan and Anderson worked puzzles-actually, Anderson just watched Reagan work the puzzle
  • Reading books about our trip-the new buzz words at our house are Niagara Falls, Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross, Statue of Liberty, Taxi, Subway and the Empire State Building

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